The Power of Creation – Chapter 122

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“Did you ever think that maybe we are getting too old for this shit?” Philip asks, placing a hot cup of coffee down on the table.

Moana picks up the cup and breathes in the sweet scent of French-pressed beans while sighing. “We’re doing good work, Philip. If we didn’t stop these freaks, who would?”

“I suppose so… it just feels like a battle we’re losing.”

“We can’t lose. For all of the little girls in the world, we can’t lose.” Moana’s grip tightens on the glass and she takes a gulp. “So, what’s this new case the boss wants us on.”

“It’s a world created by Pun, allegedly.”

“Pun, that bastard. We’re having another run in with him?”

“Easy, Moana. That’s the thing, I don’t think Pun’s responsible for this one. It’s happening on his turf, the so-called MSB, but it seems like a new guy is calling the shots.”

“New guy?”

“They call him… Whizzer.”

“Whizzer? Like he’s pissing himself?”

“I guess it’s the name of a nostalgic Roller Coaster at Six Flags – Great America. It’s a coaster where an adult can ride with a child sitting in his lap.”

“That sick fuck.”

“I thought you’d appreciate the implications of that one.”

“So, what has this ringmaster done?”

“He puts you in the roll of the main character.”


“Well, a royal you, the guy actually committing these crimes seems to be someone called “the reader”, although he goes by many names. Darling, Boss, Master, even… loli-pervert. He is the one who actually carrying out these profane acts.”

“What kind of acts we talking about here?”

“A great deal of rape, actually.”

“Damn it, Philip, you know our division doesn’t work on rapes! Tell me what he’s done that fits in our jurisdiction!”

“Well, many of the girls are sixteen years old.”

“Alright, we can work with that, possibly. Does he live in California?”

“No… the state he lives in, age of consent is sixteen. Plus the age of consent within this world is sixteen as well.”

“Fuck! Are any of the girls younger than that?”

“Oh, yes, quite a few are younger than sixteen in appearance.”

“Hehe… those bastards can’t help but go younger…” Moana chuckles, but then hears the last part. “Wait, what do you mean, appearance?”

“For example, one girl resembles a 12 year old but is over one hundred years old.”

“The so-called loli-baba. That’s how they all do it these days.” Moana grinds her teeth. “Those conniving bastards.”

“However, she’s implied to be young… f-for a dragon. Underaged even.” Philip adds eagerly.

Moana is already shaking her head. “For a dragon? Come on Philip, you know we can’t make those charges stick. This guys a slippery one. Are there any others?”

“A 16-year-old catgirl who looks 14.”

“What the fuck is ‘looks 14’? These fucking perverts. Pass.”

“Here’s a possible one. He raped her even as she claimed herself to be underage.”

“Well… is she?” Moana leans forward.

“It’s unclear.” Philip sighs. “It’s heavily implied she’s older, even though she does all of the underaged things…”

“How heavily implied?”

“Confirmed by her sister.”

“Fuck, Philip. If it isn’t statutory, it isn’t my problem. Why even bring out this case file?” Moana threw up her hands. “Do you have anything I can use?”

“There is one. She’s a ten-year-old. Catgirl. Looks eight. Confirmed age.”

“Yeah? You should start with that one! Damn it!”

“Sorry…” Philip lowers his head and then sighs. “The thing is, he hasn’t touched her yet.”


“He pats her head. She cooks for him. Oh, here, she’s been naked a few times!”


The Philip reads on and sighs, “But it’s her doing and he ultimately sidesteps or ignores her.”

“Come on, Philip, there has to be something we can peg on him.”

“Well, she’s seen him fornicate with the other women.”

“Just looking! I can’t make an arrest with just looking, or every parent who’s had a kid peak while they’re having sex would be arrested.”

Philip became flustered. “B-but… she’s asked for sex numerous times! The so-called “readers” are even pressuring him for a sex scene involving her. I-in fact, they’ll be going on a date right this moment!”

“A date! An adult man going on a date with a child?”

“Yes, yes!”

Moana’s eyes narrow and she stands up, walking over to a poster on the wall while taking a sip of her coffee.

“Keep a close eye on him. Prepare for a raid, but keep it yellow alert. This might just be the most nefarious pedo we’ve ever come across. The LPD isn’t going to let this one escape, I swear it.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Philip bows and runs out to give the orders.

Meanwhile, Moana pulls out her badge. The words “Loli Police Department” are written across a shield with a little girl in a summer dress and an x marked over her. Moana then looks up at the poster, a resolved look forming on her face. It’s a picture of man sitting there in a suit. The words under it spell, “Chris Hansen”.

“We won’t let this sick fuck get away with it, I swear it Chris. One of these days, he’s going to pop, and when he does, we’re coming for him.”

You sneeze.

“Ah? Savior, you getting sick? I can make you some hot soup?”

“No, I came to take you on your date while the squirrel girl and your sister take a long nap.”

“And sex afterwards?”


“I’ll get you one of these days, Savior…” Jasmine mutters while pushing her fingers together.

And it seems like she isn’t the only one out for you.  Although you don’t realize it, on that particular day the claws tighten a little more around the local jailbait.

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