The Power of Creation – Chapter 161

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“It’s… it’s…. sooo big!” Medusa’s expression is one of absolute excitement, like her birthday, Christmas, and the best sex of her life were all wrapped up in one single moment.

The massive member explodes from your hips. As to how it remains erect, defying all sense of gravity, that is merely a part of your racial skill. A shadow casts over the goblins, and soon all fucking stops as your men stare up in wonder at the massive slab of meat hovering over their heads. The sex dolls all curiously look up as well. Even though they were bred to fuck, the female sex dolls all orgasm merely at the sight of it, collapsing in heaps and shuddering deep in the throes of ecstasy.

“H-how is that going to help!” Ursula manages to get out, but even she finds herself breathless, the very aura released by its presence being enough to send her to her knees.

Even the unconscious Kida and Maleficant become wet in their unconscious states, twisting their thighs as their previously fitful sleeps become inexplicably erotic.

“Woah!” You suddenly loose your balance, the member swinging to the right.

The gale left from your swinging penis is powerful enough that it knocks the nearby armies down to the ground, immediately stopping all fighting between the surviving demon lord troops and the slug’s remaining suicidal members. The tip of the head hits a nearby mountain tip, causing the mountain to tip over in the distance like the leaning tower of pisa… except it’s a mountain.

“Watch out, you almost killed us all!” Ursula cries, already on the ground as she holds her contracting sexual organs that seem to have developed an erotic mind of their own outside of her control.

She is blushing and breathing hard as she struggles to look away from the massive thing that dominants the very heavens.

“Well, time to block that hole!” You declare while ignoring her. “Eh, on that note, what is this place called anyway?”

You cast a little bit of magic, reading from the code source of the world, so to speak. As it turns out, the world you currently reside on is called Terra, who knew? The planet in this other dimension’s name is Gaia. Your eyes narrow, you always learn the names of those you’re about to fuck. You’re classy that way.

“Good evening, citizens of Terra, my name is Hakodate, apostle to the true God! As Sapporo has been knocked out, I will bring your civilization into the grace of our go- holy shit, what the fuck is that!”

Those are the last words Hakodate ever speaks as a massive monster thrusts into the hole he just came out of. His body is ripped in half by the edge of the gate between the massive GigaPenis and the gate glowy outsides. As a result, while you push your dick into the other world, blood leaks out the edges of the portal.

As it turns out, the portal is a tight fit, and you must use your hips and a good deal of magic for force your dick in. You give several rough thrusts before the thing pierces deep into their dimension. This ends up tearing the hole open even wider, but as the hole is blocked with your massive girth, it remains an effective block.

As soon as the dick reaches into Gaia, you begin pulling the life energy into your dick from their side. Using your balls, you pull in the life energy from this world as well, creating a cyclone of life around your dick with the portal wrapped around it. Thus, you begin thrusting. As to how Gaia feels like, the portal acts a bit like a sphincter, giving the feel of some tight anal sex. The edges of the portal are tight, and rather than simply spreading willingly, the  gate squeezes relentlessly on your girth, trying to return to it’s smaller form. However, your engorged member is hard and keeps Gaia spread open. Since this seems to be some kind of backdoor entrance that the demon god tried to use, it seems fitting that you plow Gaia in the rear.

Gaia’s hole seems slightly tilted, since as your thrust into her, the tip of your head hits a hard nub at the end. After pushing hard against it, you manage to rip through, feeling a pleasant splitting sensation as your head comes into something warm, wet, and tight. To you, it feels like a tight asshole around your shaft, with the tip of your cock pressed into the crevice’s of a warm pussy inside. It’s the closest you’ve ever felt to fucking an asshole and a pussy at the same time. It’d be like pushing your dick into an asshole, only for it to slide into a pussy inside the asshole.

In reality, your dick struck the surface of Gaia, and after a few jagged thrusts, you broke through her crust and opened up a volcano. Lava is exploding from around the edges of your monster’s engorged head, splashing all across the armies of Gaia and causing mass hysteria as Gaia squirts her hot juices all over them. As the massive shaft reaches into their world, it truly looks like the hand of god has reached into their world to spread absolute death and destruction.

As to Gaia herself, she hasn’t been ridden this hard since the formation of her respective solar system. Her body tremors excitedly as you work your hips to deliver aggressive piston movements deep inside her. As to what is happening on the other end, you don’t care know and you don’t care.

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