The Power of Creation – Chapter 124

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“So, Mulan, you ready for your date?”

“As much as this great dragon would love to spend some time with Master, are you perhaps not skipping a person on the list?”

“Huh? No… I’m following the list to a T. Merida, Cinderella, Aurora, Elena, Jasmine, then some piece of trash is written here we’ll ignore, Mulan followed by Pocahontas.”

“It’s that one, the piece of trash one…”

“Hah, Hah, Hah.”

“Huh? What? That’s just a smudge.”

“I’m standing right here, commoner, but it seems clear you have to continue to be cruel to me.” Tiana whines, although even as she whines her face is flushed and she’s breathing hard.

“You can’t be cruel to a pile of shit, right? Shit is just shit. Until you step on it. Then you wipe it off on the curb by scrapping the bottom of your shoe on the edge and…”

“Please… I can’t take those disgusted eyes any longer, commoner!” Tiana is shivering, but she has a smile on her face.

“Master, may I ask a question.” Mulan is wearing a complicated face.

“Yes, my sweet dumpling, what is it?” You ask gently, patting her head.

“Is the difference in master’s treatment between harem members perhaps a little too extreme?”

“What are you talking about? I like to think I treat you, Ariel, Aurora, Merida, and the rest of the harem who matter with even care and consideration.”

“That’s just it! What about the harem who doesn’t matter?” Mulan declares.

“You said it…”

“I’m still here, hah, hah, hah… this play is too extreme.” Tiana is on all fours with a disgusting look on her face as she pants.

“Fine. What does… Tiana… want?” You ask deliberately, glaring down at the girl.

“Me? Commoner is asking me what I’d like?” Tiana immediately bounces back to her feet, her nose back in the air as if she wasn’t just panting on the floor.

You sigh. “Yes… you, what is it that you want?”

“I want to go out to dinner and the theatre. Even a commoner should be able to afford that much.”

With your fist clinched, you resist the urge to lay out a woman. Of course, Tiana’s snooty behavior initially put you off, so you decided to treat her badly. Then, she developed that bad personality unexpectedly. Thus, you had decided to escalate the abusive treatment. If you ignored and neglected her enough, she’d eventually crack, go crying to Sebastian, and then you could work on setting her straight.

However, she never cracked. Rather, she remained just as snooty as the first day you met her, and rather than being dejected by you treating her like garbage, she’s managed to turn it into some kind of sexual game.  Ignoring her and treating her like trash didn’t seem to be working.

Thus, perhaps a new strategy is in order? You’d treat Tiana exactly how she deserved to be treated.

So, you found yourself on a date at a restaurant. You took her to a nice place. Nothing is too good for Tiana! That way, when you crush her, it’ll be all the more merciless. Speaking of which…

“I got something for you.” You say, casually pulling out a small wrapped present.

Tiana’s eyes widen as she eagerly opens up her present. What she ends up pulling out is a leather belt. However, the belt was far too small to fit around her waist. It also had a tag on it with her name, Tiana, spelled in gold letters.

“Th-th-this is…”

“Ah, it’s a dog collar.”

“Wh-wh-wha-“ Tiana looks up at you with tears in her eyes.

You put a leash down on the table. “A pet shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without a collar and leash. It’s the new law in Riun.”

What? This is perfectly fair treatment!

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