Prologue – The Fallen One’s

There was a tale that was famous on the Infinite Ladder – it was the one that told of its origins.

Long before the Infinite Ladder was created, the worlds used to be separated by the sea on the nothingness that not even all transcending, omniscient, and omnipresent beings cross over.

They presided over their own worlds until one day, two such beings came into contact.

Their encounter created a ripple in the sea of nothingness, allowing other beings of such caliber.

Those beings were the ones that created Infinite Ladder and put Infinite Worlds on it.

Their purpose still remained unknown, but since that time, the trails started.

Chosen ones were given a chance to climb the ladder.

To become a chosen one, you needed to fulfill two conditions – You had to save a world and then pass the gatekeepers test.

Those who fulfilled these conditions were the heroes that got to climb the Infinite Ladders.

But this is not the story about the chosen ones. It is about the Hero who failed to pass the gatekeeper’s tests.

What happened to the world if the Hero failed to save it? What happened to those who failed to become the chosen ones?

The fallen ones, where did they go?