The Power of Creation – Chapter 151

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“Man the front lines! Don’t let them get any closer. Keep your distances! Use the archers!” Snow White bellows as she points out various flaws in the army defense.

“Snow Whites a little sexy when she’s acting like a general.” You say out loud.

A yellow tinge hits Snow White’s cheeks as she turns to you. “Warrior! I’ve already accepted my place as your woman in waiting, but please do not demean this general’s authority in front of her men again. It took many beatings to knock the insubordination out of my men last time you embarrassed me in front of them.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” You fight the urge to snicker. “In that case, report general!”

“Y-yes!” Snow White nearly solutes you before stopping herself. “Florian’s army sent a couple of peace officers into the camp only to have them use some kind of magic to explode. After that, they started sending wave after wave of men into the camp to explode. Their fighting is erratic. They strive to cause as much damage and kill count as possible.

“We’ve managed to keep them at bay for the most part. Casualties have been minimal. However, the demon camps were attacked in the same way. They aren’t fairing as well, and Florian has seemingly switched most of his focus on them. They clearly lack the training of a goblin horde.” Snow White gives the two new demon women a gloating look.

“That’s because we’re stuck here and our armies don’t have leadership!” Ursula growls.

“Neither of us are as battle centric as our eldest sister.” Medusa admits. “I doubt our presence would change much. Rather, our armies were never trained for something as insane as suicidal runs. Why would goblins train in this manner?”

Snow White snorts and raises her shoulders. “Of course, serving a man like the warrior, I had to prepare this army for every eventuality!”

“What kind of guy to you think I am!” You respond with a sigh.

However, you don’t have much room to talk since this form of Spartan training seems to do the trick.

“Is there any suicide squads still attacking us?” You ask, changing the subject.

“Yes, a squad is being shot down with arrows right now from our right. Strangely enough, even though they’re failing to reach us, they’re still tossing men away. It’s quite strange.”

You use a little magic and a second later a man appears in front of you. He’s a nondescript demon with horns and a tail, although he lacks the attractive looks that dominate the demon lord sisters’ appearances.

“Tssk! Back up! It’s one of them!” Snow White shouts.

“It’s fine!” You raise your hand. “I’ve rendered him inert. I just wanted to get a look at the enemy.”

“This man…” Maleficant growls, cracking her joints as her hand tightens.

“You know him?”

“He used to be in my army! I thought he was one of the loyal ones. To think he worked for Florian. I’m truly shocked that Florian’s coup ran so deep.”

“Hmm… I wouldn’t be so sure sister.” Grimhilde takes a few steps forward, looking into the eyes of the man.

You had the man frozen so he couldn’t really do anything but stand there. Other than prevent him from exploding, you didn’t do anything else like lock his expressions or anything. Rather than shouting or looking afraid, he just stood there staring blankly at nothing. His eyes lacked any light at all.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Maleficant demands.

“He’s braindead.” You explain, probing the situation with some exploratory magic. “A puppet like the ones your sisters use… well, except made of flesh. Florian had brainwiped him and used him as a pawn. It’s possible most of his army are braindead pawns.”

Snow White snorts. “Good, that is why their strategy is so primitive. Florian will easily be defeated by us. Yet, I get a sense things are not right. I can’t help but feel like this is a trap.”

“You’re perceptive for a goblin.” Medusa states causing Snow White to snort derisively before stepping up to the soldier and pushing against him close enough that her breasts smooch against his chest as she presses her hand against his forehead.

The guy is braindead and it isn’t like you had marked Medusa as yours yet, but you still have a complicated feeling as you watch her with her hands all over this man. While Medusa seems like an incredibly easy fuck, you’re starting to realize that as a harem member, she might be a bit more trouble in other ways. As a free and lustful woman, her love and loyalty to you is likely skin deep. Once you’ve had her, you’ll have to take some precautions. Perhaps the collar you gift her will need to be modified.

On that note, Snow White’s collar is white and made with ivory, taking on the form of a slightly spikey collar that matched her aggressive appearance. Grimhilde’s collar is made completely of obsidian, a black glass color that surrounded her neck in a single ring. Kida’s collar is more necklace-like, sporting a single Malachite gem. You are still steadily making collars, and Maleficant hasn’t received a collar yet. Now, you are going to need to make two more as well.

“Some kind of energy scythe. So, what is it they’re trying to do?” You mutter, trying to make sense of the analysis magic coming back from your scan.

Medusa looks over at you appraisingly, impressed that you deduced this much. “You don’t see what they are doing? These aren’t just suicides. They’re sacrifices.”


Medusa presses a hand against the man’s chest and a rune suddenly appears there, as if it is buried within the man’s skin. “This whole fight. It’s not about defeating you. Florian is trying to sacrifice his entire army and as much as yours as possible. He’s trying to cause as much death as possible, using every one of his soldiers as a siphon of freshly released life energy.”

“I’m sorry… this seems to be a little out of my depth here…” You mutter, scratching you head.

“You don’t mean…” Grimhilde seems to get it first receiving a confirming nod from Medusa before turning to you with a worried look. “He’s killing people and using the free life force to open a portal.”

“What? He can’t possibly…” Ursula growls. “Here? Now? It’s too soon! The demon king hasn’t even been selected yet!”

“This is happening now!” Maleficant cries. “He’s using my former army to bring about this crisis now? Ridiculous! Stupid! Stupid!”

“Girls, Girls…” You hold out your hands. “Please, explain a little clearly. What’s going on?”

Grimhilde is the one who answers. “Florian is trying to summon the Demon God. Demon lords exist in this world to stop that from happening. We are the gatekeepers that hold him back. However, we’re not ready yet. If he’s summoned now. This world will be destroyed. He’ll remake it as his own! My love, we have to stop this before the Demon God is summoned!”

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