The Power of Creation – Chapter 164

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“Well, that had a satisfying climax,” You sigh.

“I’ll say…” Medusa responds breathlessly while Ursula recovers herself.

Grimhilde finally wakes up around this time as well, and before you can say anything there is a thud as the woman leaps to her feet and throws herself at you. You hear a few sobs as she rubs her face into your chest. You hear several muffled words like “baka” and “made me worry.” Not quite sure what to do, you finally settle for patting her on the head gently.

“There, there. You should know by now I’m not that easy to get rid of. I’m sorry I made you see such scary things.”

Grimhilde looks up at you with tearful eyes. “Th-that’s the first time you ever apologized to me.”

“Geh! Ah, well, don’t expect it normally.” You growl.

However, Grimhilde only seems to be looking up at you with a glowing smile. Even though she’s a demon lord, it seems like she really did care that much about you. When she had told you she loved you, those weren’t just words to her.

“Of course, the warrior wouldn’t be taken out so easily. I knew he’d be fine!” Snow White comes marching up with a cocky pose while laughing.

Only the slightest tinge of tears at the edge of her eyes revealed any of the stress she had felt when she thought you had perished earlier.

“Ah, well… I’m glad you girls are alright as well. I’m not sure what I would have done if that stupid apostle had decided to attack one of you while I was respawning. I was worried when you guys got hit by him.”

It is Snow White’s turn to look slightly awkward, a yellow blush appearing on her cheeks. To bypass the strangely amorous mood, she turns and grabs the unconscious Kida, picking her up. The pair of them had a bit of a rivalry, but it seems like they were starting to watch each other’s backs. One might even call the two muscle-bound warriors friends.

“Well, we have a little bit of time.” Ursula brushes her pants off as she stands up, covering up a wet stain that had formed around her crotch. “But things aren’t over.”

“Huh? What do you mean? I blasted that Demon God away!” You shrug.

“No, I already told you. The Demon God isn’t that easy. You closed the portal, and perhaps even expelled his presence from Gaia, but while you were spraying your seed all over Gaia, the Demon God planted his seed on Terra. Gaia was only a backdoor option, an attempt to speed up his coming. There are still other options. I already can feel it. The Demon God will come.”

You scrunch up your face. “I don’t get it. I thought the Demon God needs to break into this world, now you’re talking about seeds like she’s hatching or something. Just what the hell is this Demon God.”

“The end, my love.” Grimhilde interjects. “I’m sorry we’re so vague, but even we don’t know everything. We just can feel his presence. The reactions already started.”

“And how much time do we have?” You finally ask after a brief moment of silence.

“Three months.”

“Oh, well, a lot can happen in three months. I mean, if you want to be technical, 150 chapters in this story has already been about a month and a half max. So, going at that rate, what, we’re aiming for ~500 chapters here?”

“Once again, I don’t know what my love is talking about, but yes, there is much we can do in 3 months to prepare for the Dark God.”

“Things like?” You ask.

The three sisters all look at each other and its finally Ursula who sighs and shrugs. “Our sisters. We want you to conquer them.”

“Conquer your sisters?”

“Yes, my love. Once all seven of us are under your thumb, you will be recognized as the Demon King.”

“Demon King? I don’t want to be a Demon King. I barely even want to rule Riun, and I make Kida do most of the work here.”

“The Demon King isn’t so much a ruler, my beloved.” It is Medusa who steps forward. “Rather, the Demon God can’t be fought by anyone but the Demon King. Becoming the Demon King involves being given a certain kind of magic. It’s a barrier-breaking magic. As my sister says, we don’t know the details, but we know one thing for certain. Only the Demon King can fight the Demon God. Noone else can even try. They’d lose already.”

“When I built this new body, I built it to fight a god. Are you suggesting it’s useless?”

“Not useless, my love, but insufficient. If the Demon God comes and there is no one who has learned the Demon King’s knowledge, then the Demon God wins. You’d have already lost before you even tried.”

“Argh… this is so annoying!” You drag your hands through your hair resisting the urge to pull. “Okay, fine. I don’t really care about your prophecy or Demon Kings or whatever, but I planned to conquer your sisters anyway. So, it’s not like I care that much.”

“Be careful, my love, we need a stronger army to fight our sisters. Our countries are ranked from one to seven. Tremaine and Cruella are more power than all four of us combined both in might and resources. They are the oldest living sisters.”

“At this point, I can just summon them to me, slap them with my Gigapenis, and it can be over with.” You mutter.

Medusa chuckles. “As much as I’d like you to slap me around with your penis, my elder sisters are less… amiable than I am. If you conquer either with such… backhanded methods, their anger and pride won’t allow them to accept you, and you’ll never be King. You’ll need to defeat them fairly. Fairly, and overwhelmingly.”

“Argh, so troublesome. What about the other one?”

“Gothel? Although my country is bigger and more industrious than Gothels, after our loss here by that slug’s suicide attacks, neither my army nor my sisters are fit for an invasion. If we gather all of the armies here and unite them, it should be enough, but there is still one problem.” Medusa explains. “Gothel uses a lot of area curse effect magic. Hand to hand combat with her troops is dangerous. It’s best to battle her armies from a distance… yet our armies aren’t archers.”

“We need curse resistant archers?” You ask cautiously.

You could probably whip them up with the right kind of magic.

“The dark elves.” Ursula interrupts your thoughts. “Their race is especially curse resistant and known for their archery skills. If you could gain their favor…”

Grimhilde’s eyes brighten “Pocohontas!”

“Speaking of which…” You look to the side as the very dark elf you needed to see comes running up.

“Hey, Pocohontas, we were just…”

“No time!” Pocohontas interrupts. “Your babies, trouble!”

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