The Power of Creation – Chapter 136

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“Good morning, Beast, I’ll be your date for the day. I expect even a beast with a mansion like you can afford to buy a woman like me plenty of nice things.”

You groan, opening your eyes and looking up to see Belle standing there. She is wearing a summer dress that is a very un-summerlike black. She also has on sunglasses. Her long black hair is tied into a pony tail in the back.

“Isn’t it still Pocahontas’ date today? In fact… I seem to remember going to sleep with my dick inside her…”

Belle snorts. “Pocahontas seemed quite content to finish her date last night, even in the state you left her in last night. I made sure to take care of her.”

“Take care of her? Is that a black eye you’re sporting?”

“I do not know what beast is talking about.” Belle covers her eye and readjusts her glasses. “Now get up. I have many expensive boutiques I’d like to visit. Don’t be lazy like you always are and think your penis will just solve every problem.”

You give her a condescending grin. “I thought you liked my penis.”

“Hmph!” Belle turns away just as a blush pops up on her face. “Just because I found satisfaction with your penis doesn’t mean anything. It was merely a lucky chance.”

“Is that so?” You put on a fake disappointed look. “And here I was planning something special for our date. I was really looking forward to it.”

“Re-really?” Belle turns back with a surprised look. “I-I was under the impression you didn’t like me very much.”

“What are you saying? Your part of my harem. You’re mine.”

Her face turns completely red as she looks down. “S-spoken like a true beast.”

She barely gets the words out, the power no longer in it.

“Well, anyway, I guess it’s about time. You ready to go?”

You step out of the bed and use magic to assemble your wardrobe with ease.

“We’re going now?”

“Yup? You coming?” You already walk out the door to your room.

“Ye-yeah!” Belle immediately follows after you.

You leave the mansion with Belle, heading down to the merchant street which is lined with stores and vendors.

“I-I was thinking of some place a little higher class than this.” Belle responds snobbishly.

“Shh… we’re not there yet.”

You end up passing the market until you end up at the river dock. Of course, Riun didn’t have a river until you made one a few days ago. You guess people were complaining about water shortages so you just made a new river leading through the city. Trade is quickly exploding in Riun as a result. The previously mentioned market will be a commerce hub within a few years, or so you are told.

“The docks… wh-what kind of girl do you take me for? Taking me to some kind of brothel?”

She doesn’t have to breath harder and look so excited as she says that. You roll your eyes as the perverted Belle imagines enjoying some ladies of the night. If that was the direction you were going, you wouldn’t hire anyone. You could just summon a ton of hotties without effort. Heck, with the amount of money you have, you could afford to pay normal women for sex. How much money would the butcher’s wife take before she’ll cheat? Well, given your experience with the city thus far, the butcher might offer you his wife for free. The town seems to love you unconditionally.

Well, you saved their lives and gave them conveniences of the modern era. Plus there was that think about making all the women hot and reversing the age of women. In fact, was that a ten-year-old with double D boobs? You might need to go back and tinker with the magic a bit before Moana returns. The pair of you continue on into a dark alley.

“B-beast… this is a little… to lure me into a dark alley and have your way with me…”

“What kind of guy do you take me for?” You shoot the words back at her.

“True…” Belle nods. “You’d just have me in the middle of Townsquare while even the children watch.”

“That’s an even worse assessment!”

“Well, what do you expect? You should win women over properly by wooing them and gradually falling in love.”

“Isn’t that a romance novel!”

“Or better yet, focus on me as I woo the women over and have them all fall in love with me.”

“Now it’s yuri!”

“Well, it’s certainly better than having your way with woman after woman in hardcore illicit sex! Who’d want to read something like that?”

You scratch your cheek. “I can think of four or five guys that would read that.”

“Hmph. Well, some of us more sophisticated girls are repulsed by shameless smut.”

“Is that so? That’s a shame. We’re here.”

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what is this!” Belle’s mouth drops open as she stares wide-eyed at the hidden shop in the back alley of the docks.

Like the other buildings in Riun, it had been updated when you remade it and had full power and electric. Lights were flashing in the front of the place. It had colors of red, pink, and white.

“Ah, this? It’s a building I brought over from my world. I thought you might appreciate it. They call it… the adult book store.”

“A-a book store?” Belle says in surprise as she looks at a erotic poster of a naked woman in one of the windows.

“Well, they don’t usually sell books.”

“What do they sell?”

“Hope’s and dreams for girls like Belle.” You say. “Otherwise known as smut. Do you want to enter?”

Belle looks at you excitedly and shamelessly nods. “Mm!”

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