The Power of Creation – Chapter 157

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“Magic, Identify Species!” You declare as you float around the lifeless body, examining it’s various features and status.

Species Confirmed : Demi-god

“Tsk…” You growl, waving your hand and obliterating the body.

In the real world, not even a second of time has passed, but you spent what felt like weeks working on this body in the frozen world. In the end, you managed to make something that truly could decimate your current opponent, but still had many significant setbacks. Even a demi-god has a stat limit. Even a demi-god can be killed when compared to a full god.

If the demon ladies are right and the demon god is that dangerous, you need more than a demi-god. You need a body that can adapt to any circumstances.


You clicked your fingers. It makes sense. Thinking back to games and webnovels, what weapon is always the strongest weapon? It isn’t some super high-level thing, it is rather the weapons that adapt and evole through hard work, determination, and skill. However, you don’t have the patience nor the time to start at the bottom and slowly evolve something to your liking. And despite your god-like power, you aren’t omnipotent. It’s not like you instinctual know what will work and what won’t.

The problem you faced when making the demi-god is that as soon as you started refining things to increase your attack, you found yourself having to sacrifice agility or defense. Once you start trying to increase defense, you needed to sacrifice attack. You thought you did a good job balancing it all, but in the end you only ended up with a demi-god, whose max status is only about thrice what a demons is. You could kill this Apostle, but if he had a lot of demon friends, you don’t know how many you could take. Ten? Twenty? Point being, you could be overwhelmed pretty easily.

You take a deep breath, then start to work forming your magic. You summon materials from all over the universe. Mithril. Orichalcum, Star Fiber, Adamantium, Unobtanium, whether it actually existed or was merely conceptual, you summoned it all. Much like you did with the sex dolls, you constructed body after body after body. You’d change various parts. Perhaps this one would have a tail, or more muscles, or different bone structure. Although, where you generated the sex dolls with a random generator spell, each one of these guys is hand crafted by you.

You let out a sigh as you finished the 10,000th body. As you work, you’ve getting better and better at them. By the tenth body you could make them in a 10th the time. By the 100th body you could make them even faster still. You finally looked over at the clock. Fifty seconds had passed by in this world. How long did that translate to the amount of time you were there? Who knows. Time had no meaning in this world.

“Hey, guys.” You say, causing ten thousand versions of you to look over at your spectre form. “Fight!”

Without a word, the ten thousand yous began to battle. They paired up and began fighting one on one. The situation varied. Sometimes they battled each other. Sometimes they battled monsters. Sometimes they fought in parties, sometimes they fought solo. Your eyes continue to flicker over the group, watching for the one that stands out the most. There has to be one. The one.

You watch as your bodies grew, and evolve, and learn. As your predicted, one stands above the rest.

“I don’t get it…” You mutter.

He is strong, resourceful, and powerful like all of the rest. Yet time and time again he wins every match, conquering above all his peers. Yet his only primary difference is a rather ludicrous skill that can’t even be used in the situations you put him in. In fact, it didn’t seem usable in any situation. Yet, despite that, he performed better than any other.

You watch your bodies fight on as the seconds tick by. As the spawn time hits zero, you make your selection. You pick the survivor.

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