The Power of Creation – Chapter 180

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“Father, will you teach Anna and I how to be naughty now?”

You give the two girls who were now jumping around your bed playfully a light grin. “You girls will never be naughty. You will always be daddy’s good girls, yes?”

“Anna will always be Father’s good girl, but I think Elsa will be naughty!” Anna declared, throwing a pillow at Elsa.

Elsa gives Anna a glare as she dodges the pillow. “No! Anna is the naughty one! I caught her touching her privates while thinking about a boy she liked!”

“Wh-what?” You look over at Anna.

“Th-the boy was father after all, I’m sorry father, but when I think of you I can’t stop feeling funny, and when I touch down there it feels good.” Anna had her head lowered as she explained.

“Anna is naughty, Anna is naughty!” Elsa declares, pointing and laughing.

“Does Elsa not touch down there?” You ask suspiciously.

Elsa’s sudden words stop, and she looks to the side unable to meet your eyes, “N-no…”

As she says this, a blush appears on her face and she twists her feet, showing the classic signs of a guilty party.

“She lies!” Anna declares.

“I-I don’t! Well… maybe once… I… Father, I’m sorry! Please discipline me!” Elsa gives you begging eyes as she lowered her body in shame.

You shake your head with a sigh. “How much do you girls really know?”

The two girls look up at your serious face and cock their heads in confusion. They turned from babies to sixteen-year-olds in seconds. Even as Aurora demands that you teach them about sex, the two girls clearly had strong sexual appetites. As innocent as they act, they clearly know some things, and it is actually somewhat difficult to tell what is an act and what is genuinely something the girls don’t know.

The big question you have is who inserted all that information into their heads? They grew to the bodies of sixteen-year-olds, but that didn’t teach them how to talk or anything like that. You learned first hand from Rapunzel the squirrel girl that simply using magic to give someone a special body doesn’t necessarily give them a better mind. Yet these girls could function far beyond the capacity of a child. Even from a sexual point of view, while the girls seemed innocent in some respects, they’d also act in ways that were clearly intended to provoke.

“Sister, sister, is Father upset with us?” Elsa asks worriedly.

“I don’t know, sister. I feel like crying.” Anna put on a tearful look as she watches me with tears in her eyes.

You stand up a sigh, stretching. “Since I don’t know what you girls know, I’ll just have to treat it like reprogramming. Like your mom said, I’ll train you until all you can think about is me!”

“Father?” The two girls cocked their heads in confusion.

Immediately, you pull down your pants, allowing your large member to erupt forth in front of your sweet and innocent daughters. Both girl’s eyes open in wonder as the beast is unleashed. Although this isn’t the first time they’ve seen it during their playful curiosity, your unveiling seems so deliberate that it can’t help but tantalize their attention.

“This is your father’s penis. You both are going to get well acquainted with it in short order. It has pleased many women, including both of your moms. It made the pair of you exist, and if you give it special attention, it will make the pair of you feel very good too!”

“Ooo…” Anna clapped as if you had just made a presentation.

“Father, can I play with it?”

“There are many ways you can play with your father’s penis. You can lick it like a lollipop. You can stroke it like an animal. You can rub it between your breasts or thighs. The best way to satisfy father is to put it inside you. It can go in your mouth, your butt, or your vagina.”

“Father, question, what is a vagina?” Elsa asked while raising her hand.

“That thing you rub when you think of daddy?” You explain, causing Elsa to blush slightly, “The hole is made for daddy’s cock.”

“Re-really… but it’s so small and tight and father is so big. I don’t think it can fit in me, I’m sorry, Father.” Elsa lowers her head shamefully.

“It can fit in me!” Anna declares.

“Father! Anna’s lying now! Father’s cock is too big and Anna just wants to show off!”

“I have every confidence both of you girls will fit daddy’s cock, do you want to try?”

“Oh, I do!” Elsa raised her hand.

“No, me first! Father, please, Elsa said it won’t even fit in her so stick it in me.”

“No, me!” Elsa pushes Anna away.

“No! Me!” Anna pushes Elsa back.

You scratch your chin and sigh. “This is truly a worrisome issue. You are both my very good daughters. Which shall I stick it in first? When a man is forced to choose between two sunsets, which does he decide to stick his dick in first… that is the ultimate question of life.”

“Father…” Both girls move forward with begging eyes.

“Haha! Of course, the answer is most clear. How could I ever choose one, when I can have both?”

“B-both?” The girls look at you in surprise.

A moment later, you split in two, and two the shock of both of the girls, they are no longer the only identical twins in the room.

“There are two fathers?” The girls say in unison.

“I call my penis Thing 1” You point down at your dick.

“And I call mine Thing 2.” The other you also points down at your dick.

“And we’re going to use them to fuck the pair of you!” You declare together.

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