The Power of Creation – Chapter 125

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“Sir…” A pretty waitress with large breasts puts your food down in front of you. “And… um… for the misses?”

She looks figity, twisting her feet uncomfortably in front of you. You give her a clear nod.

“Do it.”

“Ah! Yes! Okay…” The waitress puts a bowl down on the floor.

The bowl contains a salad with dressing, but the bowl holding it is undoubtedly a bowl designed with a wide base so that it can’t easily be tipped over. Essentially, it’s a dog bowl.

“Ah? My Food?” The flustered Tiana asks.

The distressed waitress looks at you as you nod again before she looks back at Tiana “Bitches eat on the floor.”

Ah!” Tiana’s eyes go down. “I – I see…”

The waitress mouths “I’m sorry” as she immediately flees from the scene, joining several other nosy busybodies watching the current date between you and Tiana. You had just handed Tiana the necklace, and she is still clutching it in her hands. Her hands tighten on the collar until they are nearly red. Her entire body is shaking. That should do it, you finally pushed her to the limit. She’ll explode on you, you’ll punish her, and then things can reach some semblance of normalcy.


The silence seems to be going on longer than expected. You just want to put her in her place. She’s okay, isn’t she? You look closer, even though her eyes seem to be covered in shadows, you suddenly notice a single tear falling down her cheek. You really didn’t intend to go so far! You mean, you intended to break her, but it is difficult to deal with crying women when that crying isn’t directly caused by your penis.

“D-do you really think I’m some kind of… dog?” her voice is low and unsteady, but she gives nothing away as to how she is feeling so you still aren’t sure exactly what you should do.

“O-o-of course! I mean, technically I had the collar made for Elena’s pet squirrel, but I figured while he was making that one he should make you a collar too!”

“Y-ou… didn’t even make it for me.” Tiana’s head lowers and her shoulders shake.

Ah! Breaking people is truely troublesome. You should just use a spell and make it go away. A single spell and she’ll forget this entire night!

“Hehehehehhehehahahahahah!” Tiana suddenly starts laughing.

“What! Oh, man, I made you lose it didn’t I? You’re not going Yandere like Ariel, are you!?Why am I so unlucky to keep falling for Yandere! It certainly couldn’t be my fault in the slightest!”

“Hahaha! You really think that, right, really?” She asks excitedly, her eyes slightly out of sync and she leaps across the table and grabs you.

“Ah! Oh, Pun, she’s going to stab me! What, think what, stop shaking me!”

“That I’m like Ariel?”

“Huh?” You ask in confusion.

“You said it! You called me a bitch. Ariel’s your top bitch, so you think of me as one of your bitches. To think that a simple commoner would pronounce his undying love and loyalty for me!”


“You’ve finally accepted me. Of course, I know Ariel’s the best and you could never love me as much as her, but even a small amount of your love is enough.”

“Why do I get a sense we’re not on the same page here!”

“I understand what commoner is saying! You see me like you see Ariel! Since she’s a princess, then you see me as a princess too! You see me as a noble!”

“That’s where this was going?”

“Oh, commoner, you’ve made me the happiest bitch on the planet! Mount me! Mount your bitch over this very table! Fuck me like you fuck your noble girls!”

She swipes the plates of the table and bends over on it.

“Uh… okay.”

Well, this is fine too, isn’t it?

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Woof! Woof!”

“Sir, can you perhaps not plow your bitch in the middle of our restaurant?”

“Shut up, I’m almost finished!” You snap before turning back and slapping an ass covered in red handprints. “Bark, bitch, bark for your cock!”

“Woof! Woof!”

“Very good, sir…” The Maître D’ immediately turns around and walks briskly away with a fluster.

Tiana is now wearing her collar and leash, which you are holding tightly as you thrust into her, bounding her from behind. Her elf ears look strangely like doberman dog ears right now. That’s probably a coincidence.

“I’m going to cum!” You shout.


As you come into Tiana, she gives a howling noise. This really wasn’t how you were planning this night to go, but this is okay too, right?

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