The Power of Creation – Chapter 202

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Of course, the ship kept on going, and the pair of you had to ride Mushu hard to catch up with your airship. And of course, while you rode Mushu hard, you also road Merida hard. Her only clothing was the see-through armor and no panties, so with her bare naked butt in your face as she pushes Mushu to fly faster and faster, you can’t possibly be expected to not touch her.

This time, you of course used your dick, and with Mushu already having grown accustomed to Merida and vice versa, they are able to fly smoothly even as you plow Merida from behind. Even as Merida cums in flight, Mushu is fine feeling Merida’s cum run down her neck and back, as well as your own spunk which drips down her spoiled pussy. If anything, it reminds Mushu of the previous night, and gave her warm feelings. The dragon breaths hard, only a little jealous that she can’t join you!

For dragons, a dragon frenzy isn’t a sense of shame. In fact, dragons pride themselves on their sexuality, and Mushu is probably more shameless than most as someone who openly pursues her sister. So, she has no regrets or feelings of embarrassment as she remembers ravishing the two humans on her back. As far as to how this event changes Mushu, it isn’t like she stops being a siscon. She still loves her sister, and if anything feels a little regretful she couldn’t dragon frenzy her sister. However, she still has hope when her sister reaches her first frenzy, that Mushu will be there. So yeah, she is still the same Mushu, but the experience has opened her up to the new possibilities.

The biggest change is likely a growing respect for humans. She was once very arrogant against humans, but from now on, she’ll be a lot more amendable to their presence. She could ignore your actions as those of her lord and hero, especially considering your status as human is questionable at best. However, Merida is undoubtedly a human, yet she managed to keep up with Mushu all night. For a human to survive a dragon frenzy could be considered miraculous. For a human to survive a dragon frenzy and be able to keep up with the dragon, Mushu could do nothing but gain a newfound respect for humans. Naturally, you took more than half the load off Merida’s hands, and with her stats upped and your magic available, there was never any doubt Merida would perform well… but Mushu didn’t know that.

The other thing Mushu gained from the experience is a better understanding of threesomes. She realizes how selfish and arrogant she had been in her previous threesome with you. By sharing herself equally amongst both lovers, she can enhance the experience for all three. She was actually stunting her sex with Mulan by being greedy, giving Mulan a less enjoyable experience as a result. This is blasphemy! She would become a better lover, giving you more equal attention in her future threesomes with her sister, and who knows, she might even like to have you alone from time to time.

The feel of a man is… nice. You smell different than Mulan. Plus you’re so big, and muscular. It was an entirely different world opened up to the once narrow minded Mushu. Of course, she also thought about the woman cumming on her back at the moment while the sounds of a cock pumping into her pussy sounded out through the wind. Big boobs were nice too, and so was a more curvy body like her own. Who knows, maybe in the future, Mushu would let Ariel touch her as well, and she had already decided she’d give herself to Merida again if Merida ever asked, not that she ever would.

You continue to pound Merida’s tight snatch to orgasm five times, and fill her pussy up with white stuff twice by the time the ship came into view in the distance. So much lust has run down Mushu’s neck and back that her scales would probably smell like sex for a month. This didn’t bother the dragon much at all.

As the ship grows closer, and you show no sides of slowly down your rough pounding of Merida’s backside, she turns back to you tearfully, her nose windburned, her cheeks flushed, her once tidy hair a mess. Any level of a respected wyvern knight has been stripped away by constant fucking. Is there such a thing as getting your fantasies met too well? Merida might start to think so.

“Can you please let me return with a little dignity?” She gives you begging eyes not unlike the ones that got her into this situation in the first place.

You sigh, finally pulling out and setting back heavily on Mushu’s back. Looking at Merida’s backside, now completely pink and bruised from constant abuse, her pussy swollen and pulsing, the hole drilled by your cock still gaping and unable to recover after so much nonstop sex. Drips of liquid drop from it, a mixture of your white and her clear liquids that are still oozing out. Finally, you lower her skirt, partially covering the mess you’ve made of her lower region over the last two days.

Merida gives a breath of relief, but a small part of her also has regret that it’s all over. A small part of her brain wanted to turn Mushu around and go a little longer. However, Mushu has been carrying you for several hours and it isn’t fair to keep fucking on her back. Merida has too pure of a personality to do that to someone she considers a friend. Is it normal for a knight to consider the woman who spends all night raping her as a friend? Who knows? But that’s the kind of person Merida is.

When you guys finally land, Mushu doesn’t wait to return to her human form. Of the three of you, it’s the two women who look the most haggard, with dry sticky cum all over their sexual parts, various bruises on their bodies, and windburnt faces. Mushu doesn’t even have any clothing, having destroyed her own earlier. Right now she is wearing Merida’s spare undershirt. Fortunately, the two women with similar boob sizes are able to wear similar shirts. Without waiting to say hello to anyone, both women head to the rooms to cleanup, providing a walk of shame for everyone who had been waiting on them.

After they left, you realize that everyone on the airship came out to see as soon as they heard you land. When Mushu spiraled off into the clouds yesterday, they started to worry. Naturally, when you didn’t come back, that worry started to grow. Even Snow White has worry in her eyes, but she hides it behind a placid face and a snort. Tiana has even come out of the doghouse while wearing a worried expression, but once she is sure you are okay, she gives a harrumph and turns away. She still hasn’t return to her house though.

It is actually Kida, who only recovered after you left, and Rapunzel who express vocal concern. Kida comes out and gives you a bear hug, her big breasts resting on the top of your head, before she pulls away and starts blushing, remembering the night before last. Waking up in the ruins of bed-kun had embarrassed her greatly, and she is worried that your opinion of her has been soiled. Meanwhile, Rapunzel scurried up, cocks her head left and then right, and nods when she saw you were okay, the relief on her face palpable.

“I’m sorry I worried you all. Mushu had some flying problems we had to take care of, but it’s all better now.” You lower your head and give the girls a proper apology.

Maybe it was having sex all night with a dragon in heat, or the fun both girls showed you both in the sky and on the ground, but you find yourself in a good mood. Your other women all worrying about you further warms you heart, so naturally, you feel it only right to apologize for unnecessarily worrying them.

“Ah! Rookie… It’s nothing.” Kida suddenly grows flustered.

“Warrior, do-don’t worry about it.” Snow White’s face turns yellow.

“Ah, commoner, what is commoner doing!” Tiana shrieks, her mouth wide open.

“Has Boss been broken!” The two maids held each other’s hands.

The girls seem to grow even more flustered by you giving a heartfelt apology. You can’t help but frown. You recognize you made a mistake and made people needlessly worry. All you did is provide an apology. It’s not like you’re so rude and remorseless that the girls would never expect you to apologize sincerely. Right? Right!?

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