The Power of Creation – Chapter 131

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Boom! Thud! Crack! Boom!

The sounds of a horrific battle echo throughout the land. Nearby monster flee in terror as the sounds shake the earth and fierce surges of magical power threaten to overwhelm the very air itself. However, anyone who saw the fight would call it incredibly one sided.

A powerful looking old man leapt 100 meters into the air, hitting another man directly in the face. He then grabbed the man’s foot, tossing him to the ground with full forth, creating yet another of the dozen or so craters that lined the mountainside. He lands with his fists out, propelling his body with a magical surge that creates an avalanche. He manages to jump away just as a thousand tons of rock and dirt falls, burying the newly formed crater and the man at its epicenter.

“Hah, hah, hah…” the old man gasps for breath, sweat running down his face.

There are a few moments of complete quiet once the avalanche settles. Then, a fist suddenly punches out from the rock, and a form pulls themselves from the dirt. That form is a very naked you. Of course, you are covered in so much dirt and mud now that it could constitute as clothing.

“We done yet?” You ask arrogantly.

“You bastard!” the line came from Mushu who was waiting on the sidelines. “You dare humiliate father like this! I’ll kill you myself.”

“It is clear that your defense is top notch.” The old man regains his demeanor, once again holding up a hand to silence Mushu. “But is your offense enough to defeat me?”


“Liar! No one can be so strong in defense and offense simultaneously!” Mushu insists. “You must have put all of your efforts into defense magic to trick us!”

“No! Father, it’s true. Master is truly strong. That’s why…” Mulan stops for a second, but then steps forward with a pleading look. “That’s why father must stop this folly.”

“If you can so easily defeat me.” The old man asks. “Then why have you held back?”

“It’s simple. I told Mulan today was her day. Mulan asked me not to fight you.  So, I won’t.”

“I was expecting you to not budge when he hit you! Why are you flying all over the place!”

“Because it’d be meaningless if I didn’t struggle. This is Mulan I’m fight for, I can take at least this much for her.” You shoot Mulan a thumbs up.

“B-b-baka!” Mulan calls, turning away in a blush. “I-it’s not like I think that’s really cool or anything.”

“She totally does!” Mushu shouts, “She smells really excited right now!”

“Quit smelling me you creep!” Mulan shouts back.

You hide a grimace at your little lie. Well, it was a partial truth, at least. You didn’t want to admit the real reason your body was flying around. It was because the so-called dragon king was really really strong. Even with maxed stats, you’ve found some issues. Specifically, you’re a human. Humans have a limit. Well, all creatures do, it’s just that a dragon’s upper limit is higher than your own. True, you could block Fa Zhou’s strikes, and not move an inch. However, if you did that, you’d be absorbing 100% of his blow. It wouldn’t kill you, but it word hurt like a motherfucker. Like a car’s crumple zone, you’ve found flying back and embedding yourself into dirt diminishes the force of impact far below your defensive ability. Standing still, you could take maybe twenty minutes of punishment before you collapse, but being tossed around didn’t hurt a bit.

“Even for love…” Fa Zhou broke off the bickering siblings. “Do you think you can keep up with this forever?”

“Well, I have been draining your stamina, so the question is, can you keep up with it?”

The old man gave a laugh. “I thought I was running out of steam quickly. Was afraid I was just getting old. Tell me young one, why would you tolerate such abuse, just for this young dragon?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Since I came to this world, she’s was the second to join me. I love her.”

“You bastard.” Mushu growls.

“L-l-l-love! M-m-m-master…” Mulan is fidgeting and looking extremely shy.

“Why are you being shy now?” You ask. “We just confessed are love earlier.

“I-in front of father, it’s so embarrassing, but I must say it too! I love master too.”

The old man scratches his chin with an interested look. “What do you mean by ‘came to this world’?”

“Huh? Ah, well, I was summoned here from another world.”

For the second time, a surprised look covers the man’s face. Numerous other dragons also start whispering excitedly. Fa Zhou shoots a look at Mulan, who nods in confirmation.

“And I suppose, you’ll bump heads with the demon lords?”

“Well, more like bump uglies, but yeah, in a way you could say I’ve succumbed two of them.”

“A true hero…” there is a whisper among the dragons.

“It can’t be.”

“Father! You shouldn’t listen to this, he’s clearly lying!” Mushu declares.

“He’s not! I’ve seen the defeated demon lords. He made them bow on their knees before him!”

So, they could give you head…

“And, he’s punish them brutally if they step out of line!”

You do like to spank them.

“And, they’re forced to act like dogs in front of him!”

Doggy position is Grimhilde’s favorite position.

The muttering grew louder with each declaration until everyone is talking excitedly.

“What does that have to do with anything?” You ask, slightly irritated at your confusion.

It is Fa Zhou who speaks up. “Few know this, but our particular dragon colony are the direct descendants of the great magic dragon Puff.”

“Puff the magic dragon?” You reply dryly.

“The one and only! He gave up his freedom and became a servant to the hero from another world 1000 years ago. The hero rode him to battle and stopped the summoning of the evil god. I only saw him once as a small child, but that moment I’ve cherished my entire life. Our entire line is devoted to stopping the resurrection of the evil god and serving the hero. If you’re the hero… then that would mean…”

“Th-that’s right!” Mulan interrupts like she just thought of something. “That’s why I became master’s dragon! He will ride me into battle against the forces of darkness. T-that’s why I had to run away, to find the great hero!”

She ran away and became your servant so that she wouldn’t get violated by her incestuous sibling! Now she is trying to spin it like she had planned this from the beginning. You consider what punishment games she’ll face later.

“I won’t believe it!” A shout cut through the excited discussion.

The voice was, of course, Mushu’s.

“Mushu!” Fa Zhou tries to cut him down with a glare, but he ignores his father.

“I won’t believe you’re the supercool hero! You won’t take my sister from me! It’s no fair she gets to travel with the hero and I don’t! No, rather, I don’t believe you’re the hero! Father is just getting old! We’re ten times stronger in our dragon form and father didn’t even try!”

“Enough Mushu, you embarrassment of a child, it’s considered rude to fight outside of the form your opponent takes, especially when you’re the challenger!”

“I don’t care!” Mushu cries out. “I’ll prove once and for all that this guy can’t be that cool!”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore!” You shout.

Mushu explodes into a dragon form amongst all the human shapes, and with a single jump he launches himself at you.

“You can kill that bitch all you want!” Mulan points at Mushu.

“Don’t mind if I do!” You jump at the dragon, planning to meet him in the middle.

“No, you can’t! Mushu is still my child!” Fa Zhou leaps in the way, clearly not aware that death is a relative term for you.”

You stop just short of hitting Fa Zhou, but the sheer strength of the blow carries through the wind. His scales shatter and Fa Zhou goes flying back, hitting Mushu and taking him with as they both slam into the mountainside.

“No! Father!” Mulan screams as the shattered man collapses to the ground.

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