The Power of Creation – Chapter 119

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“Alright, Cinderella, you’re next on my list for a date.”

“Of course, darling. I’ve prepared a list.” Cinderella unfurls a roll of paper which continues to the floor and then ends up rolling right out the room.

“Holy crap! What is that?” You say in surprise.

“We still have many unfulfilled desires from all the unhappy spirits to fulfill.”

“How many people did that bastard kill?”

“Not important. What’s important is that we continue to fulfill their desires…. Unless you want me to turn back into a vengeaful spirit!” Cinderella’s eyes turn red as she says it.

“Ah! No! We’re good. The last batch weren’t all that bad. What other things do we need to fulfill now.”


Sometime later…

“It’s cold up here and the air is thin.”

“Her desire was to reach the summit of a mountain. We’re here, so we can go now.”

“It’s cold down here and the air is nonexistent.”

“Her desire was to see the bottom of the ocean. We’re here, so we can go now.”

“It’s cold here and the air is a vacuum.”

“Her desire was to see space.”

“She could have seen it when we went to the moon last time!”

“Well, we’re here now, so we can go.”

“This is just cold in general.”

“Well, her desire was to have a penis and feel what it’s like to fuck a woman.”

“Just who the hell are all these girls and where the hell are their desires coming from?”

“In a moment, darling, I’m about to cum.”

“I-is it okay if she cums in me?”

You roll your eyes. “It’s fine, let’s just get this over with.”

“Ah, cumming!” Cinderella declares, her hands clinching on Ariel’s ankles as she plows away with her (temporary) penis.

“It’s going inside!” Ariel squeals in delight before seeing you with a frown. “Ah! You’re better though…”

“I’m done. You’re now pregnant with my baby.” Cinderella declares, pulling her dick out.

“Pr-pr-pregnant!” Ariel’s eyes widen and she squeals.

“You are not! She is not!” You growl at the two women. “It’s a fake penis, it won’t get her pregnant. In fact, I forged it with my own DNA, so she fucked you with my penis.”

“The next girl wanted to NTR someone.” Cinderella says, already losing interest in Ariel.

“Well, I forgot to link your penis with mine in sense, so you just did!” You cry.

“Ah, very well.  Next…”

“No nexts! Is there anything on the list where I can have a little fun?” You demand.

“You could have been the girl in the previous scenario, darling.”

“That is not acceptable!

Cinderella sighs. “Then, I guess, there is one thing that darling may enjoy from my list.”

“Oh, really?”

“Let us go to my room.”

“Oh, ho, that’s better. Let’s.”

“Uh, guys? Are we done?”

“Yes, Ariel, you did a good job.”

“I want more! Boo. You just started getting me excited and now you’re going to quit.”

“Here, I’ll tell you what.” You wave your hand. “For the next hour you have a penis. Find your mom and have some fun.”

“Oooh.” Ariel looks down at the thing now hanging between her legs, poking it.

You leave with Cinderella as the erection starts to grow full mast and she races out to find a partner. The first person she sees is Mulan.

“Mulan! Let’s play!” Ariel shouts.

Mulan’s eyes immediately snap to the erect thing between her legs wagging excitedly as she runs towards Mulan naked, her arms spread out.

“By Pun, what have you done master! You’ve given her a weapon! Run! Everyone Run! She’s been equipped!” Mulan barely makes it three steps when Ariel tackles her to the ground and mounts her.

“Stop! No! I am only masters!”

“Don’t worry, it’s hero’s cock I’m using!” Ariel announces proudly, sliding her cock into Mulan from behind.

“Is that, ahhhhh! No! It feels good! Stop violating this great dragon!”

The sounds cut off as you end up in Cinderella’s room.

You look your perfect sex doll’s body up and down eagerly. “So, exactly what kind of deviant act did you want your ‘darling’ to perform.”

“Well… I hate mice.”

“Excuse me?”

“Rodents, rats, mice, woodland creatures. They’re disgusting!”

“Okay… I’m following you so far.”

“There has been a mouse infestation behind this bookshelf! Would darling please kill them?”

“How is this a request I’d like!”

Cinderella puts her finger up to her mouth and cocks her head questioningly. “I thought men liked to show off how manly they are to women.”

You collapse to the ground. “Haaaah. Alright. I’ll catch your stupid rat.”

“It’s a mouse.”

“Whatever. You say it’s behind the book case? I’ll take it out.”

“A-are you sure you don’t want to prepare first?”

“Prepare? It’s just a mouse. Move the bookcase, as soon as I see it running I’ll smash it with a book.”

“A book? A-are you sure you don’t need something bigger?”

“Bigger? It’s just a mouse.”

“Okay…” Cinderella seems unsure; she really is scared of mice.

Still, she heads over to bookcase and readies herself to move the bookcase. You prepare the book, ready to throw it at whatever pops out.

She pulls open the bookcase in one swift move. That’s when you notice that behind the bookcase isn’t so much a wall, but a massive tunnel hidden there.

“A secret room!” You respond excitedly.

A massive creature suddenly leaps out of the hole. It’s all teeth and claws and it’s about the size of a golden retriever.

“What the fuck is that!”

“It’s the mouse!”

The mouse’s fiery red eyes latch on to you, and in a single bound it latches on to your neck.

“Fuuuuuuuucck!” You scream, trying to yank the mouse of your neck.

“Is darling okay!” Cinderella is standing on the bed, making no attempt to help you.

“Can you help?” You shout, tearing at the creature latched onto your neck as you flail around the room.

“Mice are scary.” Cinderella looks away shyly.

“Fucking seriously!” You shout.

You force the mouse off your neck, chucking it at the nearby wall. Summoning a magical sword, you manage to swing just as it rebounds and makes another leap at your neck. Your sword ends up impaling the bastard rat into the wall on the other side.

“Damn it…” You curse, catching your breath and repairing the damage with magic.

Well, the damage is to the clothing, your stats are to the point that while it hurt slightly, the mouse couldn’t even break your skin.

“Hey, Cinderella, why are you standing outside your room?”

“Darling still hasn’t dealt with the rest of its family.”

“Rest… of… family?” As you ask that, there is a rumbling sound coming from the hole she opened.

“Why is my mansion filled with giant fucking rats!”

“They’re mice, darling.” Cinderella says, the door separating the room and hallway slowly shutting between the pair of you, she gives a thumbs up just as the door shuts. “Do your best!”

Dozens of glowing red eyes suddenly appear from the darkness of the hole. You raise up your sword.

“I’m in the mood to kill something now.” You growl. “Let’s do this!”

Thus, began the great battle of Cinderella’s bedroom which went down in the records of history for ages to come. Little is known about the specifics of the great battle except two things. One. The house was ridden of mice that night. Two. Afterwards, you rage fucked Cinderella until she nearly broke.

“Is my leg supposed to be behind my back?”

“Shut up and take my cock.”

“Yes, darling.”

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