The Power of Creation – Chapter 152

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“Wait, wait, wait. A demon god? Isn’t that something you girls would be pushing for?”

“Only an idiot like Florian would want to wipe all of existence.” Grimhilde explains. “No, the Demon Queen tasked her daughters as defenders of this realm. We keep the demon god at bay until the Demon King comes. Then, the Demon King fights the Demon God in a final battle over the fate of this world.”

“Man… all of that sounds tedious as hell, but since there is no Demon King, then can this prophecy even be fulfilled?” You ask.

“Well, if Florian succeeds, yes. Without a demon king, the demon god will be free to rule this world and crush all of us!”

“I suppose just throwing a mountain on top of the army wouldn’t help?”

“The faster people die, the easier it will be for the portal to open!”

“Fuck… why did Florian decide to open his portal right here near Riun?”

Medusa steps forward. “If I may, this particular area feels slightly… weak. The dimensional space seems thin. Particularly… around you. I feel another “thinness” in Riun and a third in Florian’s army. It’s like… I don’t know…”

“Like we were summoned from another world?” You sigh, connecting the dots between you, Florian, and Megara still at your mansion in Riun. “So, since I don’t come from this world, I create some kind of thinness and he’s exploiting that?”

“You come from another world? Like the heros…” Medusa seems slightly surprised at that while Ursula only glares silently. “If this is true, then yes, three heros in one spot… the thinness here is maximized. This is why demons hate summoned heros! You guys only try to stop us and aid in the summoning of the Demon God. You act as a gateway, weakening this world and making us more susceptible. I thought you might be him, but knowing you’re a hero… sister, are you sure our love is in the right place?”

Grimhilde lightly patted Medusa with a smile. “Just watch…”

You cock your head to the side, a little worried that maybe Grimhilde has some ideas about you that are a little out there. However, the immediate problem is this demon god guy.

“So, we can’t fight our way out of this… what can we do?”

Medusa shakes her head, giving an apologetic look. “I don’t know. Every time someone dies, they release life energy. That gets siphoned into the portal, continuing to cause it to grow. The only way to stop the life energy from summoning the demon god is to soak it up. You can channel it into some other use.”

“Use it up? What uses up life energy?”

“I’m not sure. Life energy is essential part of life. It helps seeds grow into trees. It helps bees pollinate. It infuses all creatures and leads them to create offspring.”

“Create offspring?” Your eyebrow raises.

“Y-yes…” Ursula butts forward. “However, the amount of death occurring right now amongst our camps is extreme and it’s only going to get worst. To soak up that amount of life energy, you’d need to grow an entire forest!”

“Hmm…” You scratch your chin. “Very well. Snow White!”

“Y-yes, warrior?”

“May I speak to the men for a second?”

“Of course!”

“My soldiers!” You create a magic that amplifies your voice and carries it out to the entire army. “Today… today, we fight a force that is unusual and dastardly. As it turns out, the very fate of our world and our very way of life depends on this! You all must give it your all in the battle to come! Fortunately, you have been training for this. In fact, I’d say you’ve been training for this since you’ve joined me!”

You wave your hand, issuing out some summoning magic. A moment later a marching sound could be heard, steps in unision which cause the goblins to look around in confusion. “Men! It is time for you to show your grit! We will fight! We will win!”

“I-I-I don’t understand, what’s going on?” Ursula demands in confusion.

At this point, the goblins formed rows in a line, creating a perimeter of defense. However, a second group appeared and is now marching between them. The new group of people appear a bit smaller than the goblins. They are fully robed with hoods hiding their face. The marching continues until a robed person stops in front of a goblin. Soon, every goblin is paired with one of these mysterious strangers standing in front of them.

“An elvish army?” Ursula tries a guess.

“Ready!” You raise your hand. “Discard!”

The rows of stranged people immediately pull away their robes, throwing them to the sides in a single swift motion. Like that, they reveal row upon row of very naked women. The goblins immediately become excited, having become very familiar with these particular girls over the last few weeks. These are the Cinderella Homunculi army that had been performing as the goblin sex toys up until now.

“Bend over!” You order.

The women all bend over, putting their asses out in front of the literal army of goblin men. The men all respond immediately, grinning as they reach forward and grab the bare hips of their sexual partners. A few goblins already have their dicks out and are working on getting them in.

“Wh-what is this!” Ursula cries as Grimhilde only shakes her head with a sigh.

“Oh… my…” Medusa looks on excitedly as the scene in front of her instantly turns indescent.

“Warrior! What are you doing with my soldiers! Th-this isn’t the battle I had in mind!” Snow White cries out.

“As you said, as a general, you should have prepared for every eventuality!” You drop your hand as the fluster Snow White sputters. “Start fucking!”

And like that, hands grabbed hips and dicks slid into holes, and soon the entire field was filled with the sounds of balls slapping, men grunting, and women moaning. The battle for this world begins!

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