The Power of Creation – Chapter 137

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“What’s this? What’s this?

There’s porno everywhere.

What’s this?

There’s white stuff in her hair.

What’s this?


I can’t believe my eyes

I must be dreaming

Wake up, Belle, this isn’t fair.

What’s this?


What’s this? What’s this?

It’s a massive phallic dong.

What’s this?

A girl shooting ping pongs.

What’s this?

The rows are lined with women fucking.

Everybody seems so happy, have I possibly gone daffy?

What is this?


What’s this?

There’s a hot girl licking pussy instead of giving head.

Their busy with their toys taking it every which way in bed.

There’s cum on every widow, oh, I can’t believe my eyes.

And in my cunt I feel the warmth that I’m sliding on inside….


Oh, Look.

What’s this?

They’re hanging from a wall, they fuck. Why that looks so unique.



They’re gathering around to bukkake dropping white nut in her face.

What’s this?


What’s this?

In here, they’ve got a giant cock. How queer…

And how’d it ever fit… And why?


They’re riding it, what tiny little things

It’s got electric lights and pully strings, and there’s a smile when they’re done

So, now correct me if I’m wrong!

This looks like fun.

This looks like fun.

Oh, could it be I got my wish?

What’s this?


Oh my, what now?

Can’t he tell that she’s asleep, but look, there’s nothing underneath.

Not clothes, nor panties to get in his way and stop him, or ensnare him, only skimpy sheets for ease to plow her dreamland…


What’s this?

Taboo is not rejected!

And any porno can be found.

And in this place there seems to be ero feelings all around.

Instead of disgust, I swear I can hear moaning in the air

The smell of lubricant and pussy are absolutely everywhere.


The sights, the sounds… they’re everywhere and all around.

I’ve never felt so good before…

This empty cunt inside me is filling up I simply cannot get enough.

I want it, oh, I want it, oh, I want it all for my own.

I’ve got to know, I’ve got to know.

What is this place that I have found.

What… is… this?”


You sigh scratching your head. Well, that just happened…

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The reference?