The Power of Creation – Chapter 105

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“is it going to hurt?” Elena asks nervously.

“It might, a little.”

Elena takes a deep breath and steels her look. “It’s okay, I am ready.”

You take a deep breath and slowly undress her. Her clothing falls to the ground, baring a naked body. She’s slim and small with short ears. A delicate form likely forged by years on the streets. Her tail lashes excitedly and her ears twitch.

“Um… Elena… you have breasts…” You say, questioningly.

“Ah!” Elena brings her hands up to her chest, “Don’t look, it’s embarrassing.

“No, actually, I need to see this!” You say, but when Elena suddenly tightens up you ask politely. “Is that okay?”

After a few seconds, Elena gives a nod. You gently grab her wrists and pull her hands away, revealing two little nubs.

“Even calling them A’s would be an overstatement.”

“Don’t be that way,” Elena pouted with tears in her eyes. “Like you said, it’s a boy’s chest. You can give me breasts any size you want, right?”

“Well, of course, but that’s not the point,” You cautiously start to examine Elena’s entire body. “It’s just that, boys don’t have those little mosquito bites, see, this is what my chest looks like!”

You pull your shirt off and Elena makes a surprised noise while covering her eyes cutely. “Elena, it’s okay to look at me.”

Elena makes a moaning noise but finally uncovers her eyes as they become plastered to your chest. “So, manly!”

“That’s a man’s chest.”

Then she covered up her own chest again, feeling embarrassed. “Not… like mine.”

“Actually, I never took too close of a look, but you have a way cuter butt than belongs on a guy. Your form is quite feminine. Here, let’s do things this way. Genetic test!”

You create a DNA profiling spell and cast it, then start examining the results. When you receive the results, you raise your eyebrow.

“What? What is it?” Elena asks anxiously, her small hands still covering her small chest.

“XX! You’re a woman!”

“What! But! But! The penis…”

“Well, I can’t say that I took a particularly close look at it, but I’ve heard that in some women the clitoris becomes engorged in a way where if she doesn’t know any better. Given you living on the street and lacking medical care, it’s possible you never knew any better.”


“You’re a girl. Always have been. I thought it odd that my magic would change your penis unintentionally. I never lied. I didn’t turn you into a woman on purpose. I thought my magic was getting the better of me, but I’ve not had it do something I didn’t want in weeks. Rather, when I healed Jasmine I healed you as well. I didn’t make you into a woman unintentionally, I restored you back to your normal healthy form.”

“I’m… a girl?” Elena looked down at her body as if seeing it for the first time, her hands rubbing down her soft smooth skin.

As she examines her body, even going so far as to run her fingers through her pubic region, it is deeply erotic. You find yourself unable to control yourself any longer.

“Ah!” Elena is shoved back onto the bed and you straddle on top of her.

“Sweetheart,” Elena smiles slightly. “I know how rough you can be with the other girls. It’s exciting to watch. It makes me tingle strangely. However, I spent my life on the street. I was always protecting Jasmine and my own virginity. I was treated roughly many times. If it wasn’t for my… condition… I’d probably have been raped several times over.”

“That’s true,” you respond, frowning and not quite sure where she was going with this.

“So, what I want to say is… for this time, can you please be gentle with me. I’ve always been treated roughly like a man. For just once, I want to be treated gently like a woman.”

You let out a laugh, “Is that so?”

“I… love you.” She blushes as she says that and tries to turn away.

You grab her chin and hold her head up, lowering you until your lips were almost touching.

”I know…” You say, pressing your lips against her as your take her whole body.

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