The Power of Creation – Chapter 120

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Aurora put on her Sunday finest, a short dress, that with the baby bump, barely just covered her hips and butt. For a pregnant woman, she exuded a charm and sexiness mixed with maturity that even many of the older woman in the harem couldn’t achieve.

“So, really, a picnic?” You ask nervously.

“Yes, hero-san, is a picnic no good?”

“Ah, not no good. In fact, I’d consider it very normal.”

“Normal?” Aurora asks with a slightly worried look.

You shake your hands. “I mean, normal is good! It’s just been a couple of weird days for me, so I could use a little normal right now.”

“Is that so…” Aurora still looks uncertain.

The pair of you head out to the local park you created earlier that week. It quickly grew quite popular among the city. It had a playground that was safe for kids to play in, and gave a lot of people a chance to be outdoors in an area without the threat of monster attacks.

That’s how you end up sitting next to the mother of your child on a blanket on a nice sunny day while picking over the contents of a basket prepared by Jasmine. It is actually going a little too well. You feed Aurora a grape as your frown, looking for the thing that’ll make everything go weird.

“Hero-san… is everything okay, you seem distracted.”

“Yeah… it’s just… have you noticed that the girls in the harem can be a little weird?”

“What?” Aurora wears an incredulous look and then laughs. “Hero-san, you can’t consider anything about our lives the last month or two to be normal.”

“True… I guess.”

“But… it’s been fun.”


“Hero-san… I didn’t know what think of things when I chose to leave with you. I did it for my daughter’s sake initially. Each day I see her with you, I see her smiling brightly. She never used to do that, in the past…”

“Is that so? What about you?” You ask cautiously.

“Hero-san…” She looks down. “Do you by chance know anything about the marriage vows of this world?”

“No…” You shake your head.

“In this world, we give an oath, not just to stay together, but to complete each other. To me, these always felt like empty words when I spoke them to my husband. Then, I met you.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You… complete me, hero-san. You make me feel like a woman. With the king, I always felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was a bird in a cage. With you, I truly feel free. With you, I truly feel like me.”

“I thought you might be a little bothered by how Ariel turned out.”

Aurora chuckled softly. “Ariel’s behavior… it’s as much our fault as it is yours. However, the kind of woman Ariel is… she isn’t bad, is she?”

“No… she isn’t bad.” You agree.

Aurora reaches down to get something from the picnic basket. At that moment, a squirrel suddenly bursts out of the basket. It has some food in it’s mouth as it leaps out over her hand and onto her shoulder before jumping away onto the trunk of a nearby tree. Aurora let’s out a cry of surprise, falling back hard on her butt. Immediately, she grabs her stomach and makes a pained noise.

“Fuck! Are you alright?” You ask hurriedly.

“I’m fine. I’m fine, I was just surprised.”

“I’m going to kill that fucking squirrel!”

“Kill? Hero-san, it’s just a rodent.”

“A rodent with beady eyes and fucking teeth and the claws and the biting!”


“If you’re suggesting I have some kind of deep-rooted trauma from a horde of mice I had to kill last night, that’s just crazy!”

The squirrel is now on a tree branch above you, looking down with evil eyes as it taunts you, chewing on the food it stole at the expense of your pregnant woman.

“Hero-san, is this really necessary? I know you’re a good man. You wouldn’t murder a poor defenseless animal.”

You growl as you look up at the demonic rodent, waiting for it to leap down and attack your neck.

“Alright, how about this. I’ll cast a spell aimed at the squirrel. It’ll give the squirrel a punishment I see fit. If deep down, I want it dead, it’ll die. If deep down, I want to let it go, it’ll escape.”

Aurora’s eyes narrow and then she smirks. “This I’d like to see. What is my baby’s father’s true nature.”

“Oh ho… you’re underestimating me. This squirrel is fucking dead!” You declare, raising your hand. “See your death, squirrel!”

You shoot a spell of light at the squirrel. It moves so fast the squirrel has no time to react. It strikes the squirrel, immediately enveloping it in a bright light.

C-c-c-c-crack! The branch the squirrel was on cracks, and you have to move fast to jump out of the way as a large object crashes down on your picnic, splashing plates and food everywhere.

You glare down at the object in question.



A naked girl with two large front teeth, red-brown hair, freckles, and big bushy tail is staring up at you.

“So, it’s settled, hero-san’s nature is to turn it into a fuckably-hot 17-year-old girl.” Aurora suggests with a laugh.

“Squeak!” The squirrel girl jumps up and immediately stumbles away on all fours with a fearful look on her face.

Even with a human-like body, she manages to move quickly, fleeing across the park. There are screams as people see the naked girl prance by on all fours. Meanwhile, you’re just staring down with a blank look on your face, lost about what to say. Aurora stands up carefully and pats your shoulder comfortingly.

“It’s come to my realization that the most common thread between all of your weird dates…” Aurora gives a light smile. “… seems to be you.”

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