The Power of Creation – Chapter 155

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You barely have time to think by the time the hole has finished expanding about to the size of house, and almost immediately a form floating out of the hole enters into your world. As the light fades and you finally can get sight of the person, your face turns into a frown.

“I… was really thinking that the demon god was going to be a cute girl.” You sigh, getting some dangerous looks from your demon lord companions.

The person is a fully armored pretty boy. He is more muscular and intimidating than Florian, but he has the same kind of feel to him. He wears complete white, and besides two horns on his head that denote him as a demon, he gives off a holier than though vibe that quickly raises your hackles.

“Demon God?” The man asks curiously with a deep voice, and then laughs. “You think this meager follower is the Demon God?”

“Oh, you’re not?” You ask, growing hopeful again.

“I’m his apostle. His horseman. I lead the way for his coming.” The man looks around until his eyes lock on the leech-like creature you dropped on the ground. “Oh, I see Yokohama has failed. In the end, he gave his own life to open this portal, but failed to acquire enough life force to summon our god.”

“His name was Yokohama? Wait, if this portal isn’t the demon god summoning, who the hell are you?”

“Excuse me for failing to introduce myself,” The man gives a bow while floating in midair. “I am Sapporo, apostle to the lord. This hole behind me leads to my dimension… my universe. It’s a universe where the demon god already reigns supreme. A good world, a demon world. When Yokohama failed, he managed to open this portal to our world. Never fear, where he failed, I will succeed. We have gathered every remaining human in our realm. If we sacrifice them all, it’ll just be enough to bore a path for him to travel from our world to yours. Then, your realm too can shine under his glory.”

“Uh… how about no.” You float up, taking a spot opposite of this guy.

Unlike Florian, or you guess Yokahama, you didn’t feel any trickery from this guy. He seems like the time who prefers a straight on battle. Therefore, you don’t want to disappoint.

“Ah? A resistor? They exist in every world. I don’t get why you resist so. The Demon God merely wants to shape your world to his desires, yet you resist at every turn. He’s already touched your world, made changes. Do you think Pun brought you to this world? No… it was the one true God. He brought you here, hero.”

“Yeah, yeah… I already heard that story. I weaken the dimensional barrier to facilitate him coming or some shit.”

Sapporo gives a nod. “True, that is one of the reasons he summoned a hero to this world. However, it’s only the tip of his plans. You would be better off following his script and to stop whining. You’ll find that when the people have free reign to do what they want, they only screw things up. Trust in the higher power. Trust in our God!”

“Yeah, that sounds way too creepy. I’d rather just kill you and crush your god!”

“Crush God? Kill me? Your kind are as suicidal and self-destructive as always. You’d rather burn what you have to the ground than have one little detail not meet your expectations! God has bestowed me with all his glory. My status is maxed. Do you honestly think you can face off against a being blessed by God himself?”

“Then we’ll see! Die!” You race at the gloating demon.

You don’t do anything fancy. Just an insta-death demon spell. Why make things difficult. Just as the spell reaches Sapporo, it melts.

“Ah, shit, don’t tell me more anti-magic crap!” You growl.

“Hm?” Sapporo tilts his head and grins. “Anti-magic? I’d use nothing so barbaric. I simply cut down your spells before they reach me. I can see that you have the so-called power of creation. The ability to make any magic spell. It’s truly an amazing ability, but do you think God would have given you the ability if he thought it would make you be able to kill him? In the end, magic is simply magic. If you can stop magic, it doesn’t matter how impressive a spell you make, it is easily defeatable. Oh, you didn’t realize? The power of creation is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It makes you look powerful, but it’s truly nothing amazing.”


“Well, let me show you true power!”

As he started to glow with golden light, you spam through your lists adding every ability or perceived ability you could while sweat drips down your face. You can now see magic and see how to cut magic as well. However, what he said it true, magic is magic. You can’t use magic to make magic itself stronger. The Power of Creation, in the end, is only as strong as magic. It’s like building a bomb. No matter how big the bomb is, if someone cuts the trigger it won’t cause any damage. It was laughably easy mistake on your part, but one you only truly realized now.

He had maxed status, but so did you. With magic being negated, that meant you’d have to fight this out brawl style. Once he finishes glowing like a fairy, he immediately charges you. You tighten you fists, download every karate and kung fu ability every conceived, and raise your hand to meet him head on.

“Wh-what happened?” you moan.

A moment later you’re lying in a crater. The impact has thrown sex dolls and goblins aside, leaving nothing but your body in a massive hole. You aren’t mangled, but it feels like you were just hit by a bus. Disorientated, you struggle to stand up and look at Sapporo. He is flying in the sky completely unharmed in the exact spot the pair of you met fists. He hasn’t been pushed back a single inch.

“Tsk… you’re even weaker than I expected.” Sapporo doesn’t look like he’s gloating, rather, he looks disappointed.

“Y-you bastard.” You couldn’t come up with anything else to say.

You don’t understand. You raised your status to the maximum this world allowed. Your body literally couldn’t be stronger, faster, or better. You knew every ability that this world had, both real and imagined. You are, for all intent and purposes, the strongest human being alive. When you met fists with him, you expected to be on about the same level. However, he seems to completely dominate you!

“There is no point in dragging this out.” Sapporo sighs. “I sense two other heros in the vicinity. You won’t be needed for the summoning, so you might as well be sent on your way. Allow your life force to contribute to his coming.”

“To hell, I will!” You shout, but he moves too fast, appearing in front of you like magic.

Despite all of your abilities and counter attacks, his blade still slides into your gut while you’re powerless to do anything about it.

“My love!”




“So much for the next demon king…” Ursula adds on top of the other girl’s protests, sounding slightly disappointed.

“I don’t understand, how can I fail…” You moan as blood leaks out of your mouth.

Sapporo leans close to you. He’s not smiling or gloating like Florian might have. Rather, he seems almost somber, like this was merely an displeasarable duty he had to complete.

“You still don’t get it?” Sapporo looks down on you and shakes his head with a sigh. “Well, in the end, you are only human…”

He pulls the sword out of your gut, and swings it, separating your head from your shoulders. The last sight you see is your head falling to the ground in front of your horrified harem, and then death.








Just kidding… but you are dead though :O

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