The Power of Creation – Chapter 159

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“Yo-you can put me down now, I-I know I’m f-fat.” Ursula suddenly feels shy being in the current situation.

“It’s fine,” You shrug. “You’re not heavy.”

Ursula’s eyes widen and her breath intakes. As her entire face turns crimson you get the sense that she might be misunderstanding you. In your current body, you could say a mountain isn’t that heavy. Still, Ursula is surprisingly warm and alluring. Maybe it is all the life aura she has been gulping down, but you suddenly have an urge to take her right there. You hand is groping her voluptuous ass, but she doesn’t seem aware of it.

You love all of your women in general, but they range from skinny to super skinny. Even the curvy girls only have fat in a few choice places, which you admittedly enjoy, but even so… Most of the bigger girls are actually hard and muscular, and while it is nice getting it on with tough women you know you won’t break if you ride them hard, that mean most of your selection are either hard, bony, or small and delicate. A bigger girl is incredibly… soft.

“Oo!” Ursula’s hips suddenly jut up as something hard pokes her bottom.

“Hah… oops. It’s a new body, don’t have all the impulses worked out.” You laugh as you put Ursula down.

“Yo-you you!” Ursula’s face goes dark.

Just as she takes a swing at you, you dodge her and appear in front of Sapporo, who is curiously watching the pair of you now. As soon as you stand in front of him, he looks down at your engorged member and gives a tight smile.

“C-can you do something about that? I can’t even kill you right now while you’re sporting that thing.”

“Haha, well, it has been a while. Ghosts can’t exactly jack off. I’ve built up a lot of seed over this time, I feel like I could explode any moment, you know?”

“No, I don’t, and I don’t really want to know.”

You shrug, “Oh, well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll save it for my girls. You, I’ll just kill.”

“You think you can? The last I checked, you died easily. I didn’t predict you’d have some kind of repop spell, but this time I’ll make sure you die.”

“Enough talk!” You immediately lunge at Sapporo as soon as your condition diminishes enough.

As you fly at Sapporo, you don’t move any faster than you did before. Sapporo rises to meet your fist, completely expecting things to go the same way they went before. As your fists collide, a shockwave is produced, rising a blanket of dust around the pair of you.

“What happened?” Ursula asks, suddenly finding herself a little more worried about you than she had a few minutes before.

Medusa has recovered as well, and is now looking on excitedly. Unfortunately, your harem members aren’t here to worry about you. Kida and Maleficant are still unconscious while Snow White is still raging at her soldiers, likely taking out some built up anger at the loss of her warrior on those unfortunate underlings weaker than her.

As the dust clears, there is only one thing that can be said. “Where’d he go?”

You’re standing there in the middle of a small crater, and there is no one else around. You have your hand out in a fist, but you’re already pulling it back and stretching nonchalantly. As for Sapporo, there doesn’t appear to be a single sign.

“He… he didn’t turn to dust, did he?” Ursula asks in amazement.

“Of course not!” You chide, finding the confused look on Ursula’s face to be a little cute.


“Ah, here he comes now!” You point up in the sky… in the opposite direction from which you punched.

Just as the two mystified demon lords glance up, they could see something breaking through the clouds. A sound could be heard off in the distance.


The sound seems to be coming closer and closer at an incredible rate. It is at this point Ursula was finally able to make out the form flying through the clouds. It is Sapporo!

“Did he just fly around the planet!” Ursula exclaims.

“Ah, he’s coming back!” Medusa responds, while looking on with eyes that look even more devoted than before.

“No worries, I’ve got him!” You leap up into the air, the crater widening a bit with the force of your movement.

Spinning in mid-air you manage to reach Sapporo just as his flying body passes. Your kick manages to land on his ass, and the screaming Sapporo lets out a different scream as the direction of his orbit is radically and brutally changed. In this case, the target is very clear. With another shockwave, Sapporo is sent face first back into the portal he came from. His impact on the other side is enough that it disrupts the military operations, stopping the brutal sacrifices for a few moments.

You land smoothly with ease, walking up to the two demon lord hotties with a smile on your face.

“How did you become so strong!” Ursula immediately demands.

“I created a new body for myself. Stronger than before.” You explain.

“You look… exactly like you did before!” Ursula says.

It is true, your physical appearance hasn’t changed much at all.

“Oh, that’s because I changed my appearance to this so no one would become confused seeing me. Here is my true form!”

With a flash, you pull off the illusion magic, revealing the new body that you concocted.

Medusa gasps. “Oh my…”

“Oh my…” Ursula says flatly. “Oh my? He looks exactly the same as before! How are you any stronger if you have the same body?”

You frown at her words. What’s she talking about? You totally look a little hotter. You gave yourself a nose job, a new haircut. You smoothed your facial features. Basically, you look like the hottest, most attractive you you could be. You even went full chuuni and decorated yourself to look as badass as you feel.

“What can I say? Turns out I’m already the idea form?” You laugh as your scratch the back of your neck. “Besides, why would I be okay with my harem just easily fucking around with a different form? I mean, that’s almost like cheating. What would it say about my girls if they are willing to fuck anything as long as I claim it’s me?”

“…” Ursula stares at your darkly and then sighs. “Whatever, rather, we need to be worrying about this hole. The demon gods about to be summoned.”

“Sounds good!” You chuckle.

Well, it’s as good an explanation as any. Explaining that this form is a proxy to interact with humans, and that you’re now actually an inter-dimensional form of energy existing on another plane of existence is a bit difficult to understand. You don’t even get it yourself, really, but you’re pretty sure if you showed your true form their faces would melt. Ah, well, time to stop the demon god!

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