The Power of Creation – Chapter 182

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“Hah? Anna, my daughter, where is your sister?”

“Hah… ghhhrrr…” Anna made a noise as she suddenly choked on one of your cocks before finally spitting it out. “Puh… Father’s cock is so big. I don’t know what Father means. Anna is Father’s only daughter.”

“Eh?” You look down on Anna, and for a second it almost feels like Elsa and Anna’s bodies  merge into one person. “I-is that so?”

Your frown grows slightly, but the feel of Anna’s mouth and pussy are too undeniably good to let up. Despite never having properly trained Anna’s mouth, her tongue takes your dick excitedly like a lollipop, and without any of the modesty that her mother might exude. She isn’t afraid to drool and make a mess. A bit like the uncultured Snow White, she drools and slobbers all over your cock enthusiastically, never wasting a second to rub her face and lips all over your dick while gasping for more breath, only to plunge it down her throat again. However, she adds an extra charm of innocence and blind curiosity. Where Snow White has a basic understanding of the end game of making you cum, Anna instead treats your cock like a tasty toy, with no understanding of things like pacing or building up a climax.

In that way, her mouth feels good but isn’t building towards anything. No, it is the other you, with his balls deep in her pussy, which sets the pacing that is building up. You pound her pussy, growing more intense and harder, creating lewd slapping sounds as you go. Anna herself is ecstatic, unable to stop the orgasms from shooting through her system like fireworks. Clearly built differently from normal girls, Anna isn’t limited to a set number of orgasms. Even the insatiable Ariel needed breaks every now and then, the reward system inside Anna’s brain is set so that she can keep cumming and cumming, so even with her extreme sexual sensitivity, she won’t break no matter how much you give your daughter release.

After all, that’s how you built your one and only daughter. It should go without question that you properly make her feel good. In fact, her pussy feels so incredible, constantly cumming around your cock. The tremors as her vaginal walls tighten around your shaft while creating a vice on your dick. However, she’s also so wet with her constant cumming, that her pussy fails to grip your cock in the slightest. As the result, her pussy offers no resistance, fully accepting her daddy’s cock without limit.

“Ah, AH, Father! Yeah! Father. Don’t Stop. Cum… Cum in your daughter!”

You want to oblige, your balls ramming home into her cunt, wanting to fill your daughter up with your thick, hot seed. However, something just seems off. Your mind seems to be fighting this. The pair of your bodies look at each other as you violate your daughter. One of you is playfully touching her tits while she slobbers over your cock, the other has a hold of her hips while you ram her pussy with extreme vigor. Exactly why is there two of you? This is her first time, isn’t two a little excessive? You have not double teamed any of the other women before. Even the quadruplets were forced to face only one cock at a time, even as they all felt it.

“Father, please, cum! Cum in me before it’s too late! Give it to me before she comes back since Father loves me best!”

Too late? That’s when your cock slips a bit, losing the thumping rhythm. Wait, Anna isn’t your only daughter. You have two daughters, and they are both twins. The mirror image girl that had previously clung desperately to your body was Elsa. You had just been fucking Elsa. Your mind snaps back into reality, and you pull your dick out of Anna.

“Anna, stop bullshitting, where is your sister Elsa!” You say, while the other you deprive her of the dick in her mouth, even as she tried to reach for it.

“F-father, don’t think about her! We’re almost finished! I’m your number 1 girl. Please, just cum in me and I’ll be first!”

“Y-you bitch!” A shout suddenly reverberates, causing you to look around the room for the first time.

The world around you has oddly been whited-out, and you only realize now that besides the bed, everything else had a washed otherworldly feel. Those words seem to echo as if someone from the outside is shouting through some kind of door or seal.

“Chtt…” Anna gives an angry, disappointed look.

A crack in reality suddenly forms, and a naked woman jumps through into your room. At this point, all of the pressure that led you to momentarily forgetting Elsa dissipates, and you shoot Anna an angry glare as she refuses to meet your eyes.

“Anna! How dare you try to take Father from me! He’s mine!” Elsa shouts with a chilly demeanor before you can say anything.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter, Father has had me more. I’ve even pleasured him with my mouth! He hasn’t let YOU pleasure him with your mouth. I’m the first! I’m his favorite!”

“Girls… this is getting ridiculous.” You cause your second you to disappear, thus allowing yourself to maintain focus on the girls as you start trying to lecture them.

“You… two can play at this game!” Elsa declares before you can stop her.

You are struck with another wave of dizziness. With a slight bit of confusion, you reach down, and your hands end up cupping some pert, round flesh. You see a seductively cute, pale butt wagging in your eyes. A girl is in doggy in front of you, and she’s reaching back, pulling open her cheeks and revealing a clean tight, little dark hole. She looks back with a smile, it was of course, Elsa.

“Father, please give your only daughter anal. Stick it in, Father, I want your dick in my ass!”

“Ah… of-of course…” You push your dick into Elsa’s tight butthole.

Even though her butt is tight, she’s spreading it open and doesn’t resist her daddy’s penetration at all. Having turned back into one person, your dick is very wet with slobber and pussy cum from plowing her other… errr… other? Other who?

You start taking your daughter’s ass, and even as something feels a little off you don’t mind it because her butt just feels too good and tight.

“Of course, anything for my only daughter.” You give her butt an affectionate little slap, causing the innocent Elsa to giggle.

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