The Power of Creation – Chapter 140

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The desiccated creature has white sightless eyes and a wrinkled face. It reaches up, grabbing at nothing in particular while its mouth moves in sucking motions. Like a baby, it isn’t capable of moving much more than this on its own. A single, lonely monster desperately reaching out for something to comfort it.

“It’s okay, mommy has you.” A woman says, leaning over and picking up the light, thin body of the monster and bringing it up to her.

Her boob pops out of the top of her dress, and she unashamedly brings the pursed lips of the creature to her breast. As soon as its lips touch her nipples its eyes widen and it latches on with a vicious vigor, biting and sucking at her breast in an extremely violent and aggressive manor.

“Ow, Ow, careful… Oh my, be careful with mommy.” The woman says.

The words seem to work, and the monster soon slows down, the sucking occurring more gradual and controlled. The woman puts a pleased look on her face as she looks down at the creature happily sucking away at her teat.

Tremaine watches this exchange and shivers before looking away. “That’s disgusting, sister. I can’t believe you insist on raising Alicante. They’re truly horrendous creatures.”

Medusa looks up from her monster to Tremaine and winks. “They are fantastically loyal creatures. They’ll do anything for mommy.”

Medusa has reptilian eyes not dissimilar to Mushu or Mulan, but they were red instead of golden. She has a long snake-like tail that ends with a rattle that make her entire figure exude danger, despite her extremely alluring beauty. Unfortunately, it is a beauty she was very aware of. She put on lots of makeup and wore extremely skimpy outfits as if to exude that beauty to its fullest.

In contrast, the prideful Tremaine wore a high neck petticoat and had her hair tied into a bun extremely tightly. She sat so upright that anyone would wonder what was shoved up her butt. However, she, like all of the sisters, was incredibly beautiful, and had that kind of feature that begged men to want to loosen her up and see her cut loose.

“Does anyone know why Cruella summoned us all here?” Ursula asks in between mouthfuls of candy she pulls from a bowl in front of her. “What do you think, Gothel?”

“Huh? Wha-?” There was a snort and Gothel raises her head.

Gothel is a droopy eyed girl whose hair is always in a mess. Unlike her sisters, her tail normally couldn’t be seen. It is short and stubby. Barely there. Before even contemplating what Ursula said, she shrugs, lying her head back down before a light snoring returns.

“Ah, be careful with the teeth! Keep sucking… just keep on sucking.” Medusa makes a yelp before glancing up at Ursula. “I hear she wants to discuss the disappearances of our two sisters.”

Silence spread across the four women. It is an uncomfortable subject to breach. In only two months, both Grimhilde and Maleficant’s movements fell off the map. Every sister had spies in every other sister’s camp. No sister could even piss without one of the others hearing about it. Yet, those two suddenly went silent. There was word that Maleficant experienced a coup while Grimhilde suddenly left everything in charge of her father. However, confirming fact from rumor was near impossible. The sucking noises became the only thing filling the silence.

“I-is that good?” Ursula aks after a few minutes of silence staring at Medusa’s boob and licking her lips.

“Mm… do you want to taste? My other boob is still available.” Medusa says lightly.

Ursula’s mouth opens as she stares at the second bare boob Medusa flashes her, and then savagely shakes her head ‘no’ before returning to her own plate of candies.

Meanwhile, Medusa gives a soft chuckle.

“Riveting…” Tremaine says with an annoyed look. “I wish Grimhilde was here. At least she’d provide intellectually stimulating conversation.”

“Do you guys know what happened to our sisters? My sources say a man. You know how greedy Grimhilde is. And once Maleficant saw her happy, she’d want it too. I think that’s what happened. Many reports say they are together. They must be fighting over some guy.” Medusa speaks with her mouth full, her cheeks bursting out like a chipmunks.

Tremaine thought of the possibility, but considers it fairly unlikely.

“That is… possible.” A voice suddenly cuts in, a beautiful and fiery woman with a long demon tail ending in a sharp point like a fencing sword. “You’ve all received the letters, right?”

The three awake women turn their heads away while the sleeping Gothel merely snorts in her apparent sleep.

“Cruella, you better not be wasting our time.” Ursula grumbles.

Cruella’s eyes flash as looks down on Ursula. “And what if I was? I’m the first sister. Shouldn’t a sixth sister like you be giving me a little more respect! My country is the most powerful in the world. I could crush you-“

“Enough with the idle threats, Cruella,” Tremaine interrupted. “If you attacked her, we’d retaliate. If Grimhilde attacked Ursula I might look the other way, dogs wrestling over scraps, but you I won’t allow more power.”

As the 2nd daughter, Tremaine’s power is only slightly less than Cruella’s. A war between them would be long and bloody. And if Cruella started it by invading first, it is likely that the others would join her and Cruella would end up with nothing. That is the reality that keeps the seven sisters in check. That, and although Cruella is vengeful, the three greediest sisters were given the weakest territories, thus preventing them from fulfilling their internal desires.

“What of it!” Ursula tries to push past the tight atmosphere between her two stronger sisters and speaks on. “Seventh sister and fifth sister sent us letters. Fifth sister actually wanted me to help her fight a general who went rogue and took her territory. Seventh sister… well, she made even less sense.”

“My, oh my spies had confirmed it. Itsu is now in ruin.” Medusa speaks up, her voice as gentle and soothing as it was with the monster at her tit. “I might have sent forces to protect my dearest sister, but then I was sent Cruellas… threat.”

Her voice shows only a hint of displeasure at the word threat. It is the same tone a mother might use when they are displeased over an action their child took.

Ursula nearly knocked over her plate rising. “Haha, I told her that she did it to herself and she should just live with it! Wait, what threat?”

Cruella sniffs. “I knew you’d answer in such a selfish way. Only Medusa and maybe Grimhilde would answer likely answer the call, although for very different reasons. However, Grimhilde lacks the resources, so only Medusa needed some… coercion.”

Absent in that explanation is any reason as to why Cruella didn’t want her sisters to protect Maleficant. Maleficant is a childish brat at the core, and her losing her power would only benefit the other sisters. If Medusa moved, she’d gain a lot of power and might even become number 1. As is, the sisters would like divvy up her territory among the remaining six. Perhaps that was Cruella’s goal. Anything else would lead to war with one or more sisters.

“I’m afraid my… intelligence in this matter is behind both of yours. The spies you use are beneath me. The letter I received from Maleficant is mostly just a series of whining, begging, and threatening. I believe the words ‘you have so much and I have so little’ were used. I tore up the letter and threw it out.” Tremaine explains.

“Well, I figured you’d respond that way too.” Cruella shrugs. “You’re all so predictable.”

Tremaine sniffs. “I’d rather be predictable than psychotic.”

There was a sudden snort and the droopy eyed Gothel raises her head like she just came out of sleep. “Grimhilde is in Riun right now.”

“Riun? A demi-human border town? What could she be doing there?” Ursula demands.

Cruella wears a displeased look at her reveal being exposed.

Tremaine shakes her head. “I have word that Riun was destroyed. The same general that turned her back on Maleficant apparently blew it up.”

“Perhaps, but a city still stands there.” Cruella let the matter pass and continued on with a knowing smile.


Cruella shrugs. “I don’t know. And getting a spy into the city has been near impossible. The information coming from Riun has been odd. Words about items that create light and sound without magic, an entire dragon colony taking up residence nearby, and some new generous human lord setting up a rogue state. I sent my spies to find our sisters, but when my spies asked if there were any impossibly beautiful women in Riun, all they get is laughter. After explaining that they are dangerous, powerful, scary, and sinful, they could barely bring the list down to twenty or so women. However, my spies were finally able to confirm that both Grimhilde and Maleficant are alive and together. Unless you believe some random Bordertown is full of superpowered, eccentric, beautiful women, they must be laying low.”

“In Riun? Not Nana? Why?” Ursula asks, now riveted by Cruella’s story.

“I don’t know… but they seem to be putting together an army.”

“Any army?” Tremaine’s eyebrow raises at that news.

“You might be familiar with it, Medusa… the general’s name is Snow White.”

“My, oh my… it seems like I was caught.” Medusa responds with shrug and smile, as if this truth was inconsequential. “I knew the goblins I seduced into attacking the human realm went missing unexpectedly, but to think they’d change sides. What could that sister of mine have that I don’t to get them to surrender so easily? That brow-beater Snow White had them so whipped that I can’t even contemplate it.”

“How dare you-“ Ursula starts but is interrupted by a noise at Medusa’s chest.

There is a sudden burp and Medusa looks down at her breast, pulling back the mouth of the creature that had been sucking it the entire time.

“Oh, my, is my baby done? Then stand up,” The creature’s features had recovered and now it had a much stronger looking body with smooth skin, it’s eyes glowing with yellow pupils as it followed its orders perfectly. “Now, serve me, little one. Die for me.”

This was all said in a motherly voice as Medusa presses a thumb on the monster’s forehead. There is a sizzling sound and a thumb mark is left in the middle of its skull. The monster merely bows after the procedure and then leaves, following some order Medusa must have imprinted into it.

“You’ve given our two most ambitious sisters an army, and you have nothing to say for it?” Cruella demands angrily after the interruption disappears.

“They are likely bound for Itsu.” Medusa replies, “I think I’ll head over there and see for myself what’s got our sisters so excited.”

“Hmph… I don’t exactly trust you by yourself. Gothel, you go with her.” Cruella demands.

“What? That sounds like so much work. I’m just going to go home…”


“I’ll go!” Ursula volunteers. “I’m interested in what they are up to as well.”

Cruella eyes her uncomfortably for a few moments before finally giving a nod of assent.

“You still haven’t addressed the letter Grimhilde sent us.” Tremaine interrupts.

This causes silence to shoot through the sisters again. They had all received two letters. One was from Maleficant, begging snobbishly for help. The other was from Grimhilde. It only had two lines.

He comes. Surrender now or pay the price.

“It sounds like a threat to me. It’s clear Grimhilde wants a war with all of us.” Cruella sniffs.

“That would be suicide.” Tremaine snorts. “Besides, she refers to a he. I’ve heard word of a hero being summoned recently. Some say he’s been sighted around Maleficant’s territory, and others state they saw him attack Grimhilde. Do you think she’d switch sides?”

“Of course not.” Ursula snorts. “Her desires wouldn’t allow it.”

“Then… that means… he…” Cruella couldn’t even finish the words.

There was only two people you’d describe with a pronoun. The hero… and…

“The demon king comes.” Tremaine finishes the thought.

If they interpreted things correctly and Grimhilde is right, that meant the end is near.

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