The Power of Creation – 4th of July Special

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Slurp, Slurp, Slurp.

Those are the sounds of the girl softly sucking on your cock as you sit down in your living room. The fireplace is lightly roaring, and you have a cup of warm drink that you occasional sip from. Ah, this is the life.

Suck, suck, suck… she slobbers all of your dick in a rhythmic and constant fashion. Eventually, you cum into her mouth, and she swallows it all up like the good little girl she is. When she’s finally done, the girl rises up and bows to you. Her face is expressionless and pristine. If saliva didn’t wet her entire lower jaw, there would be no indication that this gentle little girl wasn’t just sucking on your cock enthusiastically a moment before.

“Good job, Jasmine. Since it’s the 4th of July, would you like to see some fireworks later?”

Jasmine gives a emotionless nod and so you pat her head before waving her off. She gives you a single blank look before turning and leaving. Her eyes don’t even look at you. It’s as if they are looking right through you and every other object in the room. As she turns and walks away, her light feet beat rhythmically on the carpet as she moves, like her entire body is moving by rote.

“Hmmm…” You mutter to yourself as you admire Jasmine’s little behind before she exits the room while continuing to drink from your cup. “Who is next? How about… Mushu?”

As soon as you say the name, Mushu walks into the room. Just like Jasmine, she is stiff and direct, moving up until she’s standing right in front of to you. She’s wearing an erotic number, and your penis immediately erupts at full length once again, but Mushu doesn’t respond to it. Instead, she merely stands there unresponsive, waiting for your command.

“What does my lord want?” Mushu finally asks, her voice monotone and completely devoid of any emotion.

“Good question! Your titties are so large and inviting, I’d like to fuck them.”

Mushu nods, immediately pulling her shirt open and exposing the exceptional large knockers that Rival Merida in every way. After pushing her boobs together tightly, she spits between, them, rubbing the boobs together to spread the lubricant.

“Oh, that won’t be necessary.” You wave your hand, “Jasmine has sufficiently slobbered on my cock enough. Please continue.”

Without any hesitation, Mushu falls to her knees, lifts up her boobs before dropping them down on your erect shaft. Of course, your cock is massive, so even with Mushu’s massive knockers, it isn’t completely lost in her cleavage. Each time she drops herself down, the massive head erupts between the top of her cleavage, nearly striking her in the chin. Working rhythmically with some difficulty, she works her boobs up and down your shaft, allowing the massive things to slide between her chest smoothly. Whenever the penis penetrates up high enough, her tongue licks the head, further adding lubricant to aid her in stroking your cock.

You lean back and relax as Mushu continues to work. Even though she doesn’t speak, her eyes just as lifeless as Jasmine, her work and effort cannot be denied. Soon, you’re grunting and moaning as you take pleasure from Mushu’s hot chest. They begin to turn red from the friction, but Mushu refuses to slow down. Rather, she starts speeding up, her rack dropping up and down on your cock as fast as her back will allow. The effort of moving those heavy things so quickly starts causing her to sweat and breath hard as well.

After continuing for about ten minutes, finally, your cock erupts, and white stuff strikes the gasping woman in the chin. As she slows down the movements of her titties, a large quantity of cum pools inside her cleavage. She finally lifts her rack after your cumming stops, holding her boobs together to keep up the giant pool of cum on her chest and prevent it from running down her stomach and legs.

“Eat it.” You order.

Mushu doesn’t hesitate to lean down while raising her chest at an angle, bringing your pool of cum to her lips. She immediately begins to slurp it down, swallowing gobs of cum without question. Once she diminishes the pool of cum and licks her breasts clean, you finally dismiss her as well. Like Jasmine, she leaves without question.

You let out another sigh and take another sip of your drink. “Alright… who is next.”

Before you can come up with the next name, a portal of air shimmers and coalesces right in the middle of your living you. Although this has never happened to you before, you knew this was going to happen so you didn’t respond in the slightest. Instead, you remained sitting back in your chair, sipping you drink, your soft dick hanging out like a third arm in preparation of your neck conquest.

The form of a person steps out through the distortion, and they look around the room curiously before their eyes finally settle on you sitting there with your cock exposed.

“Sup.” You say simply.

The person standing there is wearing a long black coat of a particular nice quality. It covers their body up nicely, so you struggle to actually see what their figure looks like. Although they have long, black silky hair, they are also wearing a mask that covers the upper part of their face. Whether they are a pretty boy or a pretty girl, enough of their features are hidden that you legitimately can’t tell.

“I’ve come to see you.” They respond simply.

Their voice was pleasant and soothing to the ears, but like their physical features, it is very difficult to tell if this voice belonged to a boy or girl. If there are only a few words you could use to describe this stranger, it would be mysterious and ambiguous.

“And, who are you then?”

The person cocks their head but doesn’t seem to take offense at your curt words. They walk up to you and even though you didn’t offer them a seat, they create one with the wave of a hand before sitting down right across from you. As to the sight of your penis, their lips tighten for a moment but they otherwise ignore it. Of course, you make no attempt to hide your shame.

“Of course, you know me. I’m many things. A creator, a shepherd, an administrator… but I suppose the name would suffice. I’m Pun.”

You give a sneer. “Pun? You’re Pun? What are you doing in my story, Pun. Don’t you have better places to be, like PLIC?”

“Ah, well, after some Patreon issues,” Pun let’s out a sigh. “It seems like I have a little free time at the moment, so I decided to check up and see how you’re doing. I mean, are you doing alright, buddy?”

You let out a dry laugh. “Alright? Of course, I’m alright! After all, I’ve done it! I’ve given the readers everything they wanted!”

“Oh… not this again. Last time you tried that didn’t you rape your entire harem to death. I still face traumatized commenters from the last holiday special. You know, a lot of your readers aren’t even American so an independence day special is a bit meaningless.”

“Well, it’s not like my girls are going to be celebrating this time.” You wave your hand in dismissal. “Oh, no! This time, I’ve really done it! Everything the commenters ever wanted. I’ve achieved it! I’ve fixed the story!”

“Sigh… how’d you fuck it up this time…”

“You… why are you so certain I fucked something up!” You snap back. “How about this. I’ll just show you!”

“Oh, this is not going to be good.”

You immediately stand up and snap your fingers. “Hey, new girl, get your ass out here!”

Another girl walks out. She’s a wolf girl, with yellow dooey eyes, pointy ears, and a bushy tail. She immediately stands right in front of you at attention. Like Jasmine and Mushu, her eyes show no glint, her body moving as if by command.

“Who is this girl then?” Pun decides to humor you.

“Oh, no… no names. Names just confuse… them.” You say while waving your hands excitedly. “This is just ‘wolfgirl’. All you need to know… wolfgirl.”

“Ah… well, that and I guess what she looks like…”

“No…” You immediately protest. “That’s too much for them. You give her big boobs they claim there are not enough small breasted women, you give her small boobs and they whine there is not enough oppai. You make her a loli and they fucking lose her mind. Oh, you wanted a blond? Fuck you! That’s why, she’s  all of them at once!”

“All of them?”

“She’s bigbreasted, smallbreasted, loli, elder sister, younger sister, MILF, pregnant, tall, chunky, thin, short, related, a stranger, small, big, slutty, virgin, innocent, tsundere, dandere, himedere, kuudere, yandere, oujidere,  blond, brown, blondish brown, yellow, pink, red, green, blue, every fucking color, every fucking size… she’s everything, every fetish, everywhere, all at once!”

“That’s not possible…”

“If they can’t imagine her the way they want, it’s because they lack the fucking imagination! Don’t blame me, she’s exactly the thing they wanted.” You shout before turning to the girl. “Now, wolfgirl, get on all fours.”

The wolfgirl obeys, immediately going down to her knees. You immediately kneel behind her, slamming your dick into her pussy, which is either tight or loose, depending on your preference. Immediately, you start plowing her from behind. As you go, she makes noises of pleasure, unless you prefer them silent, in which case she doesn’t say anything.

“Buddy… are you-“

“Do you see? Do you see the beauty of it all? I’ve done it, I’ve finally done it.” Tears start running down your cheeks.

“Uh, I see you fucking that girl at least…”

“Exactly. This is what they want. Fucking, fucking always fucking!” You keep up the pace, your hips thrusting so hard that the wolfgirl can’t keep her balance, and now her cheek is being ground into the carpet.

“What if they didn’t want a wolfgirl? What if they wanted, I don’t know, a dolphin girl?”

“Don’t you fucking start!” You cuss, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that shit. I got this all covered.”

As Pun watches you worriedly, he gestures outside, “Well, what about the world outside. Maybe you just need some sun.”

“There is no world outside! No sun!”

“Wh-what?” Pun immediately runs to a nearby window, opening the curtain.

He stumbles back in surprise. He sees there is absolutely nothing outside. It’s simple, pure, white as far as the eye can see.

“Everything out there is just distractions. Riun? The Demon realm? An actual fucking story? What was I thinking? It’s fucking! Always fucking. Right, wolfgirl?” As you ask that, you slap her ass hard, and she let’s out a yelping howl.

“What happened to the human realm? Weren’t you just heading there?”

“Oh, it’s no longer there. I blew it up.”

“B-blew it up?”

“Yeah, I decided to do a show of force, so I blew up one of their cities. Who would have thought the entire human realm would suddenly declare war on me.” You explain as you grab wolfgirl’s hair and ride her ass enthusiastically.

“Anyone… anyone would assume that.”

“Well, not my fucking commenters.” You respond. “They think mass genocide will bring you respect. I mean, it fucking worked for Hitler, right?”


“So, they start sending their armies, right? And they become troublesome for me, so I just start murdering them all. At first, I used my armies, but they just kept on coming. Did you know there are a LOT more humans in this world than the couple thousand goblins and dragons I conscripted?”

“You don’t say…”

“So, naturally, I start having to personally wipe them out one army at a time. I started by making a magical army, but eventually I found it quicker to just kill them myself. At first it was fine, but then, you know, they start recruiting boys as young as 12. They wanted revenge after I murdered their parents, who’d think they’d act that way? But… you know, in for a penny, so I murdered them too.”

Pun takes a small breath. “I’m almost afraid to ask, but then what?”

“Well, the humans were just such a pain in the ass, I realized I’d just need to get rid of them all. So, I initiated a plan called the Final Solution.”

“You didn’t!” Pun covers his mouth.

“You know, burning down the first school was hard, but after murdering a few thousand children they all start to look the same.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ.”

“Eventually, after even the citizens of Riun started to look at me with revulsion, I said fuck it, and just wiped it all clean. Took out the demon god too. If there is no world, there is nowhere for the demon god to resurrect, right? Wiped out the demon lands. Wiped out everything.” Your face darkens and then you slap the wolfgirl’s ass hard enough that her body stumbled forward. “Then, these women, these fucking women, my trusted harem, have the audacity to start judging me. Me!”

“Wh-what did you do?” Pun asks worriedly.

“Well, naturally, I couldn’t have them questioning me. Doubting me. Judging me. So, their minds needed to go. It’s better this way. I mean, they no longer have personalities, per say, but look how loyal they are!” You gesture down as the wolfgirl, even as a bruise forms on her ass, she raises it back up and helps reinsert your cock into her pussy before using her knees to push her butt back and forth on your cock.

“A-all of them?”

“Well, some were more loyal than others. Pocahontas was loyal to her tribe, so she turned quickly. But even Ariel… my precious Ariel. Oh, she never said anything against me, but I could see it, I could see it in her eyes. So naturally I gutted her out too. Now she only looks at me with love.” Your voice takes on an instability that causes Pun to shiver.

As Pun looks over at the lifeless eyes of all your harem members, he wonders what love you’re talking about. They are all lined up in the hallway in skimpy attire, just waiting for you to call the next one, but they might as well be lifeless drones.

“I don’t know what to say.” Pun shakes his head in disgust.

“Ah, I’m cumming!” You cry, injecting a load into the wolfgirl, fulfilling everyone’s wish to see a girl of her particular kind being fucked. “Look, this is what the people want. No plot. No lip. No distractions. Just girl after girl of every shape and size fucked in the particular way they want to see her fucked. With the dozens of positions and the millions of different permeations of female types, I’ve got a long way to go before I’ve fulfilled every reader’s desire, so if you don’t mind…”

Pun gives a sigh. “I guess I should be going then. If this is the direction you’re heading. I suppose, you’re on your own.”

You don’t even give Pun a look as he opens another portal and flees from the warped world you created. Even he couldn’t stomach it.

“All I’m doing, is giving the readers what they want. This is what they asked for. What they complained about. Alright, who’s next… Oh, that’s right!” You snap your fingers. “How about a part dolphin demi-human, fucked in the ass, and also she’s goth for some reason.”

An attractive dolphin girl immediately steps out from the hallway, wearing dark makeup and fishnet leggings. You pound her ass.

And while other things come up in the future, you’ve already thought of everything and immediately fix it before it becomes a problem, thus it’s not even worth mentioning. Without a demon god, or demon lords, or any other issues, you’re free to keep on fucking in your house as it floats through nothingness for the remainder of time.

You keep fucking… every girl, every permutation, every hole. Eventually, you even fuck the exact girl of your dreams in the exact way you want to see her fucked. Lucky you. And nothing else ever happens that’s interesting or of notable repute, because you’ve thought of everything and your perfect and magic fixes everything. Congratulations. This is the story you wanted. Also, Happy Independence Day.


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