The Power of Creation – Chapter 115

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“Ah, Ah! Ah! No more, no more! I’ll give you the list, I will!”

“Mm… but you’re so tight, let me finish up first!”


You increase the pace, thrusting into her with long, hard strokes as your manmeat fills her tight space, her own dirty fluids leaking out.

“Ah, it’s too much! Too much!”

“I’m going to cum!” You declare.

“Not inside!”

“Okay, I’ll pull out.”

“Huh? Really?”

“Nope.” Your dick swells and hot jizz shoots deep inside her.

“Ah, it’s warm!”

You finish pumping her pussy full of seed until it practically gushes out the edges before you finally pull out, leaving white gobs of fluid leaking down her crack and onto the floor.

“Chh… only two hours….”

“Waaaaah. You’re a bad friend!”

“You can still talk? I guess I didn’t go long enough.”

“I said I’d give you the list! Isn’t that enough!” Megara hastily scribbles the names in order from a parchment handed to her by the maids.

“Right, right. Well, I’ll see you later then.”

“What? Can’t we cuddle first?”

“Why? You’re all sticky and smelly.”

“You meanie! You made me that way! You’re supposed to be nice to me and hold me and whisper sweet words into my ear!”

“You read to many bad sex novels, they’ll rot your brain.”

“That’s rich coming from the likes of you!”

You decide to ignore the walking cream pie and instead look at the list she hastily scribbled covered in her tears.

“Merida is first, huh?”

You put your member away and make your way inside. Meanwhile, Megara is whining about you not listening, but you didn’t pay attention to what she was saying. Instead, you have dates to plan.

“Hey, Aurora, where is Merida right now.” You ask as you see her knitting in one of the living rooms.

“Ah, the last I heard she was in attendance with Ariel.”

“Attendance? She’s still acting like a knight even now?”

Aurora gave a radiant smile. “She was trained to be loyal and fight for our country since her birth, hero-san. It’s not particularly easy to remove that sense of loyalty and desire to serve. Besides, we’re still a princess and a queen, and she is still a knight. Even though we’re in your harem, it’s not like we loose all identity once we joined.”

“It’s cute you think that.”

“Hero-san…” Aurora wears a wry smile while she gives you a sharp look.

You race down the hallway to avoid an earful. Instead, you find yourself where she indicated, in front of Ariel’s room.

“Ah, ah!” and you immediately start to hear moaning noises.

Not perturbed by the noises at this point, you open up the door and look in. Merida is lying naked on the bed, her baby bump noticeable in her apparent lack of clothing. Ariel is kneeled at the foot of the bed, and she has four fingers deep inside Merida, wiggling them as Merida moans and twists. Tiana is there as well, sitting on the other end of the bed, watching intently like she’s studying for an exam.

“Uh… I have to ask, what are you girls up to?”

“Oh, hi, hero!” Ariel says chipperly like she wasn’t in the process of fingering another woman.

Merida opens an eye and glances at you, giving a bright smile before she closes her eyes again and makes an exasperated moan when Ariel spreads her fingers inside of Merida, stretching her pussy open for a particularly erotic sight.

“I’m working hard, daddy. Ah, it hurts!” Merida cries out with her forehead scrunched and her eyes closed tight.

“That means it’s working!” Ariel declares proudly.

“I’d be amiss if I didn’t ask exactly how you’re working hard.”

“Of course!” Ariel gives you a thumbs up with the hand not shoved in Merida’s pussy. “We’re pre-stretching Merida’s pussy so that the baby will come out easier.”

Tiana nods, both of her hands in fists as she follows after Ariel. “MmmHmm… a commoner like you wouldn’t understand, it’s pre-stretching!”


“Yes! We exercise every day so that by the time the baby comes, she’ll fly right out! It’s healthy! I think we can be up to the fist by the end of the week! Are you ready for finger five?” Ariel asks.

“Ah, it’s too fast!”

“You need to so the baby is born healthy. You don’t want the baby to get crushed by your pussy, do you?”

“O-of course not!” Merida nearly cries as she takes a deep breath. “Okay, okay… pierce me.”

“Wait you two.” You put up a hand and stop this right now. “As much as this is doing something for me, and it is, I’m going to need you to stop you right there.”

“What is it, hero?”

“Who told you this was healthy anyway? Wait… I don’t need you to answer.” You hold up your hand and point at the closet. “BELLE!”

“Huh! Ah!” There is bump in the closet and the door slides open, revealing a red-faced and panting Belle.

“Huh? Belle’s in my closet?”

“Hmph.” Belle stands up straight and straightens her glasses, regaining her composure in an instant. “I supposed you’d known I was there, beast. There is a small hatch that connects our two closets together, it seems.”

“I didn’t know that!” Ariel responds in wide-eyed wonder.

“I’ve known for weeks. I must say, Ariel, do you have to masturbate four times a week? It’s exhausting having to keep entering your closet to watch.”

“Have you considered not watching Ariel masturbate?” you ask.

“Don’t be ridiculous. As Ariel’s big sister, it is my responsibility to ensure she maintains healthy habits. I have to keep an eye on her.”

“You’re my bi-bi-big sister?” Ariel asks excitedly with her eyes wide open.

“Of course, I’m all of your big sisters. Just trust in your onee-sama, I’ll look carefully after all of my women, and protect them from this filthy beast.”

“Your women…” you sigh. “And I suppose health includes having Ariel fist a pregnant woman?”

“O-of course! A man like you wouldn’t understand. It’s the beauty of one woman helping another. Can’t you see it? A princess is aiding her loyal knight, facilitating her role as a woman! It’s absolutely eroti- I mean, artistic!”

“You’re drooling…”

Belle wipes her mouth and gives a hateful look. “Of course, a man-beast like you wouldn’t understand the true beauty of a woman’s romance!”

“Actually, I completely understand.”

“You-you do?” Belle asks cautiously.

“Of course. I have to say, my heart skipped a beat. Walking in and seeing my girls giving their all to ease the birth of this baby, to see a princess not afraid to dirty her own hands to provide her knight special training. It truly moved me.”

“Yes!” Belle’s eyes got excited, and she steps toward you while nodding her head. “You really do it get it, don’t you!”

“Which is why I’d like big sister to provide the younger girls a proper demonstration.”

“What? A demonstration?”

“Yes. Of course. Supervision alone isn’t enough. Belle must actively participate.”

“Pwarticwipate!?” Belle’s mouth was drooling so much that the words came out that way.

“Yes, therefore, we shall proceed to properly show these girls the proper way to insert a fist into a pussy.”

“Wait… what?”

You raise you fist up and give a smile. “For the purposes of education.”

As the reality fell on Belle, her smile fades. “You-you-you beast!”

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