The Power of Creation – Chapter 184

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“Ah… f-father…”

“Fa-father… hahaha… please.”

You bend your two little girls over on the bed. Two perfect little behinds are wagging in the air as the two girls await your punishment. They reveal two glistening pussies accompanied by clean lines of pubic hair in an inverted pattern from the other. After lining the girls up in front of you with your belt, you just don’t have the heart to spank their little bottoms. Those pussies are just too tantalizing, and soon you dedicate a hand to each one, your fingers invading both of your daughter’s pussies enthusiastically.

Elsa holds to a pillow tightly, breathing hard as she lets out little cute moans while squeezing her bedding forcefully Meanwhile, Anna rocks her hips against your hand, desperately trying to force your hand to provide her the sexual pleasure she craves, her pussy rubbing up against you like a cat on catnip.

“F-father loves me best, I just came.” Anna moans out.

“No-no… stupid Anna.” Elsa cries.

In truth, both girls are cumming about the same rate, a pair of insatiable sluts who just won’t stop. You frown a bit as you consider how to bring the two girls under your control. Of course, the simplest solution is to collar the girls. You’ve made two collars which will restrict their abilities quite a bit. However, did you want to be the kind of parent who restricted your kid’s movements? How about spanking your children? Do you believe in corporal punishment?

You didn’t think you’d have to start worrying about these questions so early in their lives, but these are the questions you have to ask yourself. What kind of father are you? Well, you’re the kind that sleeps with your daughters, that’s a given, but what about all the other stuff? It is truly a conundrum.

“No, I’m his favorite!” Anna is pushing Elsa.

“I’m his favorite!” Elsa pushes back.

“Girls!” You shout. “Enough is enough!”

Both girls look back at you as if they are surprised you’re back there, even as you rub their tight clits to orgasm over and over again to the point that the bedding under them have been soiled. In many ways, the girls see it as a competition with you as the prize.

“Father… only you can settle this!” Elsa suddenly declares patiently, turning around and looking up at you with pleading eyes. “Who is your first daughter!”

“Father! It’s Anna, right? Tell this second it’s Anna!”

“It’s Elsa!” Elsa shoots, glaring at Anna.

“Anna!” Anna insists, glaring back.



“Well… there is one way to determine who daddy loves the most.” You state, rubbing your chin mischievously as an idea springs in your head.

Immediately, the two girls spin to you, reaching forward and grabbing the hem of your shirt, looking up pleadingly and begging for a solution with their adorable eyes.

“Why, it’s very simple. Pleasure your daddy’s cock. When I cum, it’s an expression of my love, so naturally, the girl who swallows the most cum will be the one who has received the most of dad’s love.” You explain.

The girls look at you with wide eyes, excitedly nodding and accepting every word you just said. Had Mulan and Grimhilde been present, they might have had a chance to warn the two girls against this sort of competition. They would instantly know that the amount you can cum isn’t something anyone one or even five girls can handle. You’ve been known to create tsunamis of cum, so what chance did your innocent little girls have?

However, these unknowing girls take the bait, and Anna takes the first act, throwing her pink lips around your cock and sucking hard like a lollipop. Of course, you don’t make it difficult to release a little semen. While it’s true you could last as long as you wanted, you could also cum as much as you wanted, and today you were going to give your little girls their fill. You cum into Anna’s mouth. At first, her eyes widened in surprise as the hot warm stuff shoots down her throat as if on command, but soon she is swallowing with vigor, bringing gulpfuls of spunk down her throat at a time.

“My turn!” Elsa shoves Anna, who while concentrating on your dick, loses her balance and falls to the side.

You’re still cumming and immediately start spraying white liquid all over, some of it hitting Anna, some of it Elsa, and some of it the bed, making it a sticky situation all over. Neither girl mind the mess, and Elsa makes sure to latch onto your cock instantly, taking in the sticky white stuff like her life depends on it. By the time Anna has managed to pull Elsa off your cock, you are done spurting semen down both of the girl’s throats.

“Wh-who won?” Elsa asks.

“Of course, I got more!” Anna insists.

You let out a condescending laugh. “Did you girls really think that all of daddy’s love is delivered in a single cumshot? Are you giving up just like that? To think, my daughter’s love is only this much.”

“No! Father… I love you so much more! I’ll make Father cum more, I promise!” Anna declares.

Elsa also nods her head excitedly as both girls begin to go to town on your cock. At first, the pair work together. While Elsa sucks on the tip like a lollipop, Anna attacks the balls enthusiastically with her lips while her hands grab your ass. However, after the double attack of both girls, as soon as you unleash another load, the two women become feral, aggressively trying to be the one to take the shot. As they fight over your cumming dick, semen lands all over their faces and bodies, causing more than half of it to fail to reach their mouths. Of course, the girls, begin licking each other too, pulling in as much semen as possible. Once the cum is consumed, they return to joint workmanship on your penis, milking it for the next load.

For the next ten rounds, this is the style of play. When their lips grow tired, they aren’t afraid to use their ass and pussy to stimulate more cum, but as soon as the hot sticky stuff erupts, they attack your dick with vigor. After accidentally sending a load deep inside Anna, Elsa aggressively eats every drop out of her. When a load later shoots hot cum up Elsa’s buttcrack, Anna licks it all up. The pair seem unstoppable.

However, after each load erupts, you increase the amount of the next batch. Soon, where at first your cum shot only gave enough to let them each swallow a few mouthfuls, soon your dick starts exploding like a faucet, spilling cum faster than the girls can swallow. By the tenth round, both girls have their lips around the tip of your cock and are slurping down wave after wave of ejaculate like they are drinking a milkshake from a straw.

However, things don’t continue like this forever. Eventually, the girl’s insatiable appetites collide with your unstoppable force. As your cock is an ever supplying faucet of “love”, even these girls reach a limit. After about 30 rounds of love, including about 5 rounds of anal and vaginal penetration on each girl, they seem to reach their limit. With bloated bellies, both girls finally pull away.

“Father… no more…”

“Father… so much…”

Of course, you’re relentless, the need for stimulation having ended and the limitless supply of white stuff shooting out spurt after spurt after spurt without end. As the girls desperately try to keep back the tied, it overflows from their mouths and runs down their chins and chests. As they finally can no longer keep their mouths swallowing, semen erupts across their faces as they cough up even more white stuff. It lands in their hair, their arms, their faces. It runs down their nose and cheek, their neck and shoulders, their boobs and ass.

As you continue to shoot load after load, the girls finally collapse in a pile of white spooge, their bodies bukkaked by your single unwavering cumshot.

“F-father… it’s all over. I’m a mess.” Anna whines.

“Please, Father…” Elsa cries, still feeling even more warm streaks of white land on ever bare inch of her skin, encasing her in your love.

Finally, you close the faucet, leaving the girls in a pile of white mess. Sticky, quickly drying, white stuff covers nearly every inch of them. It’s in their snatch, their ass, their mouth, their tits… gobs have found their way everywhere. These once beautiful twin girls have turned into a globby painting of white splotches.

“So…” You say as you pull your pants back up. “What did you girls learn today?”

“Ah? Father? Eh… spooge.” Anna grumbles.

“Father’s love is everywhere…” Elsa adds, lifting a hand as she rubs her swollen stomach, causing streaks of white to stretch out from her finger tips and and drip to the bed.

You nod. “Don’t harass father about who he loves more. Who is first? Your dad has more love to give than you sisters can even take together. This is why daddy has so many women because daddy has more love than anyone. So, remember next time you feel like you need to compete. I can fill your bellies and smother your bodies and I still have more love to give. Now, think about that while I go give more of my love to your mother. Understood?”

“Yes, father…” Both girls respond weakly.

You turn and leave the room, closing the door on your cum guzzling daughters. Patting yourself on the back, you assert that you’re a damn good parent indeed.

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