The Power of Creation – Chapter 209

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Of course, your harem is your harem, and you’re not willing to share. Your first inclination is to immediately refuse him, but as you see Tiana trying her hardest, you realize that it’s probably a bad idea to burn any bridges. Of course, you’re curious about his wife too.

To some extent, the swinging lifestyle is sort of a curiosity. To be honest, every girl in your harem is a virgin or near virgin. This leaves little room for “mature” women. Even Medusa has only known the touch of a handful of men. This means it’d be nice to taste a woman who’s had practice. This might be your first chance to enjoy a mature and experienced pussy.

“So, you envy Merida’s boobs, huh?” You ask.

“Oh, yes. They’re giant! Yeah, the dragon also has big boobs, but to be honest, the rest of your harem intimidate me. I’d have offered to enjoy your demi-human, but she revealed she is a virgin, I wouldn’t so presumptuous to try to steal the honor from you. As to how you convinced a demi-human to beg for sex, I’ll never know. Most of the nobles with concubine demi-humans have to enslave them to gain obedience.” Suddenly, Reginald looks flustered. “Not that I’d ever do that myself. If I’m so curious about sex, I naturally have other avenues to explore.”

Yeah… like banging my demi-humans. You think wryly.

“And your wife… is good with it?” You ask.

“Oh, you’re worried my wife won’t hold up. Believe me, she can be quite wild in the sack.” Reginald reassures me. “So, are you in? If you’re interested, I can see about some of the other men here too. We can have a taste of all of each other’s wives. It’s… how do you say it… a bonding exercise.”

“Hmph…” You nod, suddenly understanding why the King who summoned you kept Aurora so sheltered.

Had he brought her along as his wife to all of these events, then he’d likely be pushed into sharing her with everyone else. Suddenly, you find yourself thankful to that King, for keeping Aurora the thirsty bitch that she is. As far as your current problem, the solution is quite easy…

“My warriors need to stay in tiptop shape, but if it’s boobs you like, then I have a concubine on my boat that more than makes up for it. Her boobs are the biggest of any of them and she’s also got a gentle personality. You interested?”

Reginald’s eyes brightened. If the women you were willing to show were this hot, then the concubines you kept behind closed doors had to be even hotter! This was the thought process going through this man. As to who you are talking about, it is naturally just one of your sex dolls. Running through the mental catalogue, you summon one over that met the description. A goblin private was balls deep in her, slapping her ass and riding her bent over while her titties flopped back and forth when suddenly he was fucking air. He fell to his knees, his dick still wet with pussy juice and flopping all around.

He immediately looked around until he saw another servant girl / sex doll walking by. She was very pregnant, about to pop with little goblin babies, but the horny goblin private didn’t think anything of pushing this one to the ground and fucking her. As per her programming, the sex doll bent over, spread her cheeks, and took his cock without resistance.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, you and Reginald shook hands, solidifying the deal. You promised you’d send her to his room tonight, and Reginald skipped away excitedly, unaware he was exchanging his wife for extremely overused goblin fodder. Meanwhile, you eye the tempting piece of ass that you rented out a goblin sex doll for.

She has brown hair, unlike Tiana. She looks to be in her thirties. She is neither youthful, nor old. She is beautiful, but only beautiful in the way all the women of Riun are beautiful. Make no mistake, the Riun women are all beautiful women, and this noble, despite her age, is enough to turn many eyes. Personally, you think Reginald is an idiot for sharing such an illustrious beauty. However, even she didn’t have that slight extra oomph that turned her into one of the extraordinarily fuckably exotic girls that make up your harem. In essence, she’s purely a booty call to shake things up for once.

Tiana isn’t naïve when it comes to the depravity of nobles. In fact, it is her knowledge on this sort of depravity that led her to allowing herself to be freely violated. Compared to some of the sex acts of nobles, Reginald’s wife swapping scheme could be considered light. From torturing and raping slaves to hardcore BDSM, anything goes when you are in charge. Thus, when she saw you walk over to Reginald’s wife after shaking Reginald’s hand, she already has a good idea of what you are off to do. However, it is also a noble ladies duty to facilitate her man’s debauchery, so she helps distract everyone while you slip out the back with Reginald’s wife in hand. Tiana is surely a first-rate noble woman, of course that’s only first among debauchees.

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