The Power of Creation – Chapter 192


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As you step outside of Merida’s room to air out the stench of sex, you hear the sounds of somebody throwing up. Curious, you walk out on the deck of the ship to see a tempting butt bent over in front of you. Rather, it is someone leaning over the side of the ship while looking slightly ill to the stomach.

“Eh? Is that you, Kida?” You realize that the large, muscular beauty before you could only belong to the vice-guild master.

Kida nearly falls off the edge upon hearing your voice. After shooting a look of surprise, she immediately tries to hide her face nervously. You can tell through the hair she holds over her face that she’s quite red with embarrassment. Kida is the kind of girl who prides herself on strength. Therefore, finding herself throwing up  with illness is displaying a weakness she doesn’t particularly like to show others.

It’s even worse that it’s you. Kida has yet to even be treated to a proper date. Although she’s been violated several times by you, she has never been conscious for any of those times. Thus, while she has steeled her heart to be your lover, she essentially still has a maiden’s heart. No woman would want their guy to see them in a situation where they are sick and throwing up. Kida desperately fights the urge to flee below deck in shame.

“Ah… Rookie… it’s just the air. I feel better now, I’ll be goin-“ Before she can even finish the sentence, her hand goes up to her mouth and she immediately leans back out over the edge.

While she’s leaning out, you walk up behind her slowly. Pulling out one of your hands, you place it gently on her back. As soon as your hand touches her, she immediately jumps like she was just electrically shocked. However, rather than looking back and showing you her sick face, she continues to stay leaned over the edge in embarrassment. Meanwhile, you lightly rub her back.

“I-if any other man touched me like this, I-I’d break his arm,” Kida says shakily, trying to sidestep her own embaressment.

You stop your hand movements. “Do you not like it?”

“N-no!” Kida suddenly protests, almost turning to you before turning away with a blush. “Please… continue.”

Kida’s entire body feels on fire, and it’s no longer just the airsickness. While you rubbing her back seems like nothing to you, to Kida who has never known a man’s gentle touch, it’s the most intimacy she has ever experienced. She had wrestled with men, including her numerous brothers, many times, and thus showed no problem with close contact. However, that was a far cry from the intimacy of being cared for by the man you’ve given yourself to.

“You know… I was always surprised.” You speak out retrospectively while Kida is frozen and lost on how to act. “Even though I did those things to you, you’ve happily decided to stay with me and support me. You’ve done so much to help me keep Riun going, even though I’m probably a lousy Lord. I’ve never thanked you.”

“No!” Kida denied your claim. “I’m just your follower doing what I need to do. Yo-you’re a wonderful leader. It’s just… my parents…”

You frown questioningly. “Your parents?”

“Ah!” Kida responds like she just thought of something. “My parents, actually, always wanted me to find a strong man. They said, if you ever lose yourself to a man, you must take him as your hu-husband. So… naturally, when I lost our match, it was already so…”

At the end of her explanation, her voice started to lower until you could barely hear the last part. Usually, Kida put on the airs of a confident woman like Snow White. In truth, she is actually pretty fragile in her own way. She has a lot on her shoulders. The guild, Riun, her reputation… she brutally fought to protect and help people. However, the real truth of it is despite her muscles she’s just an insecure woman who wishes to be held and protected like any other.

On the other hand, when her parents said ‘lose herself to a man’, you have the distinct impression her parents were talking about sexually, not in a fight. In other words, they probably were saying that if she found herself falling for a man and slept with him on impulse, she should marry him. In your case, she had lost in a fight with you, but it probably didn’t mean the same thing. When it came to the pair of you having sex, you had stolen it from her without her input! Kida clearly has some kind of misunderstanding with her parents! Of course, your lips are sealed on this forever.

Initially, even though Kida is beautiful, her size may have left you less interested in her than some of the other girls. You initially didn’t plan on putting her into your harem. However, she has shown herself to be reliable, dependable, and even have a cute side beyond her muscle-bound exterior.

With that, you decide you’re going to treat Kida more respectfully and return her sincerity back to her. It is time to be straightforward and to give Kida the sexual attention the poor girl deserves! However, you don’t have the same relationship with her you have with Merida who has already bared your children, so bringing it up feels a bit awkward. As powerful as you are, Kida’s physique is a bit intimidating when it comes to approaching her for sex, which is part of the reason you’ve only taken advantage of her while she’s been sleeping most of the time. As to why you don’t feel the same way with Snow White, that’s because she’s not human, and also because she’s so confrontational and arrogant that direct attacks seem natural.

“Guh! Why does the ship need to rock back and forth like this.” Kida leans out once again, sparking an idea in your head.

As you pat her back, you speak nonchalantly. “You know, I’ve heard of a good remedy for airsickness.”

“R-really? I’ll try anything at this point. What is it?” Kida asks, some of her nervousness lost in her own excitement.

“Ah, well, it’s just something I’ve heard. But according to what I’ve heard, if you swallow the… ahem… the seed of someone you love, it helps remove airsickness.” You say, watching her out of the corner of your eye.

“Really! Then I’ll…” Kida got excited a second until the meaning finally came. “Ah! You mean… th-that!”

“That.” You nod firmly, keeping your face expressionless.

Kida looks away, her face glowing red, but after a few seconds of thought, she gives you a determined nod. “Very well! Can you please give me some… of that…”

“It doesn’t just come out on command!” You lie. “You have to bring it out.”

“O-of course!” Kida panics with a fluster, blushing even more than you thought possible. “Th-then, you’re talking about… we’ll need to… with my…”

“You can do it properly with your hands and mouth.” You explain.

“Ah! You can? I mean, yes, of course!” Kida nods enthusiastically before giving you a bow. “Then, I must make a request of you Rookie. Please allow me to extract some of your… ah… that…”

“I guess if you insist…” You feign an unconvinced look.

Kida’s resolve seems to grow by the second. “I know, Rookie… that I haven’t been a proper lover to you these last few weeks, always sleeping or absent when you want company. However, although I’m unpracticed and don’t know what to do, I promise if you let me I will work hard to extract your seed. Please, give me a chance!”

As Kida says this and lowers her head respectfully, she has tears in her eyes. Her face is completely serious. Your mouth twists as you find your slight joke going a little too far. Kida has always been a person buried in responsibility. As is, she’s been established as your girlfriend and lover for over a month. Thus, in Kida’s mind, satisfying your sexual needs is her responsibility. Beyond Kida’s own sexual curiosity and sex drive, it’s actually her failure to complete this ‘duty’ of a girlfriend that has given her the most anxiety in her relationship with you.

“Very well,” You concede, “Let’s head to your room then.”

As you follow Kida, you realize she’s slightly shaking from nervousness. Although you had planned to use magic to alleviate the airsickness and reinforce the story, it turns out that Kida’s own nervousness towards this ‘first time’ has already caused her to forget about her airsickness completely. As she opens her door, her head lowered, her face blushing, gesturing you to come in shyly, you realize that this event you engineered is hardly sincere. Well, you’ll be sincere next time. This time you’re getting free head!

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