The Power of Creation – Chapter 144

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“F-florian!” Nala cries out again. “D-don’t look!”

“What is this? What are you doing?” Florian gives a horrified look.

Before Nala can respond, you quicken up the pace, thrusting into her harder and harder, using a little magic to ramp up her sexual excitement.

“Oh, oh, aaaaaa….!” Nala can’t get the words out as she cums again, her body twisting against her restraints as she orgasms.

Florian’s eyes narrow as he looks up at you. “You… is this your doing? What are you doing to my Nala, you fool!”

“My Nala…” The words come out distantly from Nala’s lips.

You shrug while continuing to pound Nala from behind. “Don’t look at me! I’m just giving Nala want she wants. She’s been wanting to get it since the beginning.”

Florian’s eyes shoot back down to Nala. “Is this true?”


You slap Nala’s ass hard and she let’s out a moan, rather than showing pain or disgust, her face gleams in a smile that she quickly tries to cover up.

“I mean… wha-a… it feels so…” Nala’s eyes roll up in her head as she breaths, desperately trying to regain her composure even as you and Arial continue to relentlessly harass her pussy.

“Nala… you’re confusing me.” Florian says, “Should I be saving you from this or not?”

“That’s… uh… ah… ah… ah…. Right there, don’t stop, right there…” Nala’s teeth tighten as she fights a moan.

“Right where, what?”

“I wanted it to be yooooooouuuu—-aaaaaah!” You spank Nala’s bottom again, creating a stool to put up one leg on and continuing your savage thrusting into her wet snatch.

“Nala, speak clearer.” Florian demands angrily.

“Iii… I want…. I want… I want…” Nala’s voice is rising as she tries to speak while another orgasm shoots through her body.

“What is it? What do you want?”

“I waaaaaaannnnnt….. DICK! I want dick! Fuck me! Oh gods, fuck me harder, right there, give me your dick! Don’t stop! Keep going! Keep going… I’m going to… I’m going to… I’m cumming!”

“Nala…” Florian’s eyes drop away as a sad look falls on his face.

“I fucking love dick! Ah, ah, ah… I’m sorry Florian. You’d never give me this! This is what I want! I’m so sorry.”

“So, you see, Florian, I’m just giving her what she wants, right Nala?” You intervene.

“Yes!” Nala cries. “Yes… keep it up, keep it up… one more time, it feels so good. I’m sorry Florian… this is just too good.”

“So… you love this man?” Florian responds in disbelief.

“N-no… it’s not like that… he’s just my companion… my intimate companion.”

“Does that mean, we’re not companions anymore?”


“Choose now! Is it him… or me?” Florian demands.

The fucking was reaching it’s final crescendo. Your balls are slapping into her hard enough that their conversation can barely be heard over the sound of your fucking. Arial does her part as well, sloppily eating her cunt and your balls, catching all the fluids leaking down Nala’s legs.

“I’m sorry Florian! Aaaaaaah…. I need it. I’m sorry… I can’t stand it. Please, keep fucking me!” Nala screams.

“I’m going to cum!” You declare.

“Fill me up! I want it! I want all of your dick!”

You explode inside of her on command, filling her womb with your cum. As shots of white seed continue to fill her up, it bursts out the edges and leaks down her legs, giving Florian a view of white juices dripping out of Nala. Fortunately, Arial is there to quickly catch and lick it all up.

Florian watches with lowered eyes as Nala gasps for breath, the last of her orgasms racking her body as you finally pull away, squirting a few last streams of white across her ass. Arial stands up and steps away too, leaving the naked, sweaty, soaking-wet, dirty Nala strapped to the ceiling on her own. She no longer has any strength in her legs, so she mostly just swings there, her feet not touching the ground. Then Florian turns away and in a single step his body turns to smoke, vanishing from sight.

“Wh-what just happened?” A dazed Nala asks.

“Ah, well, I do plan to honor our agreement and save him, but it’s a bit much to just do it out of the blue. That was just an illusion.”

“Wh-wh-why would you do that?” Nala cries out.

“Well, first off, you wanted it. You said you wanted to take care of your desires while Florian watches.”

“That’s… I guess that’s what I said… but….”

“Second, I wanted you to admit what you really want. You said it, we’re companions now. Companions don’t just do things for each other, we help each other grow together. It was all in the name of our friendship. You needed to admit that you wanted it, and that Florian is never going to give it to you…”

“I… guess you’re right.”

“Damn right!” You say, moving up to Nala’s front.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Nala demands as you reach around and pull up her legs.

“I’m fucking you from the front this time. We still got a long date ahead of us.”

“More?” Nala says in wonder.

“Of course, I won’t stop until Nala has all the dick she can stand.”

“Re-really… now…”

“Any objections?” You pick her up, sliding your dick in her as you hold up her body, you lips touching hers for the first time.

She doesn’t reject your kiss, letting you explore her mouth as you penetrate her pussy. When you pull away, she puts her head down on your shoulder with a sigh.

“Sure… that’s what companions are for… I guess…”

Her voice sounds somewhat dizzy and she looks a bit out of it as she says that. Have you just broken another girl? Well, time will tell on that one. For the moment, you have some more fucking to enjoy. Arial is coming from behind with a riding crop. This time she gets the back, and she’s not nearly as gentle as you are. Nala is in for a rough night.

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