The Power of Creation – Chapter 17

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Of course, leaving things like that would cause the King to likely chase after you for the rest of his life. That’s why you hit him with a spell that makes him think both his wife and daughter have died. The rest of that act was not really done for him, it was done for Aurora, the mom. She left with you willingly, sacrificing herself for her daughter. She also left knowing her husband wasn’t willing to do the same. It may not be love, but it is a good enough start towards bringing her into your harem.

She makes a surprised noise as the group suddenly leaves the throne room, and ends up back in the forest next to your faithful cottage. You stare at the cottage a minute before Ariel leans against you.

“That cottage is starting to get a little small. Should we make it bigger?”

“Naw, it is just a temporary home anyway. If I want to start changing this world for the better, I need a more public base of operation.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like a nicely-sized town. Perhaps with an adventurer’s guild if this world has them. The more variety of species the better. I’d like to find elf girls, catgirls, dog girls, dwarf girls… I want to collect everything this world has.

“Um, excuse me, hero-san, our country does not have many demi-humans, but if it’s diversity you want, Riun would be the best city for it.” The Queen spoke up while sticking close to her daughter who was still holding your arm.

“Riun, huh? Do you know how to get there Mulan?”

“This lowly dragon knows the way.”

“Ah, good, then could you fly us over there?”

“No… I am happy to fly master and the bitch, but I will not take some random woman.”

“Did you just call my daughter a bitch? I’ll have you know, I am a queen!”

“Don’t care. I only carry those that master has broken.”

“B-broken? Wh-what has hero-san don to my innocent daughter?”

“It’s fine, mom, I’m fine. She means it more like house-broken.”


“Well, I’m the hero’s bitch, mom.”

“Th-the hero’s bitch?”

“Mmhmm… and I’m happy that way. That’s why I asked hero to bring you with us. I know you’ll be happier too.”

“I, I don’t understand what you’re saying…” The Queen looks confused.

“It’s okay mom, you’ll get it soon. Can we get mom ready?” Ariel begs you.

“Well, I don’t think we have any other choice. I was hoping things would move forward a little slower, but it looks like the queen is going to have to go through Spartan training.

“Mmm… the lowly dragon will wait out here for you.”

“Wh-what are you going to do to me?”

“Don’t worry mom, it only hurts a bit.”

The pair of you grab the Queen and drag her into the cabin so that she can get the royal treatment.

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