The Power of Creation – Chapter 210

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“So, my husband seems to be favoring your woman this evening?” As you left the dinner party, having nothing but made eye contact with her before she follows you out the door, Reginald’s wife begins to speak with an almost impassive, bored voice. “Figures as much, he’s recently had a fetish for non-humans.”

“Really…” You aren’t interested in hearing her life story, as you lead her towards her own private bedroom, having already used magic to determine the location, you’re mostly just looking to blow a load for the fun of it.

“Are you in a rush?” She responds as she realizes she has to speed up her feet to catch you.

You shrug. “I promised my other ladies some fun tonight, so naturally…”

“Twice in a single night? My my…” She gives a thoughtful expression. “Even if you can manage it, you don’t really have to rush it.”

Twice? You had five women, what the heck is she talking about twice? Her bored expression is irritating you. She is acting more like she is walking to her room to make her bed rather than have sex. Suddenly, you find yourself worrying a bit. Is that the way of swingers? Sex has gotten to the point where it’s just a routine? This experienced vixen is so experienced at sex that nothing impresses her? That won’t do! Naturally, you intend to leave this woman impressed. You increase your penis size to 13-inches. Your quick pump and dump turning into more as you plot to truly show this girl a good time. You’d be horrified if you found yourself unable to leave her a blubbering mess. You horny immature teenage virgins were easy to please, but this mature, experienced woman might require a bit of effort.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take my time.” You reassure her.

“So, you’ll last a minute instead of thirty seconds.” The woman cocks her eyebrow mysteriously.

You let out a laugh, but she doesn’t join you. What is with this woman?

“What’s your name, anyway?” you demand.

“Me? My name is Selena.”

You breath a sigh or relief. Not a Disney princess or villain. This pussy is a go for landing. The pair of you make you way to her bedroom. Naturally, your bedroom would be uncomfortable with the other girls nearby in listening distance, and these sorts of extramarital affairs are more suited to be in her domain. That said, you excitedly stand in her room, ready to dominate your first married woman. True, Aurora is technically married, but she had consciously left her husband before you had broken her, so it’s not quite the same thing. This woman would be returning to her husband this very night, filled with your cum!

Some may not think there is any difference in this particular sexual exchange from all the other women you enjoy, but all of the other ladies are claimed by you. This woman isn’t yours. It’s like renting versus owning. True, owning is preferred in most situations, but sometimes it’s nice to rent something. Then, you don’t have to give a shit about it while you ride it for all it’s worth! You don’t have to worry so much about the future exchanges later on. All of your harem women were approached with the knowledge that you’d be having to live with them in the future. For this girl, there is no need to seduce, or rape, or comfort. You can ride her hard, and as long as you don’t break her too bad, who cares about what comes next. She’s Reginald’s problem to maintain.

Selena goes into the bathroom to “get comfortable”, just like in the television shows. You decide to leave the unwrapping of your own thirteen inches for the end surprise. When she comes out, she’s wearing an exotic nightie which is see-through, showing her sagging breasts and naked body. She’s not the youthful teen sexy you’re used to, but there is a beauty in this mature woman as well that doesn’t inhibit your penis in the slightest.

“I’m unable to become pregnant, so it’s fine if you cum in me.” Selena says, her attitude still seemingly routine, like she’s done this a million times. Spreading out on the bed, she opened her legs while making a welcoming gesture to you, her face finally wearing a sultry expression. “Come, give me your best.

Determined to give this experienced vixen the time of her life, you dive right it. It’s at this time it may be a good idea to mention the things you don’t know. First off, Selena’s husband, the esteemed Reginal, has a micro-penis. In fact, most of the nobles who engage in these things have quite small penises. The king who summoned you could be said to be quite large in having a 5.5 inch cock to which he sparingly used to satisfy Aurora. As to other noble ladies, they are used to impudent men with small penises.

Secondly, Selena’s joke about thirty seconds wasn’t meant to be hazing, but a statement of her actual expectations. Once again, noble men of the human world, who included much inbreeding and cross marriages, had propagated exceptionally small penises and weak sex drives overall. This was a problem unique to humans, which didn’t effect the demon or demi-human populations. Riun, where almost every resident had mixed blood with demons and demihumans that went back many generations, had actually circumvented this issue, and on average were considered quite large compared to the human mean penis size. It could also be pointed that amongst the proud nobles, premature ejaculation is the norm, and the poor Selena has never even orgasmed on a penis before. Only her own hands have ever proven sufficient. This is why she was so flippant about sex, which had mostly been a duty she fulfilled for her husband.

It could also be noted that the prideful nobles would never engage in foreplay, considering ‘servicing’ their wives to be beneath them. Pride had certainly affected the noble population, and it was all of the women who had to pay for it, with generally sexless, unfulfilling lives. Aurora’s situation was even the worst of them, but it was actually the norm. A lot of the noble’s perversions had spawned from this life of unfulfilling sex.

As for the third thing, Selena wasn’t infertile. In fact, she is perfectly capable of having a baby, it’s just that it is slightly harder for her, and in conjunction with the weak, slow sperm of most nobles, she has found herself incapable of being pregnant, and had assume herself to be infertile. For a man who once impregnated the population of an entire planet, your sperm could be said to get women pregnant just by looking at it. And since Selena said she was infertile, naturally you didn’t bother to hold back the baby batter or magically sterilize it.

Suffice it to say, when you threw aside your underwear, a massive 13-inch beast the thickness of a coke bottle emerged, and the experienced lady froze solid. Had she made any kind of expression of surprise, shock, or wonder, you might have realized that thirteen inches was beyond her limit. However, she was very used to schooling her expression as to not laugh when she saw nobles so proud of their micropenis.

In reality, she is beyond shocked, her mind falls completely blank, unable to even acknowledge the massive beast in front of her as an actual penis. Unfortunately, her blank expression further flames your insecurities and determination to give her the ride of her life. She misses the opportunity to correct your misinterpretation that might have caused you to go easier on her. As you advance on the 35-year-old piece of ass, she can only see her life flash before her eyes. Shortly after, her screaming begins.

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Quick Question: Does all the pregnancy stuff matter to you guys? There are a few very enthusiastic pregnancy fans on the site, which is why I mention it so much. Furthermore, it seems like every Japanese hentai I watch (purely for research purposes) these days has the girls going on and on about hoping they don’t get pregnant and things like that, so from a Japanese porn cliche, it seems like a good one to strike. I’m American and honestly American porn sort of ignores the whole “pregnant” thing, what with so many birth control options. Just a thought. More pregnancy? Less Pregnancy? Fine the Way Is? Don’t tell me to just do me… clearly, this is a novel written for you guys, so input is always appreciated, even if I argue with you about it!

With regards to releasing portraits of all the women, I’ve decided I will “finish” all the portraits using the character creator. However, I will not be posting them in my chapter release posts anymore. They will be directly placed in the harem list, which is where all the other portraits are currently released. You’re welcome to check it periodically if you care about the appearance and descriptions of the girls as I imagined them. I will update the list shortly with the girls still missing.

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