The Power of Creation – Chapter 141

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“Nala, you’re up!”

“Eh, huh? Eh? You’re talking to me?” Nala asks breathily while looking around in confusion.

It wasn’t that surprising that she is confused. While she has slept in your mansion and ate your food for the last few weeks since Florian disappeared, she hasn’t really done anything with you. Furthermore, you haven’t shown much interest in her. Nala has looked on at your actions with the other girls, perhaps with a slight bit of envy, but neither of you have connected on any particular level.

“Well, you’re up on my list.”

“Really? So soon? I thought there were other girls… what about Grimhilde, Snow White, Ariel…”

“Well, as it turns out, their requests are a bit unique. It’s going to be a few days to mobilize the army. Snow White says she needs to get the goblins in gear and retrain them in discipline. That’s why they’ve left Riun for a bit and started drills outside of town.”

“Oh… so, I guess… I’m next.” Nala looks slightly down as she says this. “I did… promise after all, that if you save my Florian… I would… g-g-ive myself to you. J-just be gentle….”

Her face is covered in red as she speaks these words. She closes her eyes and holds out her hands, as if she expects you to tackle her to the floor and take her right there.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’ve been giving all the other girls what they want for their dates. It’s just a date, and in the end you’ll get exactly what you want.”

“Really!” Nala’s eyes snap open in surprise, but suddenly she puts on a look that is even more disappointed.

“Seriously, girl, just admit what you want…” you mutter half to yourself.

“I-I’m sorry!” Nala bows and apologizes. “I just want Florian. Oh, Pun, I said it!”

“Yeah? You know that guy has like no interest in girls, right? I mean, I don’t think he’s into guys, but he’s so self-righteous he ain’t going to ever touch you.”

Nala’s face immediately grows hot again, but this time she forces herself to look up. “I know! I know Florian would never touch me! But… but even so… I just want him to be with me. I can… take care of those desires on my own… even if…”

“You want him to watch?”

“Haaah! You…” Nala didn’t say ‘no’ though, finally breaking eye contact, “You make me so embarrassed, I just want to die. Look, don’t worry about me. If we have to do the date, we’ll just do what you want to do. Okay?”

“Well, I did have some ideas for our date, so I guess we can go ahead with that. Are you sure? I mean… Florian…”

“No more talking about Florian! Yes. Yes. We’ll do what you want, just stop talking about him!”

“Fair enough.” You give a shrug, “I actually wanted to show you a certain room in the mansion.”

“Huh? Show me a room?”

“Yeah, I threw it together when I did some of the remodeling. However, I never found a purpose for it. I thought you might like to see it on our date.”

“Ah… okay, I guess…” Nala responds innocently.

“That’s great…” You show her some teeth and hold out your hand.

She hesitantly puts out her hand and you grab it, pulling her along the mansion. Most of the other girls are off keeping busy. Of course, now that they are all collared, you know exactly where they are as well as their level of sexual excitement. These are important pieces of information and not at all the start of a stalker!

“Well, here’s the room, let me unlock it.”

With a click, you swing open the door. Nala steps into the room without even questioning things.

“So, what do you think?” You ask.

“I-I don’t know what this is? It looks a little dangerous, but also surprisingly comfortable. There’s a lot of weird items everywhere. The red walls are kind of strange.”

“Yes… this is a red room, so they are called by skanky fanfiction authors.”

“A… red room?”

“Here, come stand by this bar, I’ll show you. Do you see these cuffs?”

Nala walks over raising a hand and touching the thing you were holding. “Oh, their fluffy and soft.”

“That’s right, you put it around your wrist like so.” You pull out one of her wrists and click the cuff around it. “And then, here’s the other. And that way they lock your arms against the bar suspended on the ceiling like so.”

“So, is this like some kind of dungeon or something?”

“Some call it that. It’s the so-called sex dungeon.” you affirm.

“Oh, that’s interest- wait! Se-se-se-sex?”

“One second, it looks like my assistant has arrived.”

A woman opens the door and steps in, closing it behind her and clicking the lock as she enters. She’s wearing a leather corset not unlike the one Belle had on during your previous date. You had picked it up at the sex toy shop just for her. It was also accentuated with sexy black garter hose and black high heels.

“A-a-ariel! What are you wearing!” Nala exclaims.

You start explaining. “Well, after Snow White and Grimhilde combined their dates, I realized that their wants might not be the only ones that aligned. As it turns out, Ariel also wanted to enjoy some more… stimulating sex. I believe her want was to assist me in showing another girl the same sexual heights she’s enjoyed.”

“Wh-wh-what are you talking about?”

“I want to open you up for hero!” Ariel says excitedly.

“B-b-but I love Florian!”

“Oh, poo for Florian!” Ariel makes a look like she might spit out his name. “Hero is the best! I’ll show you why! Don’t you want to reach a new sexual nirvana?”

“What! No! I’m not that kind of girl! Stop doing this!” Nala tries to move, only now realizing as the bar wriggles on the chain attached to the ceiling that she is completely trapped on the rack. “You… I thought you said we could do what I wanted today! This is…”

“Huh? You told me I could do what I wanted?” You explain. “Beside, I am giving you what you want…. What you really want…”

“Why is a shadow covering your face when you say that? No! Rather, Wh-wh-wh-why are you saying that!”

“Well, the safety word is “Guffenhibenshmickinstiflemoster”. Feel free to use it when you want to stop.”

“Wait? What? What word is that? Did you just make something up?”

Ariel snaps a whip, causing Nala’s attention to shoot to her. “Alright Nala, let’s begin.”

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