The Power of Creation – Chapter 205

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“So, I guess you’ll be taking my virginity next?” Rapunzel asks on the last full day of the voyage.

“Eh? Why do you think that?” You ask.

“Huh? B-but… the last few nights you’ve enjoyed every woman. Doesn’t that mean I’m next?”

“Aren’t you just a squirrel monster?” You respond.

Rapunzel’s eyes immediately tear up as she looks at you in surprise. “I… I thought… but… you own me?”

“I told you before, you’re Elena’s pet. I’m using you for this fight, but I never agreed to take you into my harem or anything. What does a rodent-like you add that I don’t get from everyone else?”

“Eh? B-but…. I’m perky!” The squirrel girl juts out her small chest to no effect as she declares this, “P-plus… I’ll do anything, no matter how degrading or filthy.”

“So will Tiana…”

“But, I licked your butthole!”

“Tiana’s done it…” You shrug.

“B-but… will Tiana do…” Rapunzel prances up to your ear and whispers quietly.

“Yeah, she’s done that…”

“Even that!” Rapunzel jumps back in surprise. “Well, even if she has, I’ve heard the way she talks to owner, doesn’t that piss you off? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who treats you with adoration and respect?”

“What’s the fun in that?” You shrug.

Admittedly, it would be nice if Tiana wasn’t so damn annoying, but she’s a blonde elf noble with no limits. That hits so many demographics that you can’t give it up. Plus, for a noble, she’s surprisingly low maintenance. You think this while glancing at her doghouse. If Tiana knew what you’re thinking, she would probably cry.

“Boss…” Daisy suddenly spoke up. “If it’s a matter of sex, we tried to come in your room earlier but the door was locked. Your maids are happy to service you any time you need it. ANY time… just ask!”

Both girls look slightly fidgety, their faces flushed and their thighs twisting uncomfortably like they need to pee. Of course, it isn’t the bathroom they need, it is your dick. The game is proceeding nicely. They are horny quicker than expected, but this is because the previous night Sylvia had broken down and tried to touch herself. However, after fifteen minutes of vigorous rubbing, she couldn’t do anything but get more aroused. This arousal naturally was distributed to her three sisters, and now all of them are sexually frustrated.

“I’m good right now.” You respond with an innocent smile. “But when I need it, I’ll call you.”

Both Daisy and Dinah wear pained expressions on their faces but wisely chose not to push it, especially with Sebastian nearby. Meanwhile, Kida, Snow White, Merida, Mushu, and even Tiana all wear relaxed expressions on their faces. Each of the girls had gotten to spend some one-on-one time with you, and are deeply satisfied. Particularly Kida, Mushu, Merida, and Snow White have taken fond memories from this trip and each have fallen slightly more in love with you in their own way. Kida has unabashedly given you her heart and body. Merida has had her greatest erotic fantasy filled by you. Mushu has learned to be a less selfish lover and give you more of her attention, and Snow White has resolved herself to remain submissive to you. Not bad for a week-long journey.

The rest of the trip goes smoothly with you merely relaxing while the girls all wonder who’ll be next to share your bed. Even the girls that got it recently start to grow a little thirsty as they watch you chilling on the deck of the ship with an uncharacteristic lack of pussy being violated. As it turns out, you planned to fuck nobody. As the baka maids once again try to get into your room and fail. The claimed they were their to clean your room, but when Sebastian heard this he naturally forced the maids to be responsible for cleaning the rooms of everyone onboard. This naturally included the bed Kida had destroyed and the sex-soaked sheets of Snow White, Merida, and Kida.

“Right now, I wish he’d fuck me right through a bed.” Daisy fidgets as she collects pieces of the bed.

“Don’t say it, it already smells like sex in here, I’m going crazy. Only an adventurer could take such a brutal pounding, but I can’t help but envy her, even if I died in the attempt.”

The baka maids clearly misunderstood your night with Kida, but either way, the intoxicating smell of cum and pussy and other signs of hard sex mixed with their cuckholding spell. By the time the girls were done, even the slightest breeze caused them to shiver and they had to keep changing their panties until they ran out because they were so wet.

As a final trap, you left a dildo sitting on Rapunzel’s dresser while she was out of the room. Naturally, the maids were slotted to clean the room. As predicted, the maids who at this point could barely follow Sebastian’s orders because of their constant thoughts about sex, swiped the item for use later. That night, you snicker as you watch the girls desperately try to satisfy themselves with the dildo, only to end up even more sexually frustrated than before.  Afterward, Dinah even banged on your door desperately until Sebastian caught her disturbing the master and beat her bottom. In the end, all four girls went to sleep with a pillow between their knees rocking desperately.

And when you said watched, you meant it. The collars themselves didn’t have a viewfinder function, but they did have a locator, and the rest of your magical abilities could do the rest. So, you spend your last night on the airship checking up on your other harem members. Yes, checked up, this isn’t spying! You’re just doing your duty as the faithful harem master to make sure your girls are comfortable and happy.

Pocahontas is just reading something while patting her belly, which now looked to be about four months pregnant as is showing. Belle is watching a porno while using two dildos on herself. It takes you a moment to realize that the “porno” is actually a live feed. As to the feed, it goes into your red room! Belle has apparently taken to the audio-visual equipment at the porn store, and set up her own spy center! It has feeds into every girls room, the bathrooms, and even your own master bedroom! Wait, is there a bookcase full of recorded DVDs? Belle is becoming a grade S pervert!

As to what was happening in the red room, Ariel has tricked her mother into it and is now using a riding crop on her poor mom. Normally, you’d approve, but you see that Belle isn’t the only audience. Anna and Elsa are also watching the BDSM show from a magic spell not unlike your own. You are magically spying on the girls magically spying on their mom having sex with her daughter! When the girl’s start trying to emulate what they see between their mom and big sister, you switch alter their magic and switch the feed over to more kid-friendly programming.

That is to say, missionary sex, maybe with some doggie thrown in. You want your girls growing up normal, after all, so they need to be exposed to the proper ways a man and woman should have sex. Naturally, the source of these images are recordings of you with the various women of the harem. Okay, your recordings are different from Belle’s recordings, because they are recovered post-coitus magically with magic and that makes it okay! The two girls seem entranced watching you pound their mother (Merida) in the pussy, so you give a satisfied nod at parenting well done before checking on the others.

When you switch to Ursula, you are caught off guard, because she is masturbating too! However, the thing she is masturbating to is a picture of you!

“Mmm… prince…” She lets out a little purr, her eyes closed.

You stay to watch Ursula do it for a while. It’s not as wild of a scene as Ariel with a riding crop, but something about the chubby virgin Ursula thinking of you while touching herself feels much more intimate. You use your hands and masturbate to Ursula masturbating to you, thus completing the circle. Once you orgasm, blocking the cumshot for convenience sake, you check on the other girls. Medusa is just writing some kind of letter, so you pay her no mind. Mulan is organizing her shiny baubles in her room, clearly happier with her sister gone. Your vision stops on Nala.

She’s sitting in her bed, and in her hand is a large cucumber. No! What’s she going to do with that? Looking around suspiciously, she checks to make sure her door is locked and then hikes down her panties.

That cucumber came from Jasmine’s pantry! You can’t allow this to continue! You cast a spell, a sudden thump near Nala causes her to jump three feet up. She looks around worriedly, but her eyes suddenly fall on a dildo. Naturally, you just made the dildo appear. Nala has no clue how it got there, but she picks up the thing that is a similar size to the cucumber with curiosity. Holding both the dildo and the cucumber in her hand, her eyes shooting from one to the other, back and forth. A second later, she tosses the dildo back on the bed and lifts her leg for the cucumber.

“F&#*@^&*#^&!!!” You have no words.

With the snap of your fingers, Nala gets a dose of the “best orgasm ever” spell you had used on Ariel and Mulan so long ago. Nala shudders, holding herself between her legs, but fortunately, the cucumber is saved. You give her two more of them for good measure, and two minutes later when Nala finally recovers, she glances at the cucumber with an almost disappointed look before putting it away. You start to breath easier, but then you notice she’s putting it in her bedside stand for later! Mr. Cucumber’s days are numbered!

This is the behavior you had hoped you had fucked out of her. Apparently, a good fucking wasn’t enough to remove Nala’s weird kink! You cast a spell on Nala like the one on the maids. She won’t be able to satisfy herself on vegetables. You’re not as cruel as you are to the maids. The dildo will actually do the job. In fact, you make it so the dildo is twice as effective! You need to reward good behavior after all! Nala must be properly trained! Ariel is taking the riding crop to the wrong woman!

After cutting off the vision of Nala, you decide you have enough of your harem for the night. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. You end up having a fitful nightmare involving giant phallic vegetables attacking your girls. As soon as you cut one down, another would rise. Perhaps you should have just fucked Rapunzel tonight after all.

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