The Power of Creation – Chapter 181

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“Sister, sister, Father is on top of me,” Anna says over to her sister, identically pinned down on the bed.

“No, no, father is on top of me!” Elsa shoots back.

Both girls have been stripped of their clothing, and are now being pushed down on the bed with you on top of them. Of course, both ‘you’ are just as naked as your little girls, and a mean looking mass of meat is jutting out from your hips towards their pale pink pussies. Both girls don’t resist their Father in the slightest, instead, wearing excited eyes waiting with anticipation. If you look down at their light pink cunts, you’ll see them very wet and ready for Father’s penetration. However, while your dick is close, it hasn’t touched the girls yet. Rather, they hover over the girl’s waiting honeypots, threatening to savagely take their virgin pussies at any second.

“Sister, my Father is the true father, of course. He loves me best!” Anna declares.

“You… father would rather have me! The one on top of me is real. You just have a copy!”

Your face tightens as you look at the two girls arguing. Anna even reaches out and slaps Elsa. Elsa immediately tries to return the slap, and it takes the pair of you grabbing their arms and holding them against the bed to keep the two girls from fighting. Even now, they stick their tongues out at each other once again.

As to their question of who is the real you, that might have been a legitimate concern some time ago. In the past, you could make a copy of yourself with magic, but there would be a copy. It was an inevitability that one would be the main “you” and the other would not. You could share the same mind, but at some fundamental level, whether it be a clone, duplicate, or copy… one girl might feel gipped out for having been given the sloppy second.

However, that was before you created your new body. In truth, now, neither version of you is the true you. Your species isn’t even human anymore! These both are projections from your true body, and they are both you! There is no such thing as one body controlling the other, as they are both your puppets. In fact, you could create as many puppets as you wanted, and with your brain enhanced, it was quite easy to control both of these guys independently at the same time!

“Girls…” the one pinning down Anna says, “Stop fighting or daddy will not be happy.”

“You want to make daddy happy, right?” The other you asks.

“Please, Father, I want you to be happy!” Elsa begged.

“I’ll stop! Please, Father, give it to me.”

“Very well! I’m coming in!” You don’t waste another moment, immediately diving into your girl’s pussies, leaving the lining up and penetration to your innate sexual talent.

“Ahhhhh!” Elsa lets out a loud moan.

“Sister, sister, it’s inside me!” Anna cries out.

You take in the pleasure as your penis simultaneously slides into two tight, pink pussies. Although virgins, Elsa and Anna were created by you, and whether intentional or not, they are created for sex. So naturally, they experience little pain and all pleasure as your cock splits open their waiting pussies. The concept of breaking open or ripping their hymens simply isn’t possible, women made by you could never reject or resist the penetration of your cock!

Two little girls simultaneous writhe and pant as you force ten inches of cock deep inside them. In fact, the amazing feeling of your cock sliding inside seems too much for the girls, as their eyes roll up in their heads and they start moaning more and more. Their pussies hungrily throb against your cock, and it’s only a few moments after penetration where you feel the double whammy of two pussies cumming around your member. Their wet juices are already flowing as they twist and moan under you while you hold your rambunctious daughters down forcefully to the bed, preventing either one from resisting your relentless penetration.

“Are they perhaps too sensitive?” You wonder aloud.

As it turns out, the unique method of conception might have made these girls too erotically sensitive. Their first penetration is enough to make them instantly cum in the absence of any pain. In fact, the girls must have been suffering since their birth the previous day. Even the slightest breezes stimulate the girls erotically. It is no wonder that they are constantly acting lewd and erotic, the two women are so incredibly sensitive that they are constantly being turned on, even when they don’t understand what that means entirely.

As such, this is likely the first orgasm Elsa and Anna have ever gotten to experience. Although they had previously spoken of touching themselves, they lack the true knowledge to be able to induce an orgasm. You feel slightly bad that you had made your daughters wait so long for any sort of relief. To think that they had to deal with constant sexual arousal without any true understanding of how to relieve it!

“Father, please, kiss me!” Anna begs, tears of joy and relief flowing down her face.

“Hug me, father!” Elsa calls out, gasping for breath.

The two girls beg for more of your affection, and after feeling how much relief you could provide your daughters, you oblige. Lowering yourself down, you fully envelop the feeling of these identical twins under your two bodies. Slowly, you start moving your hips, thrusting your cock into their wanting pussies. Your lips find your daughters, and you find your tongue entangling with two sweet tasting women. As to their sex, the start shuttering as their pussies orgasm again and again. You’d forced a similar event on Medusa with your tongue, but in this case, it was your daughters own sensitivities that led to them cumming again and again, spurts of liquid coming out with even other thrust as they unleash the extreme arousal that had been torturing them since conception.

As you continue to relieve your daughters, you begin to pick up their uniqueness. Although they are twins, they aren’t exactly the same. In reality, they are the exact inverse, both in appearance and behavior. It is only known that you have pulled the twins apart and appreciated them separately that you can taste the unique flavor of each woman. Elsa is more restricted and reserved. Her legs wrap around your hips tightly and she squeezes your body as she holds on to you. Much like Elena without the claws, she clings desperately to you, her eyes taking on a fervent look of want as she tries to pull your bodies together as tightly as possible, trying to bring you as deep into her as possible, wanting every inch of skin contact with you she can manage.

Anna, meanwhile, is more unkempt and wild. Her hands run up and down your back. Her back arches, her legs spreading and hips gyrating. While Elsa wants to be as close as possible, Anna seems to want to be as active as possible. She bites at your neck various times as her hands graciously enjoy your body, squeezing and feeling for her maximum pleasure. She lets out moans and screams and wails. Although her vocabulary is limited at the moment, you imagine she’d be the kind of girl who speaks very dirty when she grows up.

“I love you father! I love you!” Anna moans.

“Mmm… mmmm…” Elsa can only blush as she holds you tighter and tighter.

“I want… I want… I want… all of Father!” Anna suddenly calls out.

A second later, the world goes dizzy for a second. You shake your head, continuing to thrust into Anna. Wait, you look forward in confusion. You’re looking at yourself on the other side of Anna, the pair of you now facing each other. Anna is between the pair of you. One of you is plowing her pussy. Elsa’s pussy is now gone, having been replaced by Anna’s mouth. The pair of you are now spitroasting Anna, while Elsa is nowhere to be found!

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