The Power of Creation – Chapter 160

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“By sending the apostle back through you have given us a chance, my beloved.” Medusa says excitedly. “If we can close the hole, we might be able to delay the summoning of the Demon God.”

“Just delay?” You ask.

Medusa nods. “Unfortunately, things have already progressed too far. The Demon God will be entering our world. However, with luck, we could buy ourselves a few months. That might just be enough time…”

“Well, I don’t really care either way. Bring on the loli demon god. I’ll give her a proper spanking and then…”

“You fool!” Ursula snaps. “Do you really think it’ll be that simple. The Demon God is the very end of this world. It’s the end of all creation. At the very least, we must prepare first.”

You frown, not entirely convinced. You’re pretty powerful now, and you deliberately built your new body for god killing. You should be able to kill any number of gods now.

“My beloved…” Medusa speaks more politely then her sister, “The demon god isn’t so simple as another conquest you can take with your penis. While you can conquer me as much as you want once we are done, I’m afraid if you don’t put off the summoning now, then there will be no more time to do it later.”

“So, what you’re saying is the Demon God is the final boss, and this is the save point where I can go back and get all the side quests and add companions and shit before I go verse her?” You think out loud. “Or I guess it’s more like chrono trigger because the boss is coming either way, but I can either fight her now or fight her later…”

“I don’t know what you’re speaking of, my beloved.” Medusa responds with a tight look. “But I think you understand enough.”

“Alright then, how are we going to close this portal thingy?” You ask.

The three of you all stare at the ominous blue thing glowing in the sky. If they haven’t started killing people again yet, they will soon. Then it will start growing again. Then comes the Demon God. Then the end game. You suppose even your story needs to end eventually, it’s rare outside of video games for it to be so blatantly painted out in front of you, but whatever.

Ursula gives a sigh. “That’s just the thing, to close the portal, you’ll need to inject a large quantity of life into their world. Your entire goblin army will need to make babies faster than they can kill soldiers.”

“And while you channel life energy from the portal.” Medusa adds. “You’ll need to stay in front of the portal and block it. If another apostle gets back onto our side, he’ll only hasten the Demon God’s summon.”

“How much time we got to close this portal?” You ask.

The pair of demon lords look at each other before giving you a sympathetic look. “Only about five minutes, I’m afraid.”

“So, I need to block the portal, send in tons of life energy, and I only got five minutes.” You state with a frown.

The two women nod up and down. They are showing expressions that clearly made it appear as if they thought it is a lost cause.

“To think,” You mutter to yourself while shaking your head. “My racial ability would come into use so quickly.”

“Huh? Racial ability?” Ursula asks.

You nod. “I created a body from a custom race. It has a racial skill that I thought was basically useless, but it appears like it might just be enough to save the day.”

“What race are you?” Medusa asks curiously.

On that note, you hadn’t given the race a name yourself. In fact, the races name and description are assigned by whatever the rules of this universe use to give names like your so-called Power of Creation. While you have seen this body use its racial skill once before, you didn’t really know the specifics of the skill, let alone the name of your own race.

“Well, let’s see, I’m a-“ You use magic to look at the name of your race before stopping dead.

“Wh-what is it? What are you?” Medusa asks worriedly.

“Ah, ahem… That’s not really important. Either way, the skill seems useful, so we’ll go with that. It’d be easier just to show you, rather than explain it to you. Will you guy’s back away a bit?”

“Heh? Uh, okay.”

“No, more… more… keeping going… I’m going to need more. How about a football field’s length?”

“Just what kind of skill do you plan on using!”

“Hahaha… well, the skill that made this form the best survivor.” You reach to your belt and pull down your pants in a single swift motion. “Skill Activate: GigaPenis, Jump straight to Ludicrous Mode!”

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