The Power of Creation – Chapter 158

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Ursula’s lips tighten as she looks at the unconscious Grimhilde currently lying in Medusa’s arms. She had seen the look on the girl’s face. As soon as his head separated from his shoulders, she had a look of absolutely despair. She had truly been convinced that this so-called Prince was bound to be the next Demon King.

However, it is something deeper than that. Grimhilde seems to care for this man. Her reckless attack was devoid of reason. From a typically cold and calculating girl like Grimhilde, to see her fall so hard for some random man is odd.

Perhaps odder is Maleficant’s reaction. Maleficant is sobbing like a baby, throwing a tantrum right at the feet of this man’s corpse. Naturally, throwing a tantrum isn’t outside of Ursula’s expectations, but Maleficant seems genuinely affected by this man’s death as well.

Medusa has a more stoic expression, but then again, she hasn’t known the man for more than an hour or two. It is more a shock for her. Medusa likely feels whiplash when just as she starts to throw her heart out, she finds those strings instantly cut.

There is are other women present, some human woman, who was also crying and shouting. She is joined by the Goblin leader he violated earlier. The two of them are fondling their weapons and demanding Sapporo come down there and meet his fate. Incidentally, neither of them could fly. The seem to get along surprising well. Even the raped goblin seems incredibly upset over his death.

Suffice it to say, the prince swept through and made a meaningful impact on all three of the demon lord’s lives, and now they are all crushed by his death.

He was a little cute, but not worth getting your panties wet over. Ursula thought.

Yes, actually, you are in Ursula’s strike zone. She actually thought you are kind of cute. However, she would never admit that she found you cute, because that would lead to a power imbalance, especially if you did turn out to the Demon King. There are two things that Ursula knows well. She knows food, and she knows how to maintain her power.

The man finally reaches the portal, and Ursula observes the flow of life energy coming through the portal and weakening the dimensional structure of this world. If he is allowed to keep doing what he’s doing, the balance of power will shift. Ursula will lose her place as a demon lord. She might even die, or worse, starve.

With the other sisters in shock, it falls on Ursula to stop the demon god from being summoned. Thus, Ursula begins to do what she does best. She begins to consume. However, rather than food, she starts to suck in the life force. To a normal person, lifeforce is a limited thing. You could only contain so much life before you end up being destroyed. Some people consumed life force faster, some people have more life force, and some people can’t carry any. Ursula, on the other hand, is a black hole of life force. She is perhaps uniquely capable of consuming the life force in these quantities where a normal person would explode, even if they were making babies.

As soon as the life energy drifts in through the portal being channeled by Sapporo, it ends up immediately relocated into Ursula’s body.

Of course, this kind of blatant hindrance couldn’t go on for long, and within fifteen seconds Sapporo turns down and glances at Ursula as she stares back defensively. This is why the demon lords exist. If she has to put her life on the line to even just slow down the demon god summon for a moment, she must. Her way of life depends on it.

Sappporo immediately lands on the ground. No sooner do his feet touch then Snow White and Kida rush him. With a single kick, he sends both women flying. They have nobody to catch them, so Kida goes head first into a rock and his knocked unconscious while Snow White falls into one of the goblin fuck pits. A slash a moment later sends all of the goblins in the pit scrambling to avoid an enraged goblin general.

“That was a stupid move, girl,” Sapporo has his eyes on Ursula, not even paying a single look for the two women who attacked him.

Those eyes are terrifying. Ursula has a grasp of this guy’s power, and he is above her league. As he looks down at her, she feels the cold grasp of death on her shoulders. Even if she wanted to flee, she couldn’t. She is frozen stiff, unable to even respond.

Sapporo shrugs, and just like when he killed the prince, he wears a face as if he’s reaping wheat. Ursula is just a hindrance. Something that got in his way and now needs to die. In a flash, he appears in front of Ursula and swings his sword. He seems to move slower with Ursula than he did with the prince, as if he wanted her to see the blade coming. He wants her to see her own death. She shuts her eyes in one last desperate attempt at defiance.

Suddenly, her body moves with a swish. One eye opens, and then another. Ursula is being pulled back, the blade narrowly missing her as she gets pulled into the warm arms of someone behind her. In a single swift motion, Ursula is picked up and the person holding her jumps back, making some distance from a surprised looking Sapporo.

Has Medusa finally done something? Did her lustful sister save her life? However, direct conflict has never been Medusa’s tastes. Ursula realizes she is in princess carry, looking up at the person who saved her. She can’t help but let out an audible gasp as she sees the man holding her.

“It’s you…”

“Yup, you think a little beheading is going to slow me down?” You answer with a laugh. “Time for round 2.”

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