The Power of Creation – Chapter 142

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“Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore!” Nala cries out, her face red as she gasps for breath.

“Never!” Ariel goes harder, her hands flicking faster and faster with the tool in her hand.

“No! No! I’m going to break!” Nala shouts.

“You can take it!”

“Please, it’s going to come out.”

“Then let it come.”

“Th-that’s too embarrassing!”

You stare down at the two girls and shake your head. “You know, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“Hmm?” Ariel pulls the feather duster away from Nala’s bare foot. “Is this no good?”

“Hah, hah, hah… It’s too ticklish. Stop Ariel.” Nala works to regain her breath.

“No! It’s not good at all! I have many fetishes and Nala being tickled is not one of them!”

“Well, what does hero think we should do then?” Ariel isn’t irritated, she’s far too pure for that. Rather, she genuinely wants to know what you have in mind.

“You can start by taking off her clothing!”

“Okay!” Ariel nearly jumps to attention as she tosses the tickler aside.

You sigh as Ariel skips over to Nala, still hanging from the ceiling with her arms cuffed to either side and still wearing the dress she had entered your so-called red room with. It really is a shame that she isn’t out of her clothing yet. Fortunately, Ariel may lack common sense, but she’s a quick learner when it comes to sex.

She moves behind Nala and starts unzipping the back of her dress.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Nala is startled by the sudden change in demeaner from the previous playful tickling, “Ah, my dress, don’t take it off.”

Of course, Ariel isn’t the kind of girl to stop early, so she slowly unzips the back of Nala’s dress and the front falls forward baring two beautiful breasts with perky hard nipples. Ariel’s eyes brighten as she looks over Nala’s shoulder and down at her chest.

“Oh, those are nice. The nipples are so hard, is Nala really horny after all?”

“Th-that’s not true! Don’t say things like that Ariel!”

“Mm… Nala is so warm and soft.” Ariel purrs, nuzzling Nala’s neck and causing the other girl to become even more flustered.

A-airal!” the barely coherent words reach Nala’s lips as Ariel reaches around and grabs her breasts.

Using a skill honed on her own mother, Ariel begins to play enthusiastically with Nala’s nipples. Nala is still squirming and making words of protest, but there is a hint of excitement in her eyes that shows that the protests are only for show. Meanwhile, Ariel sucks lightly on her neck, her kisses making wet lewd noises that sre complimented by Nala’s protests and moans.

The sight is totally making you excited, so you pull your dick out from the top of your pants and start playing with it lightly as you watch Ariel toy with Nala. As Nala pants, her protests finally starting to fade as she leans back against Ariel in submission, her eyes open slightly, and then she notices you in front of her with your dick hanging out.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Nala shouts.

“Huh? This is hot, I’m enjoying myself.” You say as if it is a given.

“R-really?” Nala suprisingly doesn’t seem as bothered by it as she might have, instead of further protests, she continues to watch you stroke your erect cock while her breath quickens excitedly under Ariel’s machinations.

It’s at this point you notice her legs are twisting back and forth as she unconsciously rubs her thighs together. You smile maliciously.

“Ariel, it’s about time the rest of the dress comes off.”

“Okay!” Ariel pulls away from Nala’s neck with a smack, leaving a very blatant hickey there before reaching down and pulling on the dress to bring it over her hips and down to her ankles.

“Ah, my clothes. Don’t. I’ll be completely naked. You can’t see it…”

“See it? What does… oh, is that what Nala doesn’t want us to see?” Your grin grows a little wider.

After Ariel finishes removing the dress, she immediately perks up and stand on her tippy toes, looking over Nala’s shoulder and down eagerly. “What is it, what should we see?”

“Isn’t Nala really wet after all?” You state teasingly.

In fact, erect nipples aren’t the only arousal Nala is feeling. She is exceptionally wet too. As in, her pussy lips are pink and pulsing, wet and dripping with arousal that even runs down her legs in droplets. Considered the level of play you are at so far, this could be considered exceptional. Most girls don’t get this wet until at least an orgasm or two.

“I’m not, I’m not… stop looking.”

“Nala is really lewd after all.” Ariel states as if it is a matter of fact.

“Ah, don’t look, please, I want to die.”

“I could also smell it after you took off her dress.”

“Ah! I don’t smell! Oh gods, don’t say it.” Nala’s face is completely red.

Ariel nods in agreement. “Nala smells of excitement.”

“Please don’t…” tears start to fall down Nala’s eyes.

“But, isn’t that lewdness completely okay?” You add.

“Huh?” Nala looks up in surprise.

Ariel continues to play your counterpart. “Of course! I like this Nala who is lewd and horny. See, look, I’m really excited too!”

Ariel shows the panties of her underwear, where a wet spot has soaked through. She is nowhere near the level of arousal that Nala has reached. Nala’s panties are soggy all the way through… but the difference isn’t something that Nala considers.

“I-is that true?” Nala asks tearfully.

“Absolutely!” You give her a thumbs up. “I think a Nala like this is really sexy.”

Nala blushes and the tears stop as she turns away shyly. You share a look with Ariel and she immediately brings the bar down, suddenly forcing Nala to bend over.

“Wait… what’s going on now?”

“Hmmm? Well, since Nala wants sex so bad, it’d be downright criminal not to give it to her.” You explain.

“S-sex! I don’t want it! That’s…”

“But look at it, aren’t you leaking all over?”

“That may be…”

“So isn’t your body telling you how much you want to have it.”


“Nala… I’m just giving your body what it wants. It’s unhealthy to repress these things… otherwise you end up fucking vegetables.”

Nala winces at that last line, but finally gives a sigh as the defense falls out of her. “V-very well, I-I will listen to my body.”

Nala looks up, only to come face to face with your giant dick in her face. “Alright then! Let’s do your body good.”

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