The Power of Creation – Chapter 127

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“Alright, so what are we going to do today, Mulan?”

“I’ve thought about this very carefully master,” Mulan blushed, her hand touching the red and black collar around her neck with ruby jewel embedded in the center.

After you realized the collars were going to go to more than just the pets of the family, you decided to up the game a bit and make slightly nicer collars for everyone who isn’t Tiana.

“And? What is it you’d like to do today?”

“I’d… like to go flying, with master.”

“Flying? Like, you want fly around the city holding hands like some kind of Superman Lois Lane thing?

“Actually, I was wondering if… if you could fly… side by side with me… while I’m a dragon.”

“Ah… well, I guess I can do that much.”

The pair of you head out to the front yard of the mansion where the eunuch gardener is busy at work planting flowers and doing things you could have easily accomplished with a wave of your hand. Well, your laziness creates jobs, so it’s okay.

However, even he lets out a cry and falls on his butt with his mouth open as Mulan explodes into her dragon form.

“H-have you gotten a little larger?” You ask honestly.

Mulan’s dragon form seems quite a bit larger than she was when you picked her up all those months ago. The dragon seems to wear a pleased look on its face as it shows you its massive wings.

“Yes, master, I’m growing up nicely.”

“It’s too bad all the growth is in her dragon form and I’m seeing nothing where it counts.” You make a gesture around the chest.

“Huh! I didn’t hear that, didn’t master just say something really mean!” even as a pseudo-invincible demi-god, the sight of a massive red dragon rearing up on you is a lot to handle.

“N-n-not at all! Mulan is perfect the way she is!” You respond defensively.

Mulan backs away and gives another pleased look.

“Well, well, well… let’s see, I’ve never done it before, so let’s see how it works out.” You mutter to yourself while Mulan cocks her head.

You cast the spell, and instantly your body explodes into another massive form. Rather than red, your scales seem to be as black as night. You’re easily twice the size of Mulan. You don’t know if that’s because you’re older than her or what. You just made the spell turn you into a dragon, you really didn’t have any preconceptions.

“Oh, wow!” Mulan stamps her feet excitedly, “Masters a dragon, masters a dragon! I knew master was truly great!”

“Ha! Well, how do I look!”

“Master is a strong and powerful dragon. Way cooler than Mushu!”

“Wait… who the fuck is Mushu?”

“Ah! That was a lifetime ago, before Mulan died! Master doesn’t need to hear about Mushu!”


“A-actually, now that Mulan’s sees how powerful and mighty Master is, Mulan is becoming very turned on!”

“You’re side stepping!”

“Never mind that!” Mulan took off with her wings taking into the air. “Th-this lowly dragon wants master to show her how strong he is!”

“Here? Now! Like this? What do you think this is, Pern?”

Mulan nodded excitedly, showing more willfulness than you’d seen on her since the first day you took her.

“Master, it is customary in dragon courtship for the female to run and escape. A male dragon must show his strength by catching and mounting her against her will!”

“Isn’t that like the time we first met?”

“That’s why master is master! But this is different, it’s different! I want master to mate with me so I’ll fight back extra hard. Come catch me!”

“Isn’t that counter intuitive?” You demand.

Mulan ignores your question and explodes into flight. There are distant shouts as people see a dragon flying up over the town. However, she is moving seriously fast. She has every intention of going through with it. Well, it is her day.

“Force her and show her my power, huh?” You muse over the situation.

Well, time to go! You burst into flight and begin the hunt.

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P.S. You guys want a dragon sex scene or not?