The Power of Creation – Chapter 128

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“If you wish to keep up master, you’ll have to go faster than that!” The red dragon Mulan roars.

“Is that so?” You ask calmly.

“In front!” Mulan stops as a giant massive black dragon blocks her way.

Immediately, she turns and starts flying to the right.

“You’re still running?”

“I’m not done yet, master!” Mulan roars. “If I was defeated so easily then my pride as a dragon would be shattered!”

“Hi, again.” You appear in front of her again.

“Agh! Master, you won’t even give me the slightest bit of pride!” Mulan roars, but this time a giant fireball flies from her mouth.

You dodge the fireball with ease, but Mulan has already taken off in the opposite direction. You look up into the sky. The sky is covered in dark ominous looking clouds. You don’t know if Mulan is heading into the human territories or the demon territories, but it is clear that you are no longer in Riun. An idea crosses your mind, and you give a little smirk.

“Mulan! Don’t you like shiny things?”

“Gah… master, don’t think you can bribe this dragon into sex! A dragon’s relationship with their mate is dependent on their first mating. The better the fight, the more power the woman has in the relationship. There are even some women who defeated the man during mating and were the dominant in the relationship. If I were to casually give in and let you have me for baubles, that would define you as my absolute master and I would be a servant!”

“Isn’t that already the case?”

“T-that is that and this is this! That’s a matter of humans and human forms, this is dragons!”

“So, even though I’m your master as a human, you think you can be my equal as dragons?”

“I’d never be so vain! Even if I resist just a little, I’d like to at least reach the level of the rest of your harem!”

“Oh, Mulan.” You shake your head. “You already are!”

You once again appear in front of Mulan’s eyes faster that she can flap her dragon wings. Her claws come out to slash at you, you catch her arms with one of your claws, and then fold the other into a fist. Giving one hard punch in the stomach, Mulan’s eyes go wide and she starts to lose cohesion.

“I… no…” She tries to resist, the red dragon being too strong a being to be taken out with a single punch.

However, you don’t wait. Instead, you grab both of her arms and flap your wings.

“Ah! What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

“Up!” You declare.

“Up? Up! The highest a dragon has ever flown barely reached the noctilucent clouds! How far up!”


“Haaaah! No, where are you talking this great one? I’m not going!”

“Up, up!”

“You…! We’ll die! Even dragons freeze to death!”

“Then hold on!” You grab onto Mulan tighter in your massive dragon arms, her scaly form seeming just as small in this form as her human form.

“I won’t. Let me go! Let me-“ The clouds break away and the pair of you plow into the darkness. “Shiny…”

Her voice is taken away breathlessly. Of course, you usd some magic to give you guy’s air , pressure, and a decent temperature, but otherwise you just broke out of the atmosphere. The sky has turned blacker than it ever has before. Brilliant stars shine across the sky, crisper, clearer, and brighter than they ever appeared with light scattering across the atmosphere.

“It’s beautiful…” Mulan whispered lightly.

“Mm…” You nod as the female dragon rubs up affectionately against you, a massive planet below, and starry night above.

That’s when you feel some hard thing pressed between your legs and Mulan’s midriff. You look down and nod impressively. It is quite large indeed. It’s a massive sharp think with a strong curve that is pushing out in front of you. You immediately look for the appropriate part on Mulan, which appears as a pulsating green hole with yellow on the inside. That seems to be the one. You lift Mulan’s leg as she barely seems to even notice, staring wide-eyed at the starry sky.

“It’s in!” You say as the massive thing that looks more like a scythe than a penis goes into her remarkably well.

The feeling transmitted immediately made you gasp. First off, your penis could slide much deeper into her than in any other woman except maybe the artificial Cinderella. The lock and key anatomy of the dragon allowed you to pierce her in a way that went deep into her belly. It felt incredibly warm, like hot magma pulsing around your penis.

Mulan let’s out a roar, and you do as well. That when you bodies start falling back down from the sky. Your penis rocks in and out of Mulan, piercing her insides. Each time you thrust into her, you can feel a hot squishy feeling that causes waves of pleasure to run up and down your body. Your bodies are falling faster and faster. It’s starting to get hot. You wrap your wings around both of you. This puts the pair of you in a cocoon of darkness.

As fire erupts from the very air as you hit the atmosphere at maximum velocity, you use magic to the point you don’t feel any of it. instead, you focus on the inside of the cocoon. The only thing you can feel is the hot, muggy air inside of your wings. There was no kissing. No touching. No gentle hand holding. No writhing. It was just pure, animalistic thrusting.

Her heavy dragon breaths emit hot flames that can melt steal. Your rugged roars can shake mountains. Your talon like legs are wrapped around her, grabbing onto her back, the nails clinging to her scales with enough force to hold her in place. Her entire body is trapped in your embrace. She is literally a prisoner of your cocoon. The thrusting grows faster and faster. Your cock pierces her, over and over again. It isn’t the sounds of balls slapping or wet juices spewing. It is some rawer, something grittier.

It is pure animal fucking. You pound away at Mulan, your dick piercing her over and over, filling up her insides, taking her warmth and adding to it. Mulan says nothing. You say nothing. There are no words to be had. There are no words needed. It is just about the fucking. You don’t think about whether she cums or not. You don’t even know if cumming is the right word for dragon. You roar into her face, and she roar back into yours, and the pair of you are one.

The speed just keeps increasing and increasing, your hips moving faster than a human could possibly manage, her hole taking your thrusts harder than a woman’s pussy could take.

Your bodies strike the ground just when you reach your limit, you don’t give any warnings. She doesn’t need warnings. This is raw free of politeness. It is lust and desire and satisfaction. You are taking her, and she is taking it. Your wings exploded open, letting light in for the first time since you had started mating. You inject yourself deep inside of Mulan. As you do so, you let out a massive roar that shook the world and could be heard hundreds of miles away. Your hands are pressing down on Mulan’s shoulder, pinning the smaller dragon to the ground, and as you roared, you thrust one last time into her as deeply as possible.

When it is done, you suddenly find yourself shrinking. At first you grow worried that you are going to shrink on top of a startled dragon Mulan. However, she is shrinking as well. Both of you grow smaller and smaller, your face changing and morphing. Your dick, still deep inside Mulan, shrinks and morphs with her pussy. Within a minute, you are no longer a giant dragon pushing a smaller dragon down, but a man with his arms on a tiny girl’s shoulders, pushing her to the ground as he shoves his dick deep inside her.

For second, worry shoots through you as your fear you overdid it. But then a smile explodes on Mulan’s face. It’s a smile that rarely ever appears. Something genuine and pure and full of happiness.

“Master!” Mulan says so brightly it nearly causes you to jump.


“I love you! For now and forever! Even if I’m just your servant dragon…” she looks down with a sad look. “but that’s enough for me…”

You grab her chin and pull it back until she looks at you. “Mulan… you will never just be my servant. You’re my girl, dragon and woman, every part of you is mine.”



The pair of you embrace in a kiss, and the mating starts anew.

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