The Power of Creation – Chapter 173

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Having shed your pants now, you move on to the second girl, abandoning the wet, orgasming Ursula behind. As you stare at the next girl’s behind, you consider your last interaction. You had first determined it was Ursula and then you began to change how you handled her as a result. In a way, it feels like the fun was ruined a bit by knowing first.

Grabbing hold of you dick in its decapenis 10-inch state, you immediately line it up with the next girl’s pussy. This will be a trial by fire. You’ll take this girl Russian roulette. The number of intact virgins in your harem consist of only a few girls, so the chances are rather low that you’ll accidentally take someone you’d rather take later. However, you sense a little bit of exhilaration as you push up against an unsuspecting pussy. Not allowing yourself any time to guess who it is or give them time to prepare, you slide it in.

Unlike the wet and horny virgin Ursula, this woman hasn’t gotten wet first. You force your way in, and she provides a great deal of resistance. It takes almost a minute to roughly push yourself into her tight hole, and you have to use your hands to spread her cheeks open in order to accommodate your mass. It isn’t just because the girl lacks arousal, but also because she is incredibly tight. The woman herself shivers in much the way Ursula had, and she probably would be kicking and screaming as you reamed her pussy with your penis had she not been frozen by Medusa.

Well, it’s her fault for not having properly prepared herself for your cock. As you pull your cock back out, there is a little bit of blood on your cock, causing you pause. Had you defiled one of your virgin harem members? You won’t feel bad if you have, but you don’t want her first experience to be too shitty. Bending over for a minute, you stick your tongue in her crotch, eating her pussy for a little bit to add some lubrication. Although detective magic would ruin the game, Medusa said nothing about other magic, so you clean the damage and remove the blood before sticking your tongue inside her.

Even your tongue feels her extreme tightness which doesn’t match the nice round body and tasty glistening pussy on display. Once again, you close your eyes to fight against the illusion, using your hands and tongue to get a feel for the woman’s true form. You immediately realize she’s a lot smaller than you initially had thought. The illusion made it look like you were touching a tight, rotund ass, but when you actually used your feeling of touch, it is actually quite a small and pert butt.

Her body is skinny and small, her pussy appears to feel hairless, and the tightness of her small canal is obvious. She smells pleasant, a little like candy, and she tastes sweet and innocent. Your eyes widen right away, your tongue still stuck deep into her pussy canal as she shivers silently at your enthusiastic machinations. Did you finally defile Jasmine? It wasn’t your intention to violate the little girl in such a rough manner. What had come over you?

Wait a second, you needed to think about this a bit first. Although Jasmine is young, she is still starting to reach that age where she thinks about sex. More than that, Jasmine is highly motivated and possesses a stronge desire to have sex with you. Therefore, had you slide it into Jasmine, Jasmine absolutely would have been moist and ready. Even if her biology lacked the necessary lubricant, she’d make sure to have properly prepared if given the opportunity.

The more you worked the taste of this pussy in your mouth, the more you realized that you recognized this unbearably tight hole. Yes, there was only one pussy as tight and resistive as this one. There was only one tiny tiny who would smell like candy and taste like strawberries. Of course, it was none other than Maleficant!

You stand back up with a sigh. Her tight hole hadn’t been stretched enough by you yet. Clearly, various distractions had kept you from properly breaking her open as Pun intended. However, with her pussy properly wetted now and the taste of her sex on your lips, you slide your dick back into Maleficant’s waiting pussy. She is still resistant and tight, but you manage to work your ten inches into her tight cunt in only thirty seconds this time. Without her cursing and struggling, it’s actually a lot easier to fuck her. However, her shivering takes on a new meaning as your realize the vulgar words that would probably be flying out of her mouth as she accuses you of being a pervert.

She is so tight that there isn’t much room left, and you can’t pull out or the tightness of her pussy will push out your entire cock. It looks from the outside like your cock gets suddenly sucked into a pink hole, crushing your girthy cock in her tightness. As to how this compares with the last time you enjoyed Maleficant, then you had shrunk your penis to the modest 7 inches, with 30% less girth. The size you were now would never have been able to penetrate her. Therefore, Maleficant was truly making progress, and with her unable to resist your cock, your continued to work on spreading her micropussy with your giant cock.

She felt good, really good, and the shuttering of her body without any other movement in conjunction with her enormously tight snatch stimulated your penis erotically. It seemed like in the absence of the woman being able to say or do anything, the slight reactions, shudders, twitches of her pussy were easier to grasp and let to more subtle but somewhat erotic feelings being transmitted to your cock.

“Ah, shit, I’m going to cum…”

“So, beloved has chosen?”

Your eyes widen, suddenly remembering the game you are playing with Medusa. You immediately pull out, Maleficant’s tight hole clamping shut and forcing the last two inches out herself just as the first shot of cum erupts. It shoots across Maleficant’s ass. You immediately wipe Maleficant’s shivering pussy, and you can feel that apparently she started cumming too. In fact, it is probably Maleficant’s cumming that saved her from a creampie and impregnation. As her tight pussy clamped down even tighter than normally, it successful popped your cock out just in time for your cum to avoid being injected inside her.

Of course, she would clearly be aware of the hot streaks of stuff dripping down her ass, but she is powerless to do anything but stand there bent over as cum drips down her ass and legs. You carefully take several more wipes to make sure nothing remains around her entrance hole, and then sigh before looking up at Medusa, who is watching you with an amused smile.

“It doesn’t count.” You state as a matter of fact.

“Of course,” Medusa doesn’t protest. “But can you keep going?”

You laugh at Medusa’s vote of no confidence. You are already erect just looking at the next woman. Even your old body could go a hundred times before feeling drained. This body could fuck all day without remorse! You head for the next pussy to conquer.

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