The Power of Creation – Chapter 126

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“Seriously!?” You declare as a large grouping of women greet you in the morning. “Why are you all here?”

“The union has a demand to officially make!” Meg responds proudly, putting out a thumb and pointing it at herself.

“A union?”

“Yup! The Harem Union Organization! The HUO is a place where we can guarantee more sex, more attention from you, and more gifts by working together for a peaceful and harmonious at-home lifestyle!”

“More sex? Isn’t it my decision who I want to fuck?” You say back.

“Not after the girls vote for proposition 69, then when you fuck one of us, and you have to fuck all of us!”

“My harem is seriously unionizing?”

Grimhilde and Aurora grab Megara who is fronting excitedly and drags her back behind the group despite her protests. Grimhilde returns and tries to give a flirtatious smile like you didn’t just hear something potentially troublesome.

“That’s still in voting. Nothing my love needs to worry about. She’s been spreading those poisonous ideas to some of the more impressionable girls like Tiana, Jasmine, and Kida.”

“Aren’t they just the harem members I don’t fuck a lot? It’s not that I don’t want to enjoy my extended harem but I can’t always get to everyone! I only have one penis!”

Grimhilde smiles wryly while scratching her cheek. “That’s why they say that a union is important so that it can organize and every girl receives equal dick for an equal clit.”

“That barely makes sense!”

“Hey! I’m not for the union. A lot of the girls in leadership positions aren’t comfortable with this strange new idea called union. It seems to counter our power as nobles.”

“Freaking girl from another world causing troubles…”

Perhaps you are letting the girls run around too freely. If they are having time to unionize, they might have time for other things. Soon they’ll start a feminist movement. Wait, didn’t she say they are voting! Women voting? Oh, Pun, soon they are going to be burning their bras and thinking they have the rights of real people!

“Anyway, the girls noticed the necklace you gave Tiana and they’ve all become jealous.” Grimhilde continued. “According to Elena, you even got one for Rapunzel!”

“What! Are you talking about the collars? Wait, who’s Rapunzel?”

“Ah, right, Rapunzel is the name Elena gave the squirrel girl that you brought home with you. I have to say, my love has some odd tastes…”

“Of course, it’d be Rapunzel.” You slap your hand over your face and sigh. “So, you girl’s seriously want collars?”

“We all thought it might be a good idea. People in town are starting to know the girls in your harem are no touch, but after you made everyone hot, some guys don’t know who’s in the harem and who isn’t. If all the girls had some kind of identification, then we’d all feel like we belong to you just a little bit more, don’t you think?”

“I-is that so?” You look at a bunch of eager eyes who nod excitedly as they all look at you adoringly.

“Yes, my love! You’ve even managed to tame me, the wild and voluptuous demon queen. It should only be natural that you claim your prize with a label.”

“Weren’t you rather easy to tame though?”

“My love… saying things like that hurts my pride a little.”

“Your sister put up a much bigger fight…”

“On that note, she’s still trying to escape the mansion. You seem to have put a spell on her that makes her have to pee uncontrollably when she tries to leave the house so she always ends up running back into the bathroom.”

“Hehehe…” You chuckle at the thought of Maleficent’s loli body fidgeting as she races back to the toilet on her tippytoes. “Although, the collar idea isn’t a bad one. I could install it with magic so I could locate you guys whenever I want.”

“Surveillance?  My love… that’s hardly…”

“And of course, a light shocking ability for quick punishments…”

“Suddenly, the collar idea is sounding like a poor one…”

“Alright! It’s decided!” You say a little louder so all of the girls can hear. “I’ll get you each a custom-made collar from me to you!”


“Did you hear that, baby, Daddy is going to give mommy some jewelry.” Merida says while rubbing her stomach and blushing.

“And none of this would have been possible without unions!” Megara declares.

“Is-is that so?” Kida asks stiffly. “Can you truly guarantee that rookie and I can have sex while I’m actually awake?”

“Absolutely! Once the union is in place, we can force my childhood friend to sign a legal document guaranteeing that you must be awake and also that it takes place in your vagina. I see you over there eying us, Snow White. Butt sore? Join the union today and guarantee some sweet pussy sex!”

Snow White snorts and turns her head away. “Who said I’d want to have sex with the warrior anyway… even though I am still unbroken…”

“You can finally stop all those mean rumors like them calling you Snow Brown who can only take it in the ass!”

Snow White turns back with a flash. “Who calls me Snow Brown! Who? I’ll stab them with my sword until they’re dead!”

“I wonder?” Megara responds vaguely while ducking the raging Snow White.

As you hear some troubling words, you realize you’re going have to deal with this union problem eventually. However, first you need to make some collars!

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