The Power of Creation – Chapter 206

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“You must be that lord of the Outlands everyone keeps talking about.” A pompous looking twenty-something greets you. “The King sends his regard. I’m Reginald, tenth in line.”

You guys had actually landed the airship into the sea out of sight of humans and then had it dock at the cities ship port. To be fair, the city was quite large. You had teleported Sebastian ahead of time to announce your arrival per his suggestion.

When you finally get off the dock, Sebastian is waiting for you with this arrogant looking aristocrat and five of his guards. Behind you are Mushu, Kida, Merida, and Snow White in full armor, looking the parts of guards. Rapunzel joins them, wearing a skin-tight leather number which makes her look like a bard or rogue. You are now dressed up in something snazzy with Tiana at your side. She is remarkably glowing, the beautiful perfect image of a delicate elf noble. If you don’t know how nasty she could be, you’d have sworn she with the picture-perfect image of elegance.

Even though this guy says he’s tenth in line to the throne, he still speaks with a sneer, as if he’s suggesting that someone tenth in place for the throne is still a greater position than the Lord of the Outlands. However, compared to the Tiana, his snobbishness doesn’t even phase you a bit. It goes beyond being upset or angry. You nothing this man. Would you get angry when a cricket chirps?

You merely give the boy a nod, “Reginald.”

He frowns, seeming somewhat bothered that you’re not bothered. Meanwhile, Sebastian nudges you gently and whispers in your ear.

“Sir, you were invited here as the King of the Outlands. A King greets a King. At the very least the first prince should come. To only send one man, a cousin to the king at that, it’s a grave insult to your honor!”

Reginald pretends he doesn’t hear, but a grin forms on his face as if he’s pleased that Sebastian gets the slight. Likely, he thinks you’re too big of a ruffian to get it, when in reality, you just don’t care. To you, the whole thing seems juvenile. To be honest, you hadn’t expected anything regarding honors. It’s not like you’ve spent even a single day acting as a lord.

“Is that so?” You respond, disinterested in playing these games.

“You’d know this if you had allowed me to teach you.” Tiana shoots under her breath. “Instead you had to… do that…”

With Tiana’s collar on, you knew that there was a sudden spike of sexual excitement shooting through Tiana as she thought of you plowing her over the side of the ship. Even though Tiana refuses to admit it, she must have liked the dangerous sex you delivered her.

“The spells over, you know.” You whisper back.

This makes Tiana even more excited, unable to help turning with a blush. In truth, as much as Merida has a fantasy about riding a dragon while being ridden herself, Tiana’s fantasy would be exactly this. Being with a noble man, going to a noble event, being the eye-candy on his arm while her man plots and schemes. You look particularly fine to Tiana right now dressed in a noble-like garb, even though it takes on your own exotic flair. You had also left a dress sitting on Tiana’s doghouse the previous night before going to bed. It was a random spell that took you half a second, but to Tiana, being gifted a beautiful dress like this one was one of the reasons she was glowing so happily this morning.

This unexpected pink scene forming between you and Tiana catches Sebastian’s eye and brings a smile to his face. However, it also catches Reginald’s eye. Seeing such an otherworldly beauty standing next to some barbarian king is an insult! And what the hell is with that retinue of guards! Is this guy asking for an assassination by being watched by only beautiful women. To see you surrounded by such beauty quickly angers him. Although Reginald has a beautiful wife at home, it is the principle of the thing! Barbarian outlander women should be ghastly in appearance, not a retinue of stunning armored beauties.

That’s when he finally notices that your women all look different from the typical norm. The woman at your side has pointy ears. Another one is green, a third is really tall, and those slit for eyes certainly aren’t human, let alone that big bushy tail. You dare bring an elf as an escort? With the exception of one human, the rest of your entourage are savage demi-humans?  Immediately, his humor recovers.

“Oh, what interesting company you keep.” Reginald says with his mocking smile returning. “An elf woman, with goblins, giants, and demihumans as guards. How quant.”

Immediately, all of the girls start to bristle as he stares at them with lewd condescending eyes, clearly just seeing them as pieces of ass you brought along for fun. Tiana’s smile fades and she lowers her head too. In an instant, the look he gives her reminds her of all of the bullying she had faced during her time in the human world. Being around the accepting Ariel and Aurora and the rest of the girls had caused her to forget those hateful looks for a while. Even by your side, she is still “just an elf”.

“Mm.” You nod at Reginald with a straight look, before grabbing Tiana and pulling her close to you, your hand grabbing her chest and your mouth meeting hers in a passionate kiss before you release. “You jealous?”

The movement was so domineering and affectionate, that everyone is caught off guard. Reginald is staring with his mouth open while you lewdly enjoy this fairy-like woman next to you. Meanwhile, the other girls behind can’t help but look down with a slight amount of envy, wishing that it was them being held so affectionately by you. Every woman looking long-fully at you being overly affectionate with this elf only seemed to add Reginald’s shock. It wasn’t just that you were sleeping with these guardwomen… they all seemed to hold deep affection for you, which only seemed to hurt Reginald’s pride for some unknown reason.

Finally, the group of you leave the dock. Reginald has his mouth shut thoughtfully, somehow not able to find himself able to banter any insults after seeing so many hot women giving you “fuck me” eyes. Meanwhile, Tiana’s glow has returned, and she has a deep rich smile on her face that, as long as she stays silent by your side and doesn’t open her snobbish mouth, makes her look like a supernatural fairy that attracts every eye that passes by.

However, at this point, no matter what anyone would say, Tiana wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. As she walks with your arm wrapped around her, all the humiliation, the threats, and the teasing you’d given her is washed away in her mind. The only thing in her heart is an absolute devotion to you. At that exact moment, Tiana truly felt like a princess.

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