The Power of Creation – Chapter 186

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“Elena!” You growl out, walking down the hallway holding a squirrel by the hair.

Although the girl seemed to struggled and fight at first, now she just hangs there from her hair without even minding it. Her body swings back and forth from her long red hair without any expression of discomfort or pain on her face. Had she unbent her knees, she would have been able to support herself with her legs, but she seems to act somewhat feral, only willing to move around on four legs. As a result, rather than dragging her down the hall by her hair, you’re carrying her down the hall by the hair instead.

“Yes, sweatheart?” Elena nearly flutters as she comes out of a room along your warpath.

Ever since she accepted her place as a girl, she has jumped into the role with unexpected enthusiasm. She seems to have no problem wearing dresses or makeup, and now she has been growing her hair out as well, although it is still rather short, falling to about the mid-neck length. She has a bandanna on her head tying up her hair, and an apron around her plain dress. Complete with a black cat tail and cat ears, Elena was a picture perfect waifu.

Why was the one that grew up as a boy the most wife-like of all your women? Perhaps it is because she lived on the street and understood what it was like to have nothing that she worked so hard to please. Perhaps it was from having to take care of the sickly Jasmine her whole life. Either way, upon laying your sight on the gentle Elena who is looking at you with hearts in her eyes, a great deal of your anger is immediately dispersed.

“Well… er…” You find yourself only able to glare at the little monster that attacked your nuts.

“Rapunzel! Is that where she took off to… sweetheart, nothing happened, did it?” Elena immediately wears an expression of worry, moving right up to you, looking up with eyes full of nothing but absolute concern for her man.

Her complete adorable innocence puts you in an awkward place as she meets you with frank and honest concern. “Eh… well. In fact, she… uh, bit… me.”

“She bit you!” Elena let out a noise. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, quick, where did she bite you. I’ll make it all better!”

Elena immediately began lifting your shirt, her hands rubbing over your skin as she looks for the bitemarks, immediately causing you feel somewhat ticklish and just a bit uncharacteristically shy.

“That… is… my… balls…” you mutter, suddenly losing your confidence when you realize how silly your anger sounds towards her extreme concern.

“Eh?” Elena looks up, a question mark floating over her head.

“My…ahem… my penis.”

“Oh, no!” Elena put her hands up to her mouth in shock, being one of the few of the harem who might understand on some level the pain of a main being attacked there.

What she does next is completely out of your expectation. Immediately, she pulls your pants down in a single tug, immediately freeing your penis. She grabs it with her small hands, needing both to grip the massive thing. She looks it over very carefully, examining you penis  and ballsack for any damage. Naturally, her innocent hands playing around with your pecker immediately cause it to roar to life.

“Ah!” Elena drops the thing as it sudden grows longer and harder, causing the shaft to slap her forehead. “Sweetheart, I think I fixed it!”

With your shaft on Elena’s head and your balls on her nose and mouth, you see her two eyes looking up at you from around your shaft with excitement and relief. You give out a sigh, any last anger leaving you as you release the squirrel girl’s hair, who jumps away a few leaps before giving out a squeak at you.

“You know…” You say exasperatedly. “She was your responsibility yet she snuck in my room burrowing for nuts. I should punish you…”

“Ah!” Elena immediately stands up, the cock falling to the side and dragging along her body and apron as she stands, leaving a streak of precum. “I-I understand…”

Elena wears a sudden very serious look. She grabs your hand before you can speak and immediately drags you into a nearby room, locking the door as she goes. As you watch her curiously, Elena throws off her apron and immediately drops her pants just as quickly as she pulled down yours. Immediately kneeling on the bed, she bends over with her tight, small ass in the air. Her cat tail lashes back and forth over her butt, but otherwise she provides a full view of her pussy and backside.

However, she doesn’t stop there. She reaches back, grabbing each of her pert buttcheeks and pulls them open, revealing her tight virgin butthole, which has never been previously broken by you.

“Ok, sweatheart, please, take your punishment out on my butt. I can take it. I love you.” Elena looks back and gives you a reassuring smile as if to tell you it is all okay.

You scratch your head in confusion. “Ah, Elena, what are you doing?”

Elena raises an eyebrow. “Eh? When you wanted to punish Snow White, you stuck it in her butt. Even Pocohontas told me that it hurts and that you did it to hurt her. Many of the girls say you punish them by sticking it in their butts. Although Ariel said it feels good and she likes it, I can’t imagine it being anything but painful. However, even though my butthole is tight and small, don’t hold back. I love you too much, I don’t want any unresolved issues with us. Please, punish this hole for the both of us!”

You scratch your neck, at a loss of what to do. You might even feel a little bit guilty that you pushed one of your girls into a punishment she doesn’t really deserve. Ah, well, when life gives you a tight asshole, fuck it.

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