The Power of Creation – Chapter 15

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It isn’t long flying before Ariel recognizes where you are. It is a forest on the border of her nation, so once you orientate yourself it is a straight shoot to the castle. The flight only takes thirty minutes before you land right in the courtyard of the city.

A dragon flying into the capital city might cause an uproar. Even the wyvern riders that this world possesses would not prepare the capital to see a magnificent red dragon flying right at the castle. However, that was resolved with a magic spell. You didn’t know what the magic spell did. You simply compose a spell that would make it so the red dragon isn’t detected. It might be an invisibility spell, or some kind of mind block that alters people’s perception.

You don’t know. All you do know was that you are in the castle. Mulan shrinks into her human form, and you give her a kiss on the lips as thank you. She looks upset that you kiss her, but the blush betrays her tsun personality. However, after kissing Mulan, Ariel demands a kiss too, so you have to give her a thorough one before the three of you can finally head into the castle.

Since guards don’t usually look for intruders from inside the castle, you meet no resistance until you reach the throne room. Before breaking in and causing hell, you decide to listen at the door.

“We haven’t had any luck locating your daughter so far,” a female voice was saying, “But we will widen our-“

There was the sound of a slap and a cry, and then the priest spoke. “You useless twat! My King, let me use the dark magics. I can channel the power of Parthios, and immediately reveal your daughter’s location.”

“Finding my daughter is top priority, I must-“

You get bored of listening, so you push open the door and walk in. Ariel and Mulan follow closely behind, worried looks on their faces.

“You! The Heretic has invaded the castle!” The priest shouts.

“Never talk again!” You snap, waving a white light.

It strikes the priest before he can react. He glares at you and opens his mouth, but a moment later he realizes no sound came out. Confused, he starts trying to speak, but as the words are completely absent, he settles for glaring angrily.

“Ariel, my daughter!” The queen shouted, trying to race forward to her.

The King blocked her advances. “Hold back, woman! Keep your distance. Don’t you see he’s done something to her? Her body is different and she’s wearing some kind of twisted demon outfit.”

“I will stop him!” a woman races towards you with her sword drawn.

She looks to be an attractive wyvern knight, so you decide to just teleport her away with magic. A second later she disappears with a flash. You didn’t really think of a destination though, so you hope she’s safe.

“Hey, I think that outfit’s kind of hot.” You defend it, already forgetting the girl.

“You… you kidnapped my daughter, now you have penetrated my throne room. What is it you want?”

“Your throne room isn’t the only thing I penetrated.” You laugh.

Ariel blushes, but moves up to your arm and holds it in hers, putting her body against you.


While the King is stunned to silence, it is the priest that starts running towards you. As if by instinct, Ariel shoves you out of the way. A moment later, a dagger slips out of his robe and he stabs forward. The blade strikes into Ariel.

The King and Queen shout in horror as blood gushes from her stomach and mouth. She turns to you as blood drips down her chin. She mouths the words that sound like ‘I love you’, and then she collapses to the ground dead.

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