Chapter 9 – Lady Sierra of Sercenasse


Jay stepped back, breathing heavily, “Come on, go easy on me…” His face was full of sweat, so was his body. His white t-shirt was stuck to his body because it was wet.

Emily stopped slashing her blunt sword at him, “You are better than I thought…”

“Yeah…Hah…Quick Learner…me…” Jay said, trying to put words together to make a sentence.

Emily walked closer to him, her long ashen hair waving with every step. Her bright blue eyes stared at him – her thin fingers touching his body, “I still can’t get used to that body of yours…It’s so good.”

Although Jay knew the context was completely different – He still said, “Sexual Harassment much?”

She took the little mass that she could get near his abdomen, pinching it, “don’t push it!”

“Ouch! Ok! Hurt!!” Jay stumbled back a few steps, falling on his butt. He lay down on the floor, his head fell on something soft, and it smelled good. A moan resounded from the body beneath him.

“Ughhh…leave me alone…I’m tired…” Jay heard the thing beneath him speak.

Emily rubbed her forehead, “the two of you…” Her eyes fell on Vivian, lying on the floor. She was wearing some clothes that Jay had with him. It made her wonder why he even had those. But they were tight, something he called (sexy) yoga suit.

Although they were a bit exposing, tight, but from what she saw, they were really comfortable.

She even planned on asking for one, if possible.

Emily tapped Jay’s abdomen with the blunt sword, “get up – there is much training left to do.”

Jay yawned, “I am a Physician – why do I have to do this?”

“Because you are gifted, it would be a waste to not train with that body of yours.”

Jay raised his hand, staring at his palm, “I feel stronger – how does this work?”

Emily raised her eyebrows, “You don’t know?” She didn’t wait for him to answer and walked towards the only cabinet in this nearly empty room.

She pulled open a drawer, taking out a card.

Walking back, she threw it at him, “put your blood on it…”

Jay stared at the card in all seriousness, watching Emily’s sharp observing eyes. He put his blood on it, “Ok?”

Shortly, information appeared on it.


Name – [] It was blank since Jay didn’t fill it.

Race – Human

Occupation – ??? (None)

Level – 10

Strength – 110

Agility – 110

Stamina – 110

Magic – 10


Skills – None

Special Skills – ???


At the same time, the system interface popped up.

# Stats have been updated.


The sudden change made him blink blankly, but Emily snatched it away from him.

She turned it, watching, “Ohh…I was sure you weren’t human…but those stats explain it.”

She soon knit brows, “You really are special.”

“Why do you say that?” Jay asked. He thought it might be because of skills that weren’t showing.

But it was different, “All four of your stats increase with every level you gain.”

“He does what?!!” Vivian nearly jumped up, making Jay’s head get struck against the ground, “Damn!!!”

Vivian stared at him before snatching the card from Emily, “How is that possible!!”

Jay yawned, adjusting himself to fall asleep on this comfortable floor. As a Hero, he had seen thousands of people getting shocked by his absurdness. It was getting boring now.

“This is not fair!!!” Vivian shouted.

“What’s the big deal?” Jay muttered.

Vivian pointed at herself, “People only get two stat points with every level up!!! And it depends on what kind of training helped in leveling us up. How the points are assigned!! But you get an increase in all four!! You even have magic.”

“Pitiful Magic.” Emily corrected. It was as if she was trying to hit him down.

“Oh, Cool.” Jay took the card back, putting it in his pocket. “Well, my training is over – I am going to ogle at Dames.”

Emily held his collar from behind, pulling him back, “we are not done with your training!”

“Nooooo!!!!” Jay sulked, shouting in defiance.

Suddenly he ducked, dodging the blunt sword that missed him by an inch, “than Die.”

Jay pushed Vivian in front, using her as a shield, “No way!! I have important work to do!!!”

Vivian struggled to get free, “Other than playing with that little maid of yours!! What do you have to do?!!”

“Laze around, of course!!!” Jay dodged Emily’s strikes.

“You Dog!!!” Vivian shouted when the sword hit her. Jay pushed her at Emily, running out of the room.

After running outside, mansion, he finally let out a breath, “that woman is crazy!!”

He went and sat down on the bench, watching the dames train, their breasts shaking, sweating bodies, “Yeah…much better.”


Like every other ordinary day, after ogling the dames. Jay went to the office to work with Emily. But, today, Lam was sitting on the main seat.

Jay greeted him with a warm smile, “Lord Lam.”

“Mr. Jay, please have a seat.” He said, pointing at the chair on the left of the table. While Emily was silently sitting on the right side.

Jay took a book from shelves and silently sat there reading it. After a while, Lam Egerton spoke, “Mr. Jay, are you comfortable here?”

“Yeah? It’s better than being in the town…I hate the smell, so I never stay long in one place.”

“Haha…I understand – commoners have no sense of neatness. They could be like that.”

Jay curled his lips, “Yeah…”

Lam Egerton coughed, “So? Did you like any maid? There are some beautiful ones.”

“Hmm…not really. I like watching the dames train, though.”

“Haha, yeah, that is a hobby many nobles have,” Lam said, rubbing his short white beard.

“If you are looking for a partner to relieve stress, how about Emily?”

Jay blinked at the straightforward approach, “Your wife?”

Emily’s pen faltered for a moment, but she continued writing as if her husband wasn’t talking about her.

“Yes, As you know, being old, I can’t satisfy her. But she has a voracious sexual hunger. She would love to be your partner.”

“Uhhh…” Jay’s eyes darted between Lam and Emily, who didn’t react.

Lam waved his hand, “if you have some reservation, then don’t – Emily can’t stop talking about you. She has talked about it so many times…Right, Emily?”

“Yes, Dear…” Emily glanced at Jay shyly, “I would love to be his partner if Jay doesn’t mind it.”

She pulled down her gown a little, letting more of her cleavage show. It made Jay wonder if it would fall off the next moment.

Jay stood up, “I am flattered…but I am not sure. I am comfortable with this.” He darted out of the room, but after a few moments, he tiptoed back.

“Why haven’t you slept with him yet?”

“He’s slippery, Dear…” Emily said in a soft-spoken voice.

“My health is worsening – I think he’s not curing me properly! Ask him!!”

“But Dear…I can’t be brazen?”

Suddenly, there were sounds of things falling, “I don’t care if you walk naked in the house!!! I want to get better!!! *Cough*Cough* Make him talk!!”



The next day was different because the first of Vivian’s sisters reached Egerton’s mansion.

“You could have mentioned she is an elf?” Jay said, observing the woman in front of him while she scanned every part of his body with her eyes.

Woman, No, maybe he should call her a girl. She was petite, dark-skinned, hazel-colored eyes. Wearing a white sundress and without slippers or shoes. Yet, her feet were clean and clear, with not a speck of dust on her body.

The most eye-catching thing was those elven pointy ears on her head.

“So it was you…who took Lil Vivian’s first.”

“Big sis!!” Vivian shouted with a blushing face. But completely ignoring her, the little girl held put her hands between his legs, “Hmm…I see you are packing something good.”

Trembling, Jay took a few tens of step back, “Look, Ms. Creepy Girl, Lady, whatever you are. Can you not molest me?”

Vivian’s sister sighed, “Oh, you humans…You should be more like us, Elves.”

“What does that mean?” Suddenly, her words caught Jay’s interest.

The little girl blinked, “You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Elves are famous for roaming around their villages naked. They are free-spirited, so they have many partners and rarely settle down with one. If someone gets pregnant, then after the birth, Mother has a choice, giving her choice to the Elven Royal Court for grooming, or nature herself.” A third voice gave the explanation.

Jay glanced back at Emily, walking over as she explained.

“It’s a mother’s choice if she wants the father to be a part of child’s life or not. Sometimes when the mother gives up her claim to the child, the fathers can claim them.” The little girl spoke. She looked at Jay suspiciously, “But this is common knowledge.”

Vivian took Jay’s arm, “Oh! He is always so busy, and he hates going out in town. So, Jay is missing a bit of common sense.” Jay smiled wryly, rubbing the back of his head.

The little girl looked even more suspicious, but Emily interrupted her thought, “Please, Lady Sierra of the Sercenasse Village. You are most welcomed in the Noble house of Egertons.”

Emily bowed in front of her, inviting her inside.