The Power of Creation – Chapter 165

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With a quick teleport, you take Pocahontas back to the mansion before the demon lords can even respond. A woman of few words, Pocahontas immediately starts navigating you. Of course, it only takes a turn before you realize that you are being guided to Aurora’s room where Aurora and Merida are giving birth. Although Pocahontas is now withchild as well, she hasn’t started to show just yet. Of course, you are only thinking about that to hide your own anxiety over what might have happened to your babies. Maybe Pocahontas should tell you something of what happened.

However, as those thoughts came, you already found yourself in front of the your baby’s mama’s room. You immediately shove open the door. Your eyes fall on the two women in sister beds, there is a great deal of blood on the sheets. The women look haggard, and tears are running down their cheeks as they hold each other and cry.

You immediately search the room in absolute terror, until your eyes land on two red mounds of flesh. They look like red and veiny bags of flesh. Your lips curl in absolute freight. Your babies… they hadn’t come out right. Rather, they ended up as these disgusting lumps of flesh. There was nothing in that pile of flesh that could be considered remotely living.

You fall to your knees. What had you done wrong? Did the magic fail? Did it have something to do with the dark god?

“H-how did this happen… o-our babies!” You cry out, holding your hands up. “Damn it! Damn it all to hell!”

“Uh… hero-san…”

“What!” You snap, but when you see Aurora’s tearful face you suddenly feel very guilty. “Aurora… I’m so sorry…”

“D-daddy… that’s…”

“Why did this have to happen?” I cry out.

“Darling, it’s the afterbirth.” Cinderella interjects.

“Huh?” You turn to the two ladies given you odd looks while they wipe the tears with handkerchiefs. “What now?”

“After a woman gives birth, she must expel the placental tissue. Those are just the after birth.” Cinderella explains.

“Hero-san.. you did realize those aren’t the babies, didn’t you?” Aurora asks cautiously, trying not to smirk.

“Of course!” You immediately stand up, recovering with extreme quickness. “What do you take me for! I’m just wondering why THAT is sitting out here on the table!”

“Some of the information given to me by Darling suggests that eating the placenta is good for…”

“Oops! I accidentally vaporized it. Clumsy me…”

“Rejected so quickly…” Cinderella looks downtrodden at her deliberate suggestion being so savagely destroyed.

“So, anyway, where are my daughters?” You ask, patting off your pants.

The two mothers glance at each other before looking away. Very suspicious…

“Why, Darling, your daughters are behind you!”

“Eh?” You turn around, and that’s when you realize that there are two additional people standing in the corner of the room. “What?”

“Sister, sister, is father somewhat stupid?” a girl whispers while watching you cautiously.

“Mm… sister, don’t know. Perhaps he is funny? So-called dad jokes?” The other respopnds.

A pair of girls are standing naked in the corner holding each other, their size B breasts pressed against each other and their hands in each other’s embrace as if they are scared to split even an inch. They aren’t loli girls, rather, they have slim shapely bodies of around fifteen or sixteen. However, the most notable thing about these women beyond their pale white skin and extreme beauty is their hair. Half their hair is hot pink, a color that has never existed in this world, and the other half is midnight black. Each girl has a mole under  one of her eyes. The girls are undoubtedly twins. No, that wasn’t the right word. They were exact mirror images of each other.

“Um… girls, perhaps you should introduce yourself to your father?” Aurora sounds slightly awkward, like she’s at a loss on how to introduce them.

“Mm… Anna.” One girl nods and simply says.

“Elsa.” The other girl adds.

The two girls finally pull themselves apart, revealing their naked bodies. Even their pubic hair is half pink and half black. The one named Anna is black on the left, the one named Elsa is black on the right. The two girls, while still holding their arm together, give a slight bow and speak in unision.

“Father, please take care of your horny daughters!”

“Ha-ha-horny!” The word comes out before you could help yourself.

For the first time in this world you’re not 100% sure how to proceed.

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