The Power of Creation – Chapter 169

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After constructing the last of the collars for the moment, you look on curiously as Snow White approaches you, surprisingly looking a bit shy despite her usual domineering, intimidating nature.

“Warrior. That was, eh… fine work you did!” Snow White declares loudly. “And uh… the goblin army has finished cleaning up the zealots and have returned to their underground bunker with their pregnant women in tow.”

This seemed to be something akin to small talk for her, something she certainly isn’t used to doing. The way she looks awkward trying to be casual is a little cute. However, the Snow White you know wouldn’t be talking to you unless she had something important to say. She is neither an overly affectionate woman nor a particularly social one.

Other than the odd friendship with Kida, Snow White remains a bit of a lone wolf. Most of the other girls have formed cliques as their numbers grow. Despite Ariel’s venerable position as harem bitch and Tiana’s pitiable position as harem whore, the two girls had quickly moved to being quite close, and when Ariel isn’t up to sexual shenanigans she often would be with Tiana and Aurora while Merida stands nearby as a guard. This could be called the noble girls. Grimhilde also seems to drift into that group, but since her sisters showed up earlier, she’s been near them to help them acclimate to their new roles as haremettes. Together, they’d be the demon lord girls.

When Grimhilde isn’t doing that, she is helping Kida with her pseudo-role as mayor of the town. In the absence of any kind of formal government outside your lordship, Kida has used the adventuring guild as the local law enforcement and source of rule until something more official can be determined. Add Snow White who manages the army, and Cinderella who functions as a secretary because of her source of information on the modern amenities you added to the town… and you have the town hall girls.

While Mulan also has the loner attitude, her clingy sister Mushu has kept her company of recent. Naturally. Megara has seemed to catch their ear recently, dragging in Nala and Belle. You could call them the Union girls.

Finally, Elena protects her sister, but Pocohantas has seemingly taken a liking to the sisters as well and sometimes acts as Elena’s older sister. As a former man (fake), she still had some adjustments to being a woman, and Pocohantas has been the most reliable at giving her proper information. Including Elena’s pet, Rapunzel. You could call these the natural girls, or you could also call them the Elena fan club as her cute demeaner and innocence is what ties all of the girls to her.

“What is it? What do you want?” Albeit Snow White’s attempts at beating around the bush are cute, you decide to immediately go for the heart of the matter while shaking away your thoughts on character dynamics.

Snow White suddenly straightens like she has just been goosed before nodding and speaking quietly. “Yes, um, earlier, Warrior chose to claim this Queen’s womb.”

As soon as she says this, she piques the interest of several of the nearby girls. Tiana and Ariel are leaning close in a not too obvious way, but even the demon lord girls are feigning a conversation while they listen to the conversation.

“Yes, and?” You inquire out loud, not really caring who hears.

A blush forms on Snow White’s cheeks before she forces herself onward. “That is, to say… you came inside me, for the first time. The other goblins, their women… are all… pregnant. There gestation period is only a week or two. Therefore…”

Snow White seems to have lost her ability to speak any more of the question, so you simply shrug. “You want to know if I made you pregnant?”

If she was light yellow before, her skin turned a deep yellow now. “That is… of course, female goblins are exceptionally rare, and virtually infertile. It would be very difficult for this queen…”

“Ah, well, I didn’t make you pregnant.”

“Yes… of course.” Snow White tries to hide a flash of disappointment before she puts on a brave smile, nods, and turns away. “Very well, then I’ll be going.”

You sigh, pulling off your blacksmith’s apron, “Well then, we’ll just have to get you pregnant this time!”

“Huh!” Snow White’s eyes go wide as she spins back. “No, Warrior! This is actually best! I do not wish to have children at this time. As the general, it would be bad if I were to become pregnant!”

“Haha! It’s cute you say that like I’ve ever given you a choice!”

“B-b-but… Warrior… this is… why?”

You shrug. “I wanted to have some baby daughter to bounce on my knees and instead I got these incestuous twins who’d rather bounce on my cock.”

“Hey, sister. Father called us incestuous. What is incestuous? Can we eat it?” Anna asks.

“Mmm…” Elsa nods excitedly. “I think it means we can eat Father’s cock.”

“Then we must be as incestuous as possible for Father’s sake!”

“I want to bounce on Father’s knee.”

“I want to bounce on Father’s cock.”

“Can we do both?”

“At the same time?”

You ignore the twins as they talk to each other with such sweet dark words. “Anyway, you said it yourself, a baby in a week. The perfect incubator.”

“I-i-incubator!” Snow White’s eyes were looking dizzy, but after a moment her eyes harden. “Very well, let’s go to my room and use my bed. This Queen will graciously take your seed!”

Snow White wasn’t that particularly shy when it came to sex stuff. Whether it was battle or sex, she took every mission bravely and with resolve. She’d swallow cum, accept anal, or do anything else the Warrior wanted from her. The only kind of thing that ever made her sweat was the public stuff. Even mentioning her previous event in front of the other girls was difficult. So naturally, being violated in front of an audience was dreadful. That’s why the chance to enjoy you behind closed doors made her infinitely happy.

“Hey! Who wants to join me while I impregnate Snow White?” You call out.

“Oh, I do, I do!” Medusa leaps forward only a step behind Ariel.

“What!” Snow White starts to blush again, but is helpless as a half dozen women push her along into her room while striping her of her clothing.

Suddenly, her intimate time with you has become an orgy with witnesses. Even when making a child, the Warrior chooses to demean and embarrass Snow White! She starts crying as she’s immediately stripped of all dignity and turned into your incubating oven.

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