The Power of Creation – Chapter 197

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“Ah! Ah! Ah! Stop! Please stop! I’m sorry!” Tears run down Tiana’s eyes as she begs for mercy.Since you couldn’t have Tiana on the ship, the answer is pretty simple. You simply need to enjoy Tiana off the ship. Thus, you toss her over the edge. She is now naked, hanging over the side, your hands gripping her legs are the only thing keeping her from plummeting miles down to the ground. Of course, it isn’t just your hands keeping her up. Her pelvis is also supported by ten inches of penis, which as long as it remains erect, is capable of holding her lanky body horizontally in front of you.

However, each time you started pulling out, her pelvis loses its major support feature, and her body dips and your hands start to shake as you find yourself unable to hold on to her much longer. This is the point in which she becomes the most frantic, feeling the instability of your hands while her falls and her eyes roll up to see a sprawling landscape a mile beneath her.

“Ah, please, don’t take it out, You’re slipping. I’m starting to fall!”

“What are you saying? What do you want me to do with this penis?” You ask mischievously.

“Slide it back in!” Tiana says desperately, “Please, slide it in me, I need all of it! I don’t want to fall!”

You oblige, sliding the cock in and leveling Tiana out. However, as you push your hips forward a bit harshly, it causes her own hips to be pushed out, further leaving her out from the edge. She grabs on your hands which are holding her hips, afraid you might let her go. Meanwhile, she let’s out a wailing scream, tears now falling down her face freely.

“Ah, it’s starting to slide back out again!” You gasp.

“No! Please, stick it in me!”

“Are you sure you want all of it?”

“Yessss….!” Tiana shouts. “I want it as deep as possible, please don’t let me fall!”

“Okay…” You push your dick even harder against her, but while your penis stabilizes her body, it also serves to push her off the edge a little more.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Commoner, please! Please… ah, it hurts when it’s that deep!”

“Well, if it hurts then…” You slide out a little.

“No, no, no, no! Please, don’t take it out!”

“You’re giving me conflicting orders. I don’t think Tiana knows what she wants. Since that’s the case, I think I’ll just start fucking you now.”

“Ah! Commoner, let me back on the ship! I’m going to fall! Don’t start moving your hips. I feel like I’m slipping. Please!”

“But if I put you back on the ship while my dick is inside you, you’ll die, right?”

“Ahhhhh… take it out first then.”

“Okay, dokey…”

“No, no, it’s slipping, put it back in, put it back in!”

“Ah, it’s starting to feel really good, since you want it in and out, isn’t that just Tiana saying she wants to be fucked?”

“You bastard commoner! You… I hate you! I hate you!” Tiana screams tearfully. “Why won’t you stop?”

“Ah, isn’t that because I haven’t cum yet? Since we can’t have sex on the airship, we need to have sex off of it. That’s what you wanted. So naturally, once we’re done you can come back on board, right?”

“You… You… just do it then, finish quickly!”

“You want it quickly?” You thrust once in and out hard, causing her butt to fall down the side of the air ship just a little.

“Ahhh! No, take your time! Just do it! Get it over with!”

“Eh? You need to be specific. It’s really high up here and I’m feeling a little vertigo, so you need to be clear with your commands.”

“Please! Just fuck me! Fuck me and cum in me. Please! Now, do it now. Don’t let me go!” Tiana shouts tearfully

“Ah… Tiana, if that’s all you wanted, you should have just said so.” You chuckle.

Tiana glares up at your hatefully, but doesn’t otherwise respond to any more of your comments. As is, her naked body is bright red and flushed from the wind blowing past as the airship floats gently through the sky. However, when hanging from the edge, the gentle breeze feels like a tornado.

Furthermore, Tiana is in a position with her feet up and her ass over the edge of the ship while only being held by your dick slipped through the guard rail. Your sweaty hands grasp her hips, but her head is lower than her body. With her extremely light pale complexion, her face is visibly reddened as blood rushes to her head, both in fear and from her body being tilted upside down. In fact, it might even be a bit surprising she hasn’t passed out by now.

Carefully, you start moving your hips, thrust after thrust. You don’t allow your hands to lose their grip of her thighs. Tiana doesn’t know this, but you magically improved the grip, so it’d be quite difficult for you to drop her, especially with your extreme strength. You didn’t make it a habit of threatening women’s lives. You just wanted to scare her a bit and take a little vengeance for her bad behavior earlier.

However, the rush of holding her precariously over the edge while she screams for her life is a bit more provocative than you anticipated, and soon you find yourself getting into the sex, enjoying the feel of Tiana, who is desperately clinging to you while also afraid to move less she slip and fall. Her long, thin legs that might fit well on a supermodel are lying up your chest, and she is desperately trying to wrap her toes around your neck to provide herself with one more anchor to the boat. However, her toes aren’t quite long enough, and they merely scratched at the back of your neck as she squeezed it with her feet.

Also, but trying to hold on to your neck with her feet, she also ends up squeezing her legs together, and tightening her own pussyhole. This gives her pussy a tighter feel for your cock, and forces you to have to push harder to slide it into her. As a result of pushing harder, Tiana become even more desperate, clamping tighter, and leading to more pushing. As a result, Tiana is unknowingly making things more dangerous for herself, and more pleasurable for you.

While watching her flushed face that is starting to go delirious while enjoying yourself, your dick suddenly slides slightly smoother and almost falls out. This forces you to make a quick adjustment to keep from dropping her. The sudden movement causes Tiana to scream out. As it turns out, the extreme excitement of being held overboard while being fucked hard by your big dick mixed with blood rushing to her head and making her dizzy was too much for Tiana too, and despite her best efforts, she found herself cumming all over your dick. This changes the viscosity of her pussy, causing your dick to slide in smoother, and resulted in her nearly falling again.

Feeling how wet the orgasming Tiana is, it only makes you more lustful, and you pick up the pace, pounding her hard enough that if you weren’t using magic to sticky finger her sides, she would have already been knocked out of your hands. The girl herself has lost most of her mind at this point. The only two things that she can think about are fear and intense arousal. As adrenaline shoots through her, it leads to even stronger orgasms than when she was being degraded by you. In reality, she has never been as turned on or as sexually satisfied as in this one moment. Between a big dick, oxygen deprivation, and adrenaline, Tiana can do nothing but cum more and more. She starts slipping in and out of consciousness, but the good feelings kept being transmitted from her adulterous pussy, and she kept cumming accordingly.

This version of Tiana took you to your limits, and you finally explode, cumming inside Tiana even as you continue to thrust in and out of her. Your cock functions to churn the seed inside her, mashing up your cum with the lusty juices inside Tiana. However, as you cum, your focus is lost for a bit, and with the strong waves of pleasure you instinctually grab onto the guardrail bars for a better grip as you cum.

A moment later, you blow your last load, and your dick finally slides out of her pussy. Feeling relaxed and content, you suddenly get a feeling like you’re forgetting something. Looking over the edge of the airship, you make a frown.

“Oops, I dropped her.”

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