The Power of Creation – Chapter 123

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“Ooo, can I get this? And this? And this?” Jasmine is running around in a summer dress, picking out various shopping items.

You are now carrying all the items she wants, many of which seem to be various things for the kitchen.

“Isn’t this Sebastian’s job?” You grumble through the pile of stuff now covering your vision.

“Isn’t it nicer to do this with Savior?” Jasmine asks, peaking up at you from a crack in the stuff you’re holding and wearing a golden smile as she twirls in the dress.

It’s very cute, and your heart throbs at her innocent like display of happiness.  After you buy the stuff it disappears into a storage ring immediately and you pat off your hands and sigh. You continue to watch Jasmine run around, looking at things excitedly and pointing. Jasmine’s wish seems to be one of the simplest. She wants to walk around town and buy a couple goods, just as she had said she did when this whole dating thing started.

Of course, for Jasmine, who had been bedridden and poor for most of her life, even being able to walk down the street could be called a miracle. Add to that the money to afford anything she wants, and this shopping day was one of the most exciting things she ever got to do. She is an attractive catgirl, who in six years, would be a very respectable woman much like her older sister. Right now, her charm factor is undeniable, as everyone who looks at her can’t help but smile. Suddenly, she comes running back up to you and tugs on your shirt.

“The creepy woman is doing it again.”

“Just ignore her.” You say as a strangely attractive woman walks up to you while sporting a clearly fake mustache.

“Ho, ho, ho… little girl, you don’t need to be frightened of me. Is this sexual deviant bothering you?”

“You’re bothering me!” Jasmine cries, half hiding behind you. “She just called you a sexual deviant, are you going to take that?”

“I apologize for nothing.”

“He admits it!”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, Why don’t you come with me, I’ll bring you somewhere safe away from this creepy stalker!” The mustached woman declares.

“Who’s the stalker now? You’re the one who has been following us the whole day!”

“Wh-what are you talking about? This is the first time we’ve ever met!”

“You were the girl who sold us icecream earlier and asked her if I touched her in any inappropriate places!”

“And later, you were wearing a wig and gave me a balloon and said pop it if I needed to be rescued!” Jasmine added.

“And after that, you wore a fake nose and said that you were watching me, always watching me and then hid in a bush and watched us while she shopped for a swimsuit.”

“D-don’t act like you didn’t want her to pose in a skimpy two piece swim suit and do poses like this and that.” The girl openly declares while pointing at you accusingly.

“I tried to make him look at me but he was too busy drooling while Snow White and Kida mud-wrestled in the town square!”

“You’re not helping!” You cry out at Jasmine. “Besides, that was really hot… I mean weird, right? Like why were they doing that?”

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll show up in a random side story just as soon as someone donates another $10 to Patreon.” Jasmine responds.

“Asking for money right in the middle of a conversation, what do you think this is, a video game?”

“In fact, let’s have them pay for a random chapter and they won’t know what they get until it’s released!”

“You’ve already grown to loot crates? Wait, isn’t that what we’re doing now! Readers give money on Patreon hoping we do sexy times that match their fetish, but instead end up with a silly 4th wall breaking chapter that fails to arose anyone? Oh, Pun, we’ve been blue ball lootcrating the readers from the beginning!”

“Quick, Savior, do something erotic. Here, I’ll pull up my dress and show my panties!”

“Ah ha!” The woman shouts, ripping off her mustache, “Finally, you’re under arres-“

“No time for that Jasmine!” You reach out and grab the suspicious woman’s clothing, tearing it away in a single swipe, revealing the naked body underneath. She has nice, rich, D-sized breasts. She has a distinctly Polynesian appearance, silky smooth brown hair, a tight butt, and light brown skin. A perfectly trimmed landing patch makes an arrow that pointes temptingly at her snatch. Even if she’s a virgin, she has the body of a woman screaming she’s reading for dick.

“Wh-“ Her eyes widen as she suddenly realizes she is in the middle of town, butt naked. “Aaaaaaaah!”

“Ooo, nice. I didn’t realize I had made any other girls this attractive in the city. She’s as good as any of my woman in the harem.”

“You bastard! To do this to law enforcement. If I wasn’t of consenting age I’d arrest you!”

“Law enforcement?” Jasmine asks.

“Arrest? Consenting Age?”

“Mark my words! I’m Moana Rodriguez, LPD. I won’t rest until all lolis in the world are safe!”

“Oh…” You snap. “She must be one of those loli perverts!”

Jasmine nods in agreement.

Moana looks like she’s about to cry. “I’m not a loli pervert, I’m protecting the lolis from the likes of you!”

“It’s sad really, and she’s cute too. But I don’t want some creepy pedophile in my harem.”

“Cu-cute!” The blush fades quickly when she registers the second part. “Yo-ou… I’ll be back! Don’t think you can win one over on Moana Rodriguez!”

Moana turns tail and runs away, trying to cover herself as she races through the groups of people.

“First a naked squirrel girl, then a naked catgirl, then mud wrestling, and now a naked islander? Man, I love this city!” Someone shouts in the distance.



“Do… you think this city I built and rule is starting to get a bad reputation?”


“Yeah… it’s better not to think about it.”

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