The Power of Creation – Chapter 121

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“So… Elena… this is really how we’re going to spend our date?”

“Shh… You’ll scare her away sweetheart.”

The pair of you are waiting in a bush as an elaborate trap, basically a box, a stick, and pull string, is placed in the park. After hearing about a certain squirrel girl who was running around naked in the park, scaring the residents of Riun, it got out among your harem what happened during your date with Aurora.

“How could you just abandon her out there.” Megara had chided with tears in her eyes upon bursting in your room with a bunch of the other girls.

You pull your dick out of Aurora, who was on her side in a pregnancy safe position. Fortunately, you had just cum in her, and Aurora herself had enjoy many healthy female ejaculations.

“Well, she was really fast and I didn’t care that much.” You respond.

“Really? I thought my love would be happy to indoctrinate her into his harem.”

“Ok, you know what, first thing, indoctrinate? What the hell kind of show do you think I’m running. Second, she’s a fucking squirrel. Not a demi-human, a literal squirrel, with the exact intelligence of a squirrel.”

“You could always just give her a better mind.”

“Yeah? And then what? She’d be basically a sex doll, not any more interesting then all of those automatons down in the basement fucking the goblins. Face it, she’s either a squirrel, in which case, I’d just be a squirrel fucker, or she’s just some personality I made up, in which case, I’d just be fucking myself.”

“Sweetheart! We can’t just let her out there. She’s all alone. Naked and scared.”

“Ah! Elena! Why are you crying?”

“It’s just… I remember what it’s like, a demi-human, on the streets, just trying to survive…” She bawls, looking at you pleadingly.

“She’s literally just a squirrel…”

However, Elena uses the date card and now you had to find the squirrel girl. Elena insistesthat she would take good care of the squirrel, so you don’t see anything wrong with helping her in this way. Oh, you could just summon the squirrel girl instantly with a spell, but where’s the fun in that. It is cuter watching Elena give it her all. Plus, she is on all fours right now, her butt sticking out the back of a bush. As she watches the trap, her tail lashes back and forth across her tight buttocks. It’s very erotic.

Except, that appearance, her eyes focused, her tail lashing, it reminds you of something else. It reminds you of a cat hunting. Not a cat playing, but a cat looking at birds. Wait, did she just mew! You swear she just mewed!

“Uh, Elena, we are planning on saving the squirrel girl, right? Not eating her?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah.” She wipes her mouth.

Maybe trying to catch the squirrel is a bad decision in this particular case. Perhaps, if you distract Elena, you can get her to stop her predatory nature. Of course, you only know one way to tame a pussy. That was, of course, by the pussy.

You give her the ol’ Donald Trump, sliding your hand down her pants and grabbing her pussy. Rather than resisting or getting upset, she arches her back like you are giving her scratches, sticking her butt up higher and giving your hand an easier access to her snatch. You slide two fingers in and out of her, steadily fingering the pussy from behind, even while the two of you are crouched in the middle of a public park. Well, it’s not like you aren’t hidden behind a bush.

Well, right behind you was the playground area, and there are dozens of kids playing, but they wouldn’t even know what they were looking at if they happened to look this way. Oh, one of them is pointing at you, that doesn’t mean anything. His mother came up. Now, she’s covering his eyes. She just sent him off to play somewhere in the distance! Wait, now she’s watching you. Did her hand just go down her skirt! What is she, a voyeur!

Every woman in the city is now incredibly hot, this MILF woman is no exception, but did you break their brains when you made them hot? Or perhaps, you turned their hormones up to a million. In fact, you seem to remember a report that the pregnancy rate in the city tripled after you changed the women. You had assumed this was because the woman were hotter, thus men hit on them more. Maybe, instead… had you perhaps created an entire city of Ariels?

She’s waving at you now while smiling and touching herself!

You turn back to Elena, who you are now fingering quite aggressively in spite of the audience. You manage to remove her undergarments and it’s now her bare ass wet with lust and a tail lashing around excitedly. Her body is shaking from head to toe, and you can hear a low purring sound coming from her entire body. Basically, she’s vibrating.

“Ah, she came!” Elena suddenly declares, pointing at a naked squirrel girl cautiously heading towards the box.

“I’m cumming too!” the MILF woman in the distance moans.

However, instead of using the box trap, Elena’s predator instincts take over and she leaps out from the bush, you fingers falling out of her snatch as she rushes forward.

“Squeak!” one girl shouts when she sees the other girl barreling down on her.

“Meow!” cries Elena as she jumps at the squirrel.

The squirrel takes off, narrowly dodging Elena’s extended claws.

“Elena! Get a hold of yourself!” You cry out to no avail.

Elena has already gone completely feral. Now you have two demihumans running around the park naked. A demi-human cat girl with a bare ass and a demi-human squirrel without a single article of clothing are running up and down the park while the kids noisily point in wonderment.

“Thanks for the show, my lord.” The woman said, finally pulling her hand from her skirt with a pleased smile.

“Hey, you want a suck my cock?”

“Oh, you flatter me, my lord, but I don’t have the right. That’s for your harem to do. This old Grandma couldn’t keep up anyway.


“Ai, my lord, I turned 92 last week. Was on my deathbed until you fixed me up like all the other women. Saved my life, you did, my lord” She looked like a vivacious woman in her late twenties, but now that she mentioned it you could see some age and experience in her eyes. “You have my loyalty, and most of the women of this city, I swear it, but we all know who your top bitches are.”

She gives one last wink before turning away. You find yourself admiring her tight ass as she hobbles off to watch her grandchildren in the distance who were now ogling the naked women running around the park.

You take a deep breath, stretch, and give a sigh. Then you start to run yourself. You had some pussy to catch.

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