The Power of Creation – Chapter 118

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“This is not what I had in mind when I said we could do anything as a date.”

“Hm?” Merida looks up, her mouth stuffed with food to the point where she can’t even close it. “IW Jwust whisch tche bawbee I gwet swhooo hwungry.”

“Hey, you dropped some cream on your boobs.”

“Mm?” As she continues to polish off a sweet cream pastry, some cream lands on her cleavage, she somehow swallows everything in her mouth in one gulp. “My hands are full. Can you get it?”

“You… what do I look like, your bib?” you reply wryly.

Merida gulps down the food. “Please, daddy, it’s all sticky.”

Why is her chest suddenly look all shiny when she says that? Well, it couldn’t hurt just to clean her up this one time. You dive into her chest, licking the cream from her cleavage.

“Ah! Daddy, watch out for my creampuff!”

However, it was too late. You had gun for the chest and her arm had lost its grip. Her creampuff goes spiraling to the ground where it explodes in a puff of white. When you finally pull back from her chest, she’s looking at you with tears in her eyes.

“D-d-d-daddy… y-you made me drop my creampuff.”

“You’re crying?”

“IIII caaaan’t heeeeellp it! Waaaaaaaahhh… I’m emotional from the pregnancy! Waaaaaah.”

“Ah, shit! It’s okay baby, I’ll get you another creampuff, I swear!”

You hastily get up and reassure Merida that you’ll replace her creampuff with the best and biggest one she’ll ever have.

“It’d better have extra cream!” She sniffles in a way that comes off more like a child than a mother to be.

“It’ll be full of soooo much cream!” You reassure here, running off down the hall.

Apparently, her desire was to visit a bakery she had loved as a kid and get free reign to order whatever she wanted. So, a spell later you found yourself in Merida’s childhood city, a small place not much bigger than Riun. Her first order had included half the bakery, and you’re now on the third order. You have to admit, for a fantasy world, their bakeries are surprisingly modern. No shortages of sugar or sugar products here. You even tried a creampuff, and they aren’t bad.

However, you realize as you approached the counter that your claim at giving her a creampuff better than the one she had just isn’t possible. They could only fill them with so much cream, and they cook all of them in the morning besides. If they had some special super creamy puff, it certainly wasn’t on display. The only way you can give Merida a creampuff is if you make it yourself.

You grab a nearby plate, getting an idea. A few magic spells later and the creamiest creampuff ever conceived sat right in front of you, resting on a plate. You shuffled back over to Merida, dropping the creampuff right in front of her.

“Wow… that is a big creampuff.”

“You bet your ass it is.” You laugh.

“I better cut it in pieces.” Merida pulls out a knife.

“Nooo!” You scream, pulling the knife from her hands. “Rather, you got to grab the creampuff by both hands and then lick out the cream.”

“Really? Is that how?”


“Okay! Ahhh… “ She stops and looks up at you standing right in front of her. “Aren’t you standing a little close.”


“Okay… well anyway, Itadakimasu!”

“Who keeps teaching you girls these words?”

She dives into the cream puff, licking out the cream, her tongue quickly running into something hard in the center. Her tongue flicks over it a few times as she tries to figure out what it is. As her tongue works it’s way through the creamy covering, she inspects the object inside. It’s warm. It’s long. It takes up about half of the size of the creampuff.

“Um… daddy, is your cock in my creampuff?”

“No, my cock is the creampuff. Why, do you not like the taste?”

“Actually, quite…. the opposite. It tastes…. too good!” as she spoke, she kept taking licks and nipping off the crusty outside bread.”

“Well, enjoy!”

“You…” Merida tries to give you a dirty look, but she can’t, so entranced by your cock puff.

Instead, she ends up on her knees, her tongue flicking up and down your cream covered member as she slowly nibbles her way down the shaft. She doesn’t use her hands, not wanting to make them sticky. This causes tons of cream to fall down her chin and onto her chest. She becomes more vigorous as she goes, licks and nibbles turning into full sucking until her sticky mouth is bobbing up and down on your creampuff cock for all it’s worth.

“Give me your cream, daddy!” Merida let’s out a moan, while opening her creamfilled mouth to accept even more cream.

You deliver the promise, and when you’re done, Merida is covered from face to chest in white stuff. It’s impossible to separate the white cum from the white cream. Merida is just an incorrigible, sticky mess. She licks herself up like a cat, trying to eat up all the creamy stuff that decorated her once delicate skin.

You both also end up getting banned from that particular bakery.

“Sorry, Merida…” You apologize after the angry baker kicks you both out.

“It’s okay, daddy, I prefer your creampuff anyway.” Merida says while lifting boob to suck off some creamy white stuff that was dripping into her cleavage.

“You want another one already, don’t you…”

Merida’s eyes brighten. “Mm!”

You return to the mansion and take her into her room, producing an assortment of pastries all over your body. Whipcream, cherries, whatever food you can imagine to decorate your body with. By the time you’re done feeding Merida, you and her are both very naked, and very sticky.

You take a bath before heading off to bed, leaving the sticky mess of cream, cum, and some milk that was your baby’s mama behind.

“Let’s see, tomorrow’s date… Cinderella? Well, it can’t be any weirder than this one… I hope.”

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