The Power of Creation – Chapter 154

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“Florian…” Your eyes narrow as you wipe the tip of your cock off on Snow White’s ass.

“You’re as classy as always, I see.” Florian gives a condescending look as he glares down at you. “But even your abilities won’t be able to stop me now. I think… once I summon the demon god and he kills you, I’ll ask for your harem.”

“You trying to NTR me, man? Like any decent writer would dare do that to his audience!”

“I’m not so sure about that.” Florian’s face grows more condescending. “But don’t you worry, I won’t fuck them. After what you’ve done to them, let’s just face it, you’ve already ruined them. They’re all gross little perverts now. I wouldn’t touch your disgusting pervert harem if you forced me. No, I’ll beat them. Maybe have them serve my army. They’d probably like that. A congo line of men fucking them day in and day out. Hey Grimhilde, a sperm buffet to service your addiction? All the cock you can eat, how does that sound?”

“Fuck you!” Grimhilde snaps back.

“Hahaha… not in a million years, you nauseating skank.”

“Megara, or Florian, or whatever you call yourself these days, I will make you pay for what you did to my country!” Maleficant shouts.

“What I did? Your country was falling apart with or without me. To let a country be run by a girl with the mind of a child… your mother must have been as stupid as you are.”

“Be careful with your words…” Medusa gave a sharp look as she glares at the gloating Florian.

“Oh, and if it isn’t some of the other demon lords. But I only count four of you, so it looks like you have no Demon King to shelter you yet.”

“I won’t need a king to kick your ass!” Ursula snaps.

“Oo… big words… from a big, fat bit-“

“Enough!” You bellow, stopping this petty squabbling. “My army has already sucked up your life juice. I have over 1000 pregnant women and the goblin gestation period is weeks. With a bit of magic they could be popping out babies in hours. My goblin horde can attack you, and even if you kill every last goblin I’ll have a new army waiting for you. You’ve lost, Florian.”

Florian gave a hateful look at you before spitting through his teeth. “Even if I’ve lost, I won’t let you win. I’ll kill you myself!”

“As if I’d let you!” You immediately teleport in front of Florian.

“My beloved, wait!” Medusa holds out her hand.

Perhaps she wants to ask Florian what his goals are or something, but you don’t really care. This worm has been an annoyance for months and you are completely fed up with his bullshit. You swipe a sword. Not a magic sword, a legitimate one made out of real metal and everything. After the crap with Snow White, you made sure to have a proper sword created. You were told it was a decent quality sword too, but you had no eye for those kinds of things. Rather, it just needed to be sharp.

“I didn’t want to do things this way, but even if I have to give my own life, you can die!” Florian screams.

“As if you could kill me!”

With a single wave of the sword, you lopped off Florian’s jackoff hand, sending it spiraling off into the indecently fucking goblin army under you. Perhaps one of the goblins would pick it up and use it as a goblin ass scratcher for the remainder of its existence. The anti-magic barrier around Florian dissipated with that. He must have been wearing some kind of special ring that prevented you from targeting him with magic. It was by total chance, but a dark grin forms on your face as his only protection is easily stripped away.

You already prepped yourself to fight him without magic, but now that magic was on the table, you decided not to delay things any longer. You reach out and pierce Florian’s chest.He looks at you in complete surprise as your hand goes through his body, but before you finish him off a light smile starts to appear on his face. At this point, you remember Nala, likely still chained up in your mansion’s red room, and sigh. Keeping your bitches happy is a full time job.

You grab the slug inside Florian and then pull it out. If Florian is half the hero he claims to be, this shouldn’t be a fatal kill. Florian’s body loses its flight and he plummets to the ground, landing on top a pile of writhing goblin flesh and his unconscious body soon becomes an addon to the goblin / homunculus orgy below. Did one of the goblins confuse him for one of the sex dolls? He was a white pasty pretty boy after all, and to goblins humans probably all look alike. What happens to Florian after this will be left to your imagination.

You look down at the slug like leech in your hands. In the end, this little creature that caused you so much issue was truly pathetic in appearance. He destroyed Riun the first time, made your loli demon lord cry, and interrupted your attendance on your children’s births. Medusa shouts something up at you, but you ignore her while you slowly squeeze, taking pleasure as you crush the leech slowly until it’s eyes pop out of its head.

At this point, there is a shudder as if the world suddenly lurches forward a bit. In the distance, you can swear you hear a gentle laughter. Frowning, you discard the worm and land down next to the demon lords, glancing at Medusa with a confused look.

“What’s happening now?” You ask.

Medusa gives you an exasperated look. “As I was saying, the leech creature has lived for possibly thousands of years, moving from host to host. It’s absorbed the life force of every single one of its victims. Killing it might release a massive amount of life force, enough to…”

Medusa looks up and sighs. You follow her vision only to see a bright light form in the sky. Suddenly, the light starts to widen until it eventually forms a massive hole.

“A massive sky hole! What do they think this is, a Hollywood movie?” You shout.

“It’s too late!” Medusa cries, “They’ve made a hole into our dimension. It’s only a matter of time until the demon God comes!”

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